Where Does the PlayStation Showcase Fairgame$ QR Code Go?

The tech game's QR code seemed to be broken.

by Alex Huebner
Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Fairgame$ was an intriguing start to the PlayStation Showcase displaying a multiplayer heist game, stealing from the wealthy. A PlayStation blog about the title described it as “a thrilling competitive heist game.” You will work in teams to raid high-security locations for their valuables. The trailer was filled with tech aesthetics to accompany the heist theme like a login screen, advanced weaponry and tools, and a QR code for viewers to scan at the end of the trailer.

Where Does the Fairgame$ QR Code Go?

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Upon trying to scan the QR code on my phone the link was not a secure link and didn’t work, even when using the advanced settings to proceed anyway. It did, however, give a link to taketheir.money. This may look like a spam site but it goes with the vibe of the game and just links to a PlayStation page for Fairgame$.

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On the page there’s a login screen just like the one in the trailer and you can’t see any more information without entering a code. To get one you click the purple Register Here button. The registration page asks for your name, email, and two unique questions.

  1. Name a billionaire who needs a spanking.
  2. Why do you want in?
Image: Attack of the Fanboy

The first question is a fill-in-the-blank while the second is a dropdown with four choices — Fair Play, Thrill, Greed, or Revenge. After you’ve answered you’ll hit Submit and it will say your access is being processed. Although I assume this will sign you up for updates on Fairgame$ and have more game content eventually, I have yet to receive my email or code. When we have more information on what’s behind the site we will update this page.

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- This article was updated on May 24th, 2023

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