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Respawn Entertainment files trademark for “Titan”

by William Schwartz


Respawn Entertainment will unveil their next game to the world at E3 2013. There is very little by way of details about the shooter, other than that it is set in a sci-fi universe. Though a recent trademark filing could give us our first glimpse of what it is called.

Respawn, a team that consists of a lot of folks responsible for the formative years of the Modern Warfare franchise, recently filed a trademark for “Titan”. The standard trademark application listed the name to be used for “video and computer game programs”.

At this point there’s no telling when to expect Respawn Entertainment’s next big thing, but it’s certainly beginning to look like EA’s answer to Bungie’s Destiny. It wouldn’t be surprising to see the two companies duking it out in the sci-fi shooter space, like they have for years with the Call of Duty and Medal of Honor/Battlefield wars of late.

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