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Wulverblade: Another Promising Indie Making its Way to Nintendo Switch

by Alex Grantz


The Nindie Spotlight YouTube channel has just published a new video showcasing over 50 minutes of Wulverblade footage. Announced for the Nintendo Switch back in August, Wulverblade has been generating a bit of buzz ahead of its release on the eShop later this week.

Wulverblade takes inspiration from classic side-scrolling hack-n-slashers of the 90s such as Golden Axe. The game is set in 120AD, a time when the south of Britannia had been seized by the Roman army. Naturally, Britannia did not like that very much – so they chose to fight back. Wulverblade combines real ancient British history with tales of lore to create a powerful story that promises to be engrossing. The developers have conducted extensive research in order to make sure the historical aspects of the game are accurate. Wulverblade will not only allow you to explore real locations, but also interact with real people from the time period.

The artwork looks downright beautiful and is complete with cell animated characters. It also features an intense score and quality voice acting, both of which add heavily to the cinematic experience.  And it’s bloody. Oh, is it bloody. One look at the video and you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. It looks like Wulverblade has the potential to really stand out amongst the other Nindies available on the eShop.

After five long years of development, Wulverblade will finally be released digitally on the Nintendo Switch eShop on Thursday, October 12th. The game is also slated to be released on Steam, Xbox One, PS4 and the Windows 10 Store shortly after, though no official release date for those platforms has been confirmed just yet.

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