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Xbox Live Status Currently Limited – Call of Duty Havoc DLC Having Issues (Update)

| January 27, 2015

Xbox Live Status Currently Limited - Call of Duty Havoc DLC Having Issues (Update) News Xbox  Xbox One Xbox Live Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

UPDATE 3: Signing in is now down for both Xbox 360 and Xbox One. Microsoft has issued this statement: “Are you having connection issues with Xbox Live? Our team is already engaged and investigating right now and we are trying to get it fixed ASAP! Thanks for your patience while we work. We’ll update you again in 30 minutes.”

UPDATE 2: Core services are also now limited on the Xbox 360 Xbox One. Creating a new account and/or changing your Gamertag are currently affected. The new statement reads “Hi Xbox members, are you seeing incorrect pricing when trying to change your Gamertag? Our team is investigating this issue right now and we hope to find a fix ASAP! Thanks for your patience while we work, we’ll update you again when we have more information.”

UPDATE: A new message has been released by Microsoft detailing the issues and possibly how to fix them: “If you are attempting to play Exo Zombies in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, and you receive the message “A downloadable content package was removed or all profiles are signed out”, you’ll need to allow the free DLC “Compatibility Pack 1” to be downloaded and installed. To do this, log in to Xbox Live, start the game, and you should see the message “New required content has been added to your Active Downloads. This content is free and required to play online.” Allow the content to download and install. You can check its download status by going to Active Downloads: Xbox button, Games & Apps, Active Downloads.”

Xbox Live has once again gone into a limited status as the release of the Havoc DLC for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare has caused the system to get overloaded. The issues were first reported a few hours ago, but seem to have persisted longer than anticipated. Microsoft has issued an official statement saying that they are aware and are working on the issues, which have impacted both Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

Xbox members, are you receiving an error message when trying to play Exo Zombies in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare on Xbox 360?

The statement reads “Xbox members, are you receiving an error message when trying to play Exo Zombies in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare on Xbox 360? Are you having issues installing the Havoc DLC after transferring a Season Pass from Xbox 360 to Xbox One? Hang in there! We’re diligently working to straighten everything out and we’d like to thank you for your patience in the meantime. We’ll update you again in 30 minutes.”

We are now past that 30 minute timeframe with no further update from either Microsoft or the official Xbox Support Twitter account. They are replying to comments from other users though, so they seem to be actively investigating the problems, they just don’t have anything new to report at this time. We’ll keep track of the issues and keep this article updated, so keep checking back for further information as the day goes on. Also, be sure to let us know in the comments if you are experiencing any trouble with Xbox Live on either the 360 or Xbox One.

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  • Country Boy Lucifer

    Think its about time as console gamers we stopped arguing over which has the better network in the present time and start saying to ms and Sony please get your shit together.

    • Allen

      I agreed up till the end. I think Sony’s doing a great job. The only problem I’ve had since January of last year when I got my PS4 was a couple of days during the holidays. I had two 5 day weekends in a row so no sweat off my back but sure that was annoying.

      Other other issues ever was BF4 for a while.

      People totally need to stop flipping out about every little thing that happens like this.

      • Country Boy Lucifer

        Just because you personally weren’t effected doesn’t mean the network issues on psn don’t exist and they’ve shown that they deal with a ddos considerably slower than ms did.

        Sony do need to get their shit together and acting as if there isn’t an issue isn’t helping. Nor is arguing about who has the better network. At this present time they’re about on par and both need to improve.

        • Allen

          Still disagree. Sony handled the situation very well (as did Microsoft). The only thing to do is to make sure they keep up on it and never let down. It’s a job that is never done and that’s how they need to view it and I believe they are.

          And I agree people on both sides shouldn’t be talking $hit. No network is perfect, both of these are bad ass networks.

          • Country Boy Lucifer

            No network is perfect and they both have different issues at the moment. X1 has a persistent friends list issue as well as a few other annoyances and psn should be able to recover from a ddos as fast as ms did.

            I’m not sure what you disagree with, its not like we’re talking about an opinion. It’s a fact that psn has had a number of unscheduled down times and slow recovery time. I’m not gonna say “hey great job Sony” because it wasn’t q great job, especially on the Christmas hack, it was a really shitty job.

          • Allen

            Meh I just disagree. Most of the issues ever reported are over before they are reported. So many articles when there is nothing wrong. Fine if you have certain feelings about the Christmas hack. Maybe they were just being safer.

            I’ve been happy with it’s service stability, the speed at which I jump in and out of games, launch game online function and so forth.

            It’s okay, I’m done talking about this. Not nearly big enough of a deal to go back and forth over.

          • Country Boy Lucifer

            I haven’t had it personally effect me and as a service its great. If its online it does what its supposed to 100% of the time.

            Its issues stem from the ability to withstand attack and annoying maintenance, scheduled or unscheduled.

