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Not all Windows 8 Apps will run on the Xbox One

by William Schwartz


Rumor had it that Microsoft’s Xbox One would be able to run all Windows 8 apps, allowing you to sync your phone, desktop, and tablet for a “unified web and entertainment experience”. That was according to a product listing on the Dell website, and it turns out that it isn’t entirely true.

While it didn’t sound outside the realm of possibility, apparently, this is not the case. Microsoft has since addressed the rumors, and explained that the advertisement on the Dell website isn’t entirely accurate. According to a Microsoft spokesperson, “The suggestion that all Windows 8 apps run on Xbox One is not accurate.”

But Microsoft didn’t rule out the possibility that some apps would be compatible across multiple devices. There’s a stark similarity between the Xbox One and Windows 8 Operating Systems, so it would a lot of sense for Microsoft to expand their Windows 8 ecosystem with the Xbox One — leveraging their popularity in the gaming space to possibly push consumers into their other product lines.

The Xbox One is set to arrive next month, launching on November 22nd for $499.

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