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Xbox Game Pass Adds Dead Rising 4 and Shadow of War This Month

Undertale being added exclusively for PC.

by Dean James


Xbox Game Pass was just officially unveiled for PC last month along with the new combined Xbox Game Pass Ultimate that includes Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Live Gold together. E3 brought us some new additions to Game Pass and now Microsoft has revealed the slate for July that includes some pretty major headliners.

Xbox made the announcement through their official Twitter that revealed eight total new games coming to Game Pass in the month of July, four coming to both Xbox One and PC, one exclusively for Xbox One, and three exclusively for PC.

They went on further in another tweet to give release dates for these games, with Middle-earth: Shadow of War (Xbox One/PC), My Time at Portia (Xbox One/PC), and Undertale (PC) coming tomorrow on July 4. The remaining five games, Blazing Chrome (Xbox One/PC), Dead Rising 4 (Xbox One/PC), LEGO City Undercover (Xbox), Timespinner (PC), and Unavowed (PC) are then coming on July 11.

The two headliner games on this list are definitely Dead Rising 4 and Middle-earth: Shadow of War, even though both had their fair share of controversies and criticism around launch. LEGO City Undercover was once a Wii U exclusive before later releasing on other platforms and is still a fun game itself. Undertale is one of the most talked about indie games of recent years, so that’s definitely great for PC gamers as well.

This is a pretty solid month all around for games on Game Pass, so make sure to download them and try them out when they go up.

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