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WWE 2K17 Goldberg DLC Will Be Released Next Week

by Damian Seeto


If you didn’t pre-order WWE 2K17, don’t worry because Goldberg will still be available for you at an additional cost. He will be available from next week.

The official WWE 2K17 Twitter page announcedThe #WWE2K17 Goldberg Pack will be available on Nov 8 as DLC for $4.99! This is great news for those that missed out on him the first time around.

2K Games has been generous this year. Previous pre-order bonuses were made available three months after the release of the main game. This year’s game came out on October 11th, so you are getting a chance to buy him only less than one month later.

You actually get two character models of Goldberg with the DLC plus other things. One model is from his WWE days while the other is how he looked like back in WCW. You also get access to two WCW arenas that include Halloween Havoc and WCW Monday Nitro.

2K Games may have done this to capitalize on Goldberg actually coming back in order to wrestle one more time against Brock Lesnar. The two monsters will clash in what is expected to be the main event for this year’s Survivor Series. Hopefully it’s better than their WrestleMania 20 match…

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