          • Sergio Figueroa

            I agree at this point who knows after psn gets the map pack it might happen to them as well. Both networks suck at times okay we shouldnt be arguing about thos because we are all gamers

      • ConnorTheFox

        what are you talking about people flip out because they pay 400 $ for a console and can’t even play because their services are down. nah the first guy was right Ms and Sony need to get their shit together and fix their damn consoles

    • Ben

      You know they can’t do that. They need to justify paying more and getting older and fewer games than the PS subscription service.

      It’s difficult to be a MS fanboy. Can’t compete with the number of games and exclusives so they have to use subjective argument like game quality.

      • Ben

        When PSN goes down more? You bet!
        Its difficult to be a fanboy like you. Always having to bash the other system constantly. Besides, this article doesn’t even concern you!
        The fact that you use other’s names just strengthens my point.

        • Ben

          You still have NO proof that it goes down more.
          You’re lying as usual. I don’t bash other systems but I do bash idiots like you.
          Hypocrite as usual. You can post on PS articles but PS.WiiU/PC users can’t post here.
          yawn same old “argument”. You’re not the only ben in the world. :)

          • mark brookes

            for yrs sony has taken the pi** n thats why i got xbox.. rubbish cheap lazer in ps 1 and 2, i threw my ps2` out the front door as i was sick of the ps logo loading and not the games.. i will bash any system i want inc grandstand, atari 2600 and tomy 3d lol sega cd, sega 32x nes, snes, master system, mega drive.. the 1st xbox was awesome n won my loyalty! what is the longest time xbox live has been down? was it weeks like psn lol.. think not

          • Country Boy Lucifer

            Actually live went down for a few weeks in about 2009……just saying

          • mark brookes


          • Country Boy Lucifer

            lol what? You say that live hasn’t been down weeks in your post….it has

          • Greg

            I’m pretty sure it didnt i was playing at least once a week that year.. I could be wrong though 2009 rocked!! Just sayin

          • hatePSN

            So it was 13 days not weeks. had to be 14 days to be weeks lol but PSN has met the goal many times lol

          • Country Boy Lucifer

            lol oh…a day off two weeks….my bad

          • Sgt Hunter

            I’ve been on live since 2005 and I don’t remember that?

          • Country Boy Lucifer

            yeah it happened…

          • Cody

            It was down for you. Not me.

          • notafanboy

            The longest outage was holiday season 2007-2008 and it was an intermittent problem that didn’t affect everyone and it lasted 13 days on and off.

          • Ben

            You threw out your PS2? I have both and enjoy each greatly.

          • waxedon

            You need to shut the fuck up.

          • jiba

            psn was down for like 3 months back on ps3 when everyones credit info got stolen, Ms is and will be better at there network cause they are actually a computer company.

          • mark brookes

            And that proves ms is awesome.. case closed!

          • Ben

            lol That along with the “won my loyalty” comment makes you look like a real MS fanboy. The difference is that I will trash any company. I will trash Sony for EA access or using the PS3 to “win” the Bluray vs hddvd “war”.

            “ms is awesome”
            Typical subjective argument. thanks for proving my point :)

          • mark brookes

            Your comment makes you sound like a psn fanboy.. yes i love ms with all my heart xx

          • Ben

            lol Do you have proof of any of that? You guys like to invent stuff.
            There is no such thing as better network because you just can’t prove it.
            Case close.

          • Ben

            Many articles to back this up. Of course, you’ll ignore it.
            Please state where I’m lying.
            We all know you copy names.

        • Luke Fahy

          The article doesn’t concern him? He just said that both need a fix and now you are replying to yourself arguing with no one. So my question to you bitch boy ben, is why the fuck are you here?

      • ConnorTheFox

        but they can. they’re Microsoft a billion if not trillion dollar cooperation. they have the money and resources they’re just fucking lazy and don’t care about their consumers. I mean look what happened with lizard squad, they walked all over Microsoft, like a bitch may I add, and what did Microsoft do? fucking waited tell they stop DDOSing. just once can one company produce a product we can all love. ( oh but why not get a pc?) well because pcs just are way too much to deal with having to buy upgrades it’s like playing a free to play game you have to buy shit to get better results fuck that. and who gives a fuck about zombies on advanced warfare it’s not like we haven’t played zombies in the past ? people you want a good zombie game that’s not repetitive like call of booty? get dying light I bought it , beautiful game, runs smooth and I have a blast. so people don’t fucking bitch on websites like this we need to call up Microsoft and bitch until we get what we want damn it

        • What?

          Nothing can stop a DDOS attack. At least Xbox got it up within a day. PSN took 3 days.

  • ddd

    After downloading compatibility pack and havoc dlc the only thing I can access is campaign. Try go multiplayer and it gets stuck loading up the menu over and over again saying the same message ‘profile has been signed out or content is missing’.

