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Xbox Live Countdown To 2015 Sale Has Officially Begun

by Dean James


The year of 2014 is nearing a close and that means Xbox owners knew that some excellent sales had to be just around the corner as part of the Xbox Live end of year sale. Last year’s deals over the last week or so of the year were fantastic and we are getting started already with a combination of weekly and daily sales. Courtesy of Major Nelson, we now know exactly what the first round of Xbox Live weekly deals are, as well as the first daily sales.

For the week, we have received a ton of sales on both Xbox One and Xbox 360 games, many of which are pretty recent games for the former. Also, we are getting daily sales that we will continue to bring you as these final two weeks of the year finish up. Just be forewarned as many of the deals are exclusive to Xbox Live Gold members.

The following Xbox Live weekly sales will last from now until December 22, with the daily sales being only good for today, December 16.

Xbox One Weekly Sales (Through December 22)

Content TitleContent TypeDiscount %
  Magic 2015Xbox One Game50%
  Call of Duty GhostsXbox One Game50%
  NBA Live 15Xbox One Game35%
  Battlefield 4 Premium EditionXbox One Game50%
  PES 2015Xbox One Game33%
  Metal Gear Solid Ground ZeroesXbox One Game67%
  Evil WithinXbox One Game50%
  Wolfenstein the New OrderXbox One Game50%
  ThiefXbox One Game67%
  The Crew + ACU BundleXbox One Game25%
  The Crew + Far Cry 4 BundleXbox One Game25%
  Assassins Creed UnityXbox One Game17%
  How to Survive Storm Warning EdXbox One Game33%
  Lords of the FallenXbox One Game40%
  Killer Instinct Double Ultra BundleXbox One Game33%
  Powerstar Golf Full Game UnlockXbox One Game50%
  Kinect Sports RivalsXbox One Game50%

Xbox 360 Weekly Sales (Through December 22)

Content TitleContent TypeDiscount %
Resident Evil 5Games on Demand20-67%
Resident Evil 6Games on Demand40-50%
Resident Evil Code Veronica XGames on Demand20-67%
Resident Evil Raccoon CityGames on Demand50-75%
Resident Evil RevelationsGames on Demand67%
Skate 3Games on Demand75%
NCAA 14Games on Demand67%
Titanfall Game of the Year EditionGames on Demand75%
Battlefield 4 PremiumAdd-on50%
Transformers Fall of CybertronGames on Demand75%
Transformers Rise of the Dark SparkGames on Demand50%
CoD GhostsGames on Demand50%
ACIV Season PassAdd-on50%
Scott PilgrimArcade50%
Naruto Storm RGames on Demand50%
DBZ Budokai HD collectionGames on Demand50%
Dark Souls IIGames on Demand50%
PES 2015Games on Demand33%
Metal Gear Solid V: Ground ZeroesGames on Demand67%
ThiefGames on Demand70%
Tomb RaiderGames on Demand67%
Sanctum 2Arcade75%
Dungeon DefendersArcade75%
The Evil WithinGames on Demand50%
How to surviveArcade50%
Dungeons & Dragons DaggerdaleArcade50%
Dungeons & Dragons Chronicles of MystaraArcade67%
State of Decay – BreakdownAdd-on50%
State of Decay – LifelineAdd-on50%
Max Curse of the BrotherhoodArcade67%
Halo Spartan AssaultArcade66%
Bioshock InfiniteGames on Demand85%
Dance Central 3Games on Demand67%

Xbox One Daily Sales (December 16 Only)

Content TitleContent TypeDiscount %
Middle Earth: Shadow of MordorXbox One Game33%
Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor Season PassAdd-On33%
LEGO The HobbitXbox One Game50%

Xbox 360 Daily Sales (December 16 Only)

Content TitleContent TypeDiscount %
Lego HobbitGames on Demand67%
Lego Lord of the RingsGames on Demand75%

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