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‘Who’s Your Daddy’ Greenlit for Steam

by Jason Eliason


The struggle of parenting has never been more accurately portrayed in ‘Who’s Your Daddy’. The 1v1 PC indie, created by Joe Williams, has been Greenlit on PC via Kickstarter earlier this December.  Two players assume the role of either father or baby.  The baby’s goal, naturally, is to find dangerous objects around the house and… well… kill itself.  Alternatively, the role of the daddy is to prevent his baby from performing said horrific actions.  It is a struggle that all parents face.  Are you up for the challenge?

Unfortunately, I wasn’t.  In my first play through I was frozen in speculation, only able to stare, 60 fps, in awe as my baby crawled passed me, into the kitchen and under the sink, only to emerge with a bright green glow that I know didn’t come from its mother.  Upon further inspection, I found an empty bottle of bleach.

My baby had consumed its weight in bleach…

Equipped only with a hammer that I had previously confiscated from my child, I was in no way prepared to save young Julio from impending death.  With a tear in my eye I watched as my poor, poor child crawled over to the nearest electrical socket with a fork.  He didn’t even make it…

If this is the sort of traumatizing PvP you’re into, expect something great this holiday season, as Williams promises a release of ‘Who’s Your Daddy’ early 2016 on Steam for PC, Mac and Linux.

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