    • mark brookes

      pull out ur ethernet cable till it loads… if wireless sign out n create profile without live

    • dx

      I deleted all the old updates from before in my storage and only left the new update compatibility and the havoc map pack than went on to game and it log me off to do do the advanced warfare title update again and the other two which I delete never came back up on storage it was a 1and 2 something CNT remember what called so all I have on storage for cod is compatibility pack , AW title update and havco dlc if that helps

  • Allen

    Awe that sucks. Well good luck guys.

  • Michael

    I can’t even get on..

  • Gino

    So I am having no problem with the download, new maps, or getting into exo zombies. But, can’t play online with friends, only can in private matches, or online with random people. This sucks the point of zombies is to play with friends. This whole thing needs to be fixed!!

    • Jon
      • AreaCode905

        That actually worked. Thanks buddy….. haha i must of uninstalled and reinstalled the map packs and compatability update like 10 times. lol they dont download fast, i was about to smash my xbox

      • Bryan Rodriguez

        how do i do this with xbox one? an do you log out when you are in the party?

    • Mikec

      I have same issue tried everything both with open nat types differnet location I even tried different accounts and opening
      all ports with no firewall. I have tested every way possible definite issue with exo zombies only game mode it happens on
      all other games and other modes work fine been looking for answers since release

    • Neon-Flickers

      do u have to pay to get Exo Zombies?
      I bought the game before Exo Zombies came out and cant buy it again
      is there a free update?
      Do I have to pay for it?
      plz reply I LOVE CoD
      its BO$$

  • XbotMK1

    Xbox fanboys are running scared again. I find it funny Xbox fanboys say Xbox Live is better than PSN. This is the 5th time Xbox Live has gone down this month.

    • bardock5151

      except this doesn’t sound like server issues. (not overloaded)

      • BardCock1515

        Uh the Servers cracked under the stress. It certainly does sound like the servers.

        You would think 300,000 with the ultimate power of the cloud could keep this from happening.

        • bardock5151

          Why are pretty much all the complaints centred around authorisation?
          Every body is downloading the dlc, using Xbox live, but cant play because of authentication issues. If it was servers, downloading and matchmaking would be completely dead. But it isn’t.

      • XbotMK1

        Hilarious excuses. Microsoft has been ripping you fanboys off since 2002 when they started charging you for multiplayer. Xbox Live is trash. It has allways been trash. But instead of demanding better from Microsoft, you fanboys are on PS4 articles trying to say Xbox Live is better than PSN. That is because you Xbox fanboys have nothing left to cling to anymore.

        PSN has more users and charges less, yet it doesn’t have this many issues. Sony just started charging for PSN, but Microsoft has been charging $60 since 2002. Explain that. PATHETIC!

        • ?????

          Unfortunately for you, due to PSN being free, it went down a lot. Still seem to have the issue today.

          Man, you’re pathetic.

          ” you fanboys are on PS4 articles trying to say Xbox Live is better than PSN.”

          Here you are trashing gamers and a service! Hypocrite much?

        • lol kid your a hardcore sony fanboy IMO sony is trash the ps3 i had constantly disconnected from the internet by itself on my computer the connection was fine 4 bars and i was right next to the router

          with your point of the users you dont prove a point…….you can make an account free…….with ps3 meaning ps3 for all we know could have mostly ghost accounts a account made for trolling or watever reason

          xbox charges lie $10 for xboxlive kid -_- do your research
          sony’s servers are shit compared to xbox live sony has went down many more times PS2’s were all shit laser burning disk and breaking for absolutly no reason

          i smashed my ps2 with a hammer because it stopped playing any game old or new

          while ive had my original xbox since it came out and it still works fine……

          xbox makes you pay because
          1. the servers are better and faster
          2. you wont have to wait an 20 minutes to join a GTA5 game
          3. xbox 360/one is way better than ps3. SIMPLE

          xbox one has more games that ps4.

    • ?????

      I guess PSN us down again.
      You’re here.

    • H4CKING

      Hey dumb ass its only happen 5 time while PS user have had this a trillion times so shut your trap cause microsoft has a better hold on there network than PS dows

      • ?????

        lol how would you know little xbot? You NEVER owned a PS system in your life.

        • ?????

          That’s funny. Where did he say he owned either?
          Oh, Guest.

          • ?????

            Because it’s you using another usertag. -_-

          • ?????

            Really? Where have I ever said PSN goes down a trillion times? And XBL going down only 5 times? To believe this is stupid.
            All I say is PSN goes down more frequently.
            It is funny watching you accuse everybody that comments here that doesn’t have a Disqus account of being me.

      • J4CKING

        Hey dumbass realize xbox live isn’t some glorious service. You are a fool

    • The PC Master Race

      Hey John Derp. Justify scams like PS Plus again for me.

