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First Xbox 720 Exclusive rumored to be from the minds of Modern Warfare

by William Schwartz


The stream of exclusive games on the Xbox 360 has dried up in recent years, but new rumors suggest that Microsoft is re-upping for the next-gen. The first rumored exclusive for the Xbox “720” is from the creators of Modern Warfare. While Respawn Entertainment hasn’t exactly been forthcoming with details about the new project, sources recently revealed that the game will in fact be an exclusive title for both the Xbox 360 and next-gen box.

According to the rumor, Respawn’s game is an always-online multiplayer shooter, which pits heavily armed foot soldiers against giant mechs in massive persistent battle. It sounds like something similar to M.A.G, but with mechs and smaller team based skirmishes.

Respawn Entertainment says that their next game will be at E3 2013. It was revealed some time ago to be a sci-fi shooter, but those are the only details we had gotten since the ex-Infinity Ward developers shacked up with EA after leaving Activision in 2010. More recently, a trademark was filed by Respawn Entertainment for the word Titan, which very well could be either the name of the game, or the name of the mechs in the game. Of course, since this is speculation it could be neither, as well.

If Respawn’s next game does end up being an Xbox exclusive, that’s a big deal for Microsoft and their next gen console. It’s a sign that their partnership with EA is strengthening for the next generation, as we very rarely see a publisher like EA willing to forgo the potential profits of releasing on all available platforms. We’ll find out soon enough what Respawn has in store, and likely whether or not this will in fact be a reason to purchase Microsoft’s next-gen hardware.

- This article was updated on:March 9th, 2018

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