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WWE 2K15 devs explain HUD, Controls, Limb Targeting and more

by William Schwartz


WWE 2K15 on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 is due out shortly, and 2K has released a new video detailing a number of features regarding the controls for the game. Mark Little, Executive Producer on WWE 2K15, explains HUD, Limb Targeting, Chain Moves, and other aspects of how the controls work in the game.

The HUD in WWE 2K15 will be found in every match, and it represents the overall health of the wrestler. This is represented by the large green meter. The meter will gradually change from green to yellow to red, as a wrestler takes more damage. Below the health meter appears the Stamina Bar, which also changes colors, depending on how much stamina is used by a wrestler. When stamina is depeleted, players can still perform offensive moves and defend themselves, but can’t do signature moves for the wrestlers.

Also incorporated into the HUD is a momentum meter, which is pushed higher by completing attacks, or making reversals. Get that meter to 100% and you’ll earn a signature move, push it to 150% and you’ll get a finisher move.

Little says that anyone who has played the previous WWE titles will be “instantly familiar” with the controls.

WWE 2K15 is due for release on November 18th.

WWE 2K15 Controls Walkthrough

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