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Xbox Live Deals With Gold Feature Major Capcom Sale

by Dean James


It’s that time of the week again as Microsoft has put up a whole new batch of deals for us to enjoy. This time around, we get Deals With Gold for both Xbox One and Xbox 360, along with a huge Capcom sale that is exclusive to Xbox 360.

The Capcom Sale features a number of different games, along with a few DLC packs for said games. This includes a wide range of series, such as Resident Evil, along with some standalone games such as Remember Me. The Capcom sale is open to all Xbox Live Silver and Gold members, while the Deals with Gold are exclusive to Gold obviously.

The following sales will run through next Monday, August 11, so don’t miss out!

Xbox One Deals With Gold

ContentSale PricePercent Off
Angry Birds: Star Wars$24.9950%
Call of Duty Ghosts: Gold Edition$39.9933%
Call of Duty Ghosts: Digital Hardened Edition$69.9930%

Xbox 360 Deals With Gold

 ContentSale PricePercent Off
Call of Duty Ghosts$29.9950%
Rock Band 3$9.9950%
The Doors Greatest Hits: Rock Band Edition$9.9950%
Bon Jovi Greatest Hits:  Rock Band Edition$9.9950%
American Idiot Album$9.9950%

Capcom Sale

Content Title*Sale PricePercent Off
Asura’s Wrath$9.9975%
Bionic Commando Rearmed$4.9950%
Chronicle of Mystara$5.0966%
Darkstalkers Resurrection$4.9467%
Dead Rising$6.7966%
Dead Rising 2$7.4975%
Dead Rising 2: Off The Record$6.7966%
Dead Rising 2 Case West$4.9950%
Dead Rising 2 Case Zero$2.4950%
Devil May Cry HD Collection$9.8967%
DmC Devil May Cry$14.9950%
DmC Devil May Cry Vergil’s Downfall$4.4950%
Final Fight Double Impact$3.9960%
Lost Planet 2$3.9975%
Lost Planet 3$13.5966%
Mega Man 10$4.9950%
Mega Man 9$4.9950%
Remember Me$9.9975%
Resident Evil 4 HD$6.5967%
Resident Evil 5$6.5967%
Resident Evil 5 Untold Stories Bundle$3.9567%
Resident Evil 6 Additional 3-Mode Pack$4.4950%
Resident Evil Code: Veronica X HD$6.5966%
Resident Evil Revelations Unveiled Edition$13.5966%
Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City$11.5971%
Street Fighter III : Third Strike Online Edition$3.7475%
Street Fighter X Tekken Additional Characters Pack$4.9975%
Super Puzzle Fighter$4.9950%
Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD$5.0966%

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