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All Xbox One consoles will come with a headset

by William Schwartz


Apparently deciding to buy an Xbox One is a negotiation process. Microsoft goes big with what they are asking for, you say no, and then they cave. After claiming that the Kinect 2.0 is essentially a communication device, and that it would/could take the place of your traditional headset used for online gaming, it appears that Microsoft has rethought this strategy.

Pulling another 180, Microsoft has confirmed that all Xbox One consoles will come with a headset. New videos recently hit the web, one from Major Nelson that shows the new console being unboxed saw that the headset would be included in the package.

But that video was for the “Day One Edition”, what about the rest of us “regular-ass” edition buyers? It appears that Microsoft has confirmed to Shack News that a headset will come with every Xbox One.

Who knows whether or not this changes the need for an adapter for previous headsets. Microsoft had said that they would be making an adapter so that old headsets would work on the Xbox One. This was probably good news for those who own third party devices from Turtle Beach and Astro Gaming, but it’s unclear whether this policy will also be changed as a result.

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