Attack of the Fanboy

Xbox 360 Users Leading the Digital Revolution

by William Schwartz


Recently, research from EEDAR has concluded that over half of Xbox 360 owners have purchased a downloadable title.  Representative of the research firm claimed that 55% of all Xbox 360 owners have taken the digital plunge.  This number increases significantly when classified as a “core gamer”.  64% of all “core gamers” have purchased a digital title on Xbox Live.

Geoffrey Zatkin of EEDAR claims that research shows downloadable sales will increase 35% year over year for 2011.  Other interesting stats that were revealed for the research included some factoid about DLC.  He claimed that 76% of all gamers are aware that DLC exists, while only 44% have ever purchased it.  Of all consumers, 90% want to see DLC for a title within three months of its release.

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