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Will there be Another Pokemon on 3DS? GameFreak is Hiring

by Kyle Hanson


Fans have spent the last few weeks and months hyping up the possibilities that Pokemon would move to Switch, possibly with the long rumored Pokemon Stars. However, a new job listing has thrown cold water on those expectations, with Pokemon developer GameFreak hiring for a new RPG on Nintendo 3DS.

The job is that of a Game Programmer, focused on the 3D aspects of the 3DS. The job posting has spread around the Pokemon fandom, killing some fans’ excitement, while bolstering others. Many still want the 3DS to get full support, and a new Pokemon game would be the biggest support the handheld could get.

Nintendo has done a good job so far of keeping the 3DS alive, despite the Switch being a massive success. The large install base of the 3DS is still a great audience, and games are likely cheaper to make for the much less powerful console. Still, many are expecting the 3DS to fade into the background soon, with all development focus being shifted to the Nintendo Switch.

This would include Pokemon, which gamers have been assured will make an appearance on the Switch. Will it be the next mainline game though? That’s been the question this whole time, and this new job posting only serves to deepen the questions surrounding the franchise.

However, this doesn’t specifically say it is for Pokemon, instead saying they want someone to work on an RPG. Could GameFreak be working on some other or new franchise? Hopefully we find out at E3.

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