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Xbox Live Deals With Gold Take It To The Rim This Week

by Dean James


Xbox Live’s Deals With Gold has shrunken over the last couple weeks after a huge January of sales. Coinciding with the release of the multiplatform Evolve this week, Microsoft isn’t providing us with too much in the way of deals across Xbox One or Xbox 360.

In fact, this week’s deals only consist of the same two games on each platform, with some microtransaction-like DLC provided for one of them on each as well. The first of the group is NBA 2K15, with VC packs on sale for the Xbox One version and a few of the bling packs as well as the commentary pack on sale for the Xbox 360 version.

The other game on sale this week is Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions for both systems, which will be on sale along with NBA through next Monday, February 15.

Xbox One Sales

Content TitleContent TypeDiscount %
NBA 2K15Xbox One Game33%
NBA 2K15 – 200,000 VCConsumable33%
NBA 2K15 – 35,000 VCConsumable33%
NBA 2K15 – 75,000 VCConsumable33%
NBA 2K15 – 15,000 VCConsumable33%
Geometry Wars 3: DimensionsXbox One Game33%

Xbox 360 Sales

Content TitleContent TypeDiscount %
NBA 2K15Games On Demand50%
Blue Diamond Bling PackAdd On50%
Platinum Bling PackAdd On50%
Gold Bling PackAdd On50%
Spanish Commentary PackAdd On50%
Geometry Wars 3: DimensionsArcade33%

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