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The Witcher 3 developer has sights set on Skyrim

by William Schwartz


CD Projekt RED has high hopes for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, and rightfully so.  The franchise has grown in popularity with The Witcher 2 garnering critical acclaim and higher sales, and the developer has even higher expectations for the finale of the trilogy.  CD Projekt thinks that they’ve got the quality, and it’s going to take marketing to reach the masses like Skyrim did.

Michal Nowakowski is the VP of business development at the developer, and recently told Game Informer that getting The Witcher to the levels of Skyrim and Dragon Age is entirely possible with some work.

“Are we that much behind them in terms of the quality of our games? Of course we’ve got a lot to learn.  We do know that, but I really do think that we can deliver a game of at least similar quality, if not better of couse… We always had ambitions to be at the top level in terms of quality of build, but also to be independent.  That’s very important to us.”

So how do they reach the masses like Skyrim or Dragon Age without the big budgets of ZeniMax or EA?  Michal thinks that it comes down to marketing and PR.

“There’s a certain amount of things which you can do with PR,” he told the publication.  “But there are limits to that.  Without solid support and a solid budget – which we believe we can secure with the right partnership – it’s really difficult to achieve the numbers of our competition.”

They’re off to a good start in the PR department.  Snagging the cover of Game Informer magazine was a great place to let people know their next game was on the way, now if they could only get all of those people who played Skyrim and Dragon Age to give The Witcher 2 a try, they’d exponentially increase sales of the third game.  You can’t fault CD Projekt for a lack of trying to do just this.  The developer recently slashed the price of The Witcher 2 on numerous digital store fronts and can be found for a ridiculously low price of $9.99 on Good old Games.

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