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Wii U’s Project Giant Robot Officially Canceled

by Mike Guarino


While the Wii U will have many promises that will ultimately go unfulfilled, it’s still a bummer when you hear about what was once a major concept for the platform being officially dead. The most recent case is the untitled Project Giant Robot, which had been announced long ago and was supposed to truly show off what the Wii U was capable.

However, even though all the signs were pointing to the fact that we would never actually see this title, that has now been made official. After a very long time without any kind of updates on the project, Nintendo has confirmed that Shigeru Miyamoto’s project will not come to fruition. Nintendo said that “We made this decision after considering our overall product and development strategy.”

The game was originally shown off during E3 2014, with Shigeru Miyamoto demoing the project to give everyone an idea of what him and his team were working on. The concept definitely had some potential, as you controlled massive robots as you battled in a city setting. It might not have been something that many people expected much out of, but it at least had the potential to be something interesting if it ever actually released.

The future of the Wii U doesn’t have much left to offer, as The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild will be the console’s last major title. That game will also be launching with the Nintendo Switch, so it remains to be seen how the sales will split between the two consoles.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Nintendo Switch will launch on March 3rd, with the Switch retailing for $299. While there are some worries that Nintendo Switch might repeat the shortcomings of the Wii U, Nintendo has said recently that they’ll be looking to support the console more than the Wii U.

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