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WWE 2K18 Patches Live for Xbox One, PS4, and PC

by William Schwartz


2K has released WWE 2K18 patches for the Xbox One, PS4, and PC versions of the game.  These patches bring the Xbox One version to 1.06, PS4 to 1.07, and the PC version which already released a 1.06 patch in December.

The patch address a number of different issues like crashing in My Player or My Career, Ladder physics, and other graphical oddities that the game has been experiencing.  A specific issue where players fail to join on Xbox One when signed out of user profile has been added only for the Xbox One version of the game.  You can find the latest patch notes for WWE 2K18 below:

WWE 2K18 Patch Notes (January 4th, 2018)

PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC:

• Fixed a soft crash when going into MyPlayer/MyCareer, then backing out to the main menu and re-entering.
• Fixed an issue where the host loses all functionality in private matches.
• Fixed non-functional run-in options after installing DLC.
• Ladders no longer briefly float after they have been knocked over by a move during a match.
• Fixed an issue with rope break failing to be called during certain pin combos.
• Fixed an issue of the superstars popping up in mid-air when attempting to perform a pin during the Avalanche Angle Slam sell animation in a match.
• Fixed some corrupted textures on Superstars.

Xbox One Specific Fix:

• Fixed an issue where the game will fail to join the host’s lobby when signed out of the active user profile in-game.

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