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Xbox Live Games With Gold for October 2015 Include The Walking Dead and Valiant Hearts

| September 24, 2015

Xbox Live Games With Gold for October 2015 Include The Walking Dead and Valiant Hearts News  Xbox Live The Walking Dead Games with Gold

Microsoft has revealed the Xbox Live Games with Gold titles for October 2015, featuring some really great games for fans to download and play for free. As always, you’ll have to have an active Xbox Live Gold membership to get the games, and on Xbox One you’ll have to maintain it to keep playing. Otherwise these games are completely free, with varying windows for members to get in and add them to their account.

Valiant Hearts: The Great War leads things off on Xbox One, becoming available on October 1st and staying up until October 15th. Along with it will come Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes for the Xbox 360. Once these titles have expired players can grab Telltale’s The Walking Dead Season One for both Xbox 360 and Xbox One. These will be available from October 16th to October 31st on Xbox 360 and November 15th on Xbox One.

It’s a bit strange to have the same game available as an Xbox Live Games with Gold entry for both Xbox 360 and Xbox One, especially since these games should become backwards compatible at some point. However, for those that don’t have an Xbox One it’ll be great to be able to get Telltale’s fantastic graphic adventure.

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  • Tga215

    Somehow people still gonna complain

    • Guest

      And somehow people will still blindly support a company. Thinking that other people should not have the right to an opinion.

      • Tga215

        People like you are a prime example of how the Internet is full of idiots

        • Guest

          LOL there comes the childish insults and what makes you think that? Are you against freedom of speech and expression? Don’t you think certain companies should never be criticised? Great mentality there. :)

          • JCheezy

            Says the guy with many names. If you really cared about people reading your opinions then you wouldn’t have many names giving many opinions. Stick with one and ppl might……repeat, might respect it. Prolly not though given your track record.

          • Guest

            LOL nothing that you said has anything to do with what I posted. You’re only “attacking” the poster and throwing baseless acccusations because you can’t reply to the point that is being made.
            Typical… :)

          • JCheezy

            Everything I said is directed right at your comment guy with many names. I would reply to your “points” if you ever made any. So try harder or don’t.

  • Guest

    Initially I didn’t want to comment here but I decided to post since it looks like xbots here don’t believe in freedom of speech and don’t want people to give their opinion if it’s criticism of their beloved MS.

    MS have invented the concept of giving the same games every months, but now they are taking it to a next level. They are giving thr same game for both their platforms besides giving the same game once again on the other xbox. I guess the ones getting the short end are faithful owners who owns both or the XB1 owners thinking they’ll get 4 games/month thanks to BC.

    On a positive note, I think Valiant hearts is a great game.

    Anyway here is an opinion from an actual XB1 owner that I got from the link.
    I think he summed it up quite well:
    “For me, this is shocking on two levels.First off, the service promises two games on each platform. It might not specifically say they should be different games for each platform, but frankly that should go without saying.

    Secondly, You’d think as a service GWG would want to serve it’s loyal and long running Xbox Live users that own both consoles. We only just were given Ground Zeroes last month on the Xbox One! Not to mention last month we were re-gifted Tomb Raider despite only having been given it back in February.
    This re-gifting is cheap and it’s deceptive. This month subscribers who own both consoles we screwed out of two games. The service offers next to no value for money like this, especially when you compare it to competitors (which cover three platforms without repeating titles). If this continues I’m not going to have any option but to trade in both my Xbox platforms to further fund the formats that offer a better service.”

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