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Wield Mega Man’s Mega Buster in Devil May Cry 5

Capcom show off some gameplay, gunplay, weapons and a new character at TGS.

by Rhys ap Gwyn


In August, during a gamescom livestream, Capcom gave us a look at their upcoming entry into the Devil May Cry series with a release date trailer that showed off Nero squaring off against some insanely impressive big baddies, making use of the series’ focus on style during combat and some impressive camera work, brilliant animations and frequent slow motion to really set the stage.

This time Capcom have put the focus back on Dante, kicking off with him at Nero’s demon hunting agency before being called to the “office”, that being leaping around disposing of horrific beasts of the underworld. As with the gamescom trailer, the star of the show is the style. Everything is over the top and dripping with awesome as Dante leaps around in slow motion wielding an array of weapons that lead to phenomenal animations as he takes on the brilliantly designed foes.

The trailer also brings in Lady, a demon hunter from DMC 3 and 4 along with Trish, a demon hunter from DMC 2 and 4. They seem to be computer controlled characters who fight alongside Dante (triggering many a one liner) and are sure to be unlockable characters in the full game. We also get to see more of Nico, the cybernetics expert in charge of bringing us the most delicious weapons that can be built. She is the granddaughter of Nell Goldstein, the creator of Dante’s Ebony & Ivory pistols. There’s a sneak peek at a new character, V, who looks suitably stylish and is set to be the third playable character in the game.

The trailer blesses us with more of Nero’s cybernetic arm/gauntlet Devil Breaker in action, more of Dante’s motorbike-that-splits-into-dual-blades-because-of-course weapon as well as some awesome transformation abilities to see Dante kick more demon ass. At the very end, Nico digs out Mega Man’s Mega Buster, which seems to be one of four exclusive Devil Breaker weapons to be included with the Deluxe Edition of the game.

Devil Breakers are interchangeable cybernetic arms and there are 8 confirmed in the game so far. Overture, Gerbera, Ragtime, Punchline, Buster Arm, Tomboy, Helter Skelter, and Rawhide. Each is able to use Snatch to pull in smaller enemies while also having their own unique abilities. Overture, for example, allows Nero to fire electricity from his palm, something we get to see in the trailer.


The four exclusive to the Deluxe Version are the Mega Buster, the Gerbera GP-01, the Sweet Surrender and the… Pasta Breaker, complete with fork attachment. You also get Live Action Cutscenes, 12 tracks from DMC 1-4, alternate style rank announcers and title calls as well as an exclusive weapon for Dante, the Cavaliere R.

It all looks absolutely awesome and most importantly, fun. No doubt more details will emerge as we head closer to launch. Devil May Cry 5 is scheduled to release on the 8th of May 2019 for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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