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WWE 2K15 Graphics Finally Improve After 7 Long Years

by Damian Seeto


The first screenshot for WWE 2K15 has finally been revealed and it looks amazing. The WWE video games finally improved on the graphics after seven long years of mediocre visuals.

The first screenshot for WWE 2K15 takes a look at the highly realistic character model of John Cena. Visual Concepts used the same game engine and scanning technology used in the NBA 2K series. The result makes the game on PS4 and Xbox One look better than ever.

As a long time WWE fan, I have been playing the video games for many years too. When Smackdown vs. Raw 2007 came out on Xbox 360, it featured decent graphics at the time. From that point onward though, the visuals started to actually look worse.

I feel WWE ’12 was the starting point when the graphics started deteriorating. In the other years, the game looked the same but WWE ’12 made the character models look like clay. The same shoddy game engine was also used for WWE ’13 and even last year’s WWE 2K14. Whereas most games look better over time, the WWE games went the opposite direction and looked worse.

Thankfully, WWE 2K15 shows a huge improvement as far as graphics go. Hopefully the game looks awesome in motion as well.

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