      Oh wait. You cant. Steam remains the superior service :^)

      • Shannon Novosel

        The service that gets wiped by a couple of words.

        • The PC Master Race

          Wow. One whole bug that was patched within hours and effected a beta program where people knew there were going to be bugs if they installed it. Such proof. NOT.

          Try again console shill.

          • ↑↑↑↑is a dumb ass

            Oh defend it some more shill.

            Your are the dumbest piece of pathetic shit to ever plague this site. I hope you enjoy living alone forever stroking your pathetic little meat sock.

          • The PC Master Race

            Keep crying those Thirty Tears Per Second

          • Shannon Novosel

            Sorry you’re bs is wrong. dam proven wrong again. Still taken down by words.

          • The PC Master Race

            Wow. That mad huh.

            So when’s Sony going to fix that crippling 30FPS bug on POS4? Oh wait. NEVER EVER :^)

          • Shannon Novosel

            Mad nope proving you wrong is easy. Don’t worry maybe the master race won’t be taken down by words one of these days.

      • Allen

        I see you didn’t poke your fat nose in the Dying Light Review so had to find ya make sure you saw this.

        I’m sure you will talk some $hit but like I keep saying it’s all about optimization, something you can do heavily on a console unlike PC.

        for a $399 PS4 to hold up so well to a PC on high settings. this is why I don’t bother with keeping my PC high end. Keep it mid range to play the few PC exclusives and occasional xbox exclusive that comes to PC that I care about. My PC just complements my consoles.

        • The PC Master Race

          Still 30FPS so it’s rendered completely pointless. Nice try shill. 60FPS is the standard, 30FPS is a joke.

          • Allen

            I love that you make yourself look like such a fool.

            Just like the article says PC ******CAN***** achieve 60fps “if you got the hardware to push it”.

            You go ahead and fork up the dough for 60fps if you want. My PS4 just compared with a high end PC on this great looking game douche and I own PC so your complete existence here and constant trolling is completely pointless. no one here or anywhere else on the net gives a shit.

          • The PC Master Race

            You mean the $600 PC that runs it fine and better than the POS4 ever will.

            It’s hilarious to see you so upset and butthurt to defend your 30FPS brick.

          • Allen

            $600? I don’t think so. Show me your build.

            I did like your reddit link BTW, I checked it again and it had some better builds further down. Still all of them were missing components. So many without graphics cards, sound cards, none with OS, keyboard/mouse, optical and I question some of the other hardware choices but I’ve always enjoyed building PC’s. Last year built one for my little bro, we ended up at $1000+ by the time it was all said and done and he had to replace his power supply since then.

            $600 is about the PC equiv. of a PS4 on PC (keep in mind the link was comparing PS4 to a high end PC and PS4 did great, so not sure how a $600 PC would do on this game) .

            But a $600 PC still has the problems it has from being a PC:

            (A) Not many AAA exclusives (of course nor the PS or Nintendo exclusives)
            (B) Doesn’t fit well in living room both for controls and UI
            (C) Will need upgrades (at the very least much sooner than PS5/Xbox $$$)
            (D) Will need to play with settings to get some games to run proper.
            (E) Still more expensive.

            of course PC has benefits too. To each his own. I have my mid range gaming PC, PS4, PS3 and WiiU and all my old retro consoles (NES, SNES, Genesis, N64, PS2) because I love playing all games. I’ve even been playing space quest for PC (80’s game) lately.

          • The PC Master Race

            I’ve showed it plenty of times and you kept screaming “$1000” like a dumb peasant even though I only spent $600 on it

            Maybe we should start including the TV, extra gamepads and online subscription in yours. That would bring the PS4 up to $1200, wouldn’t it? A steep price for an underpowered 30FPS brick.

          • Allen

            No you haven’t, you have constantly shown builds that are missing components screaming $600. I use PC part picker, I helped my lil bro build his PC and to make it half way decent we spent $1000+. That did include monitor so you may deduct a little from that if you like but it was no $400 monitor.

            And then you would need to show performance of this $600 PC

            And even then this whole BS is pointless because I am a fking PC gamer so I don’t know what your deal is. I prefer my PS4, I get more from it and my other consoles than I do my PC that I have just a couple of games on. I love steam sale, it’s amazing, I love free online that’s legit and I was the one making fun of fools paying to play last gen. But I have been impressed with PS+ and so long as I am I will stay with PlayStation.

            Like I’ve said a 100 times, if PS+ does not remain valuable I would never support it. Pay to play must have it’s benefits, I absolutely have having to pay because it’s like 1 less brand new game on release day every year. But with PS+ I get tons of huge free games and little ones across 3 platforms. Thousands of dollars of free games a year showing me all sorts of genre I would never even bother to pick up, not even for a $1-$2 steam sale I just wouldn’t do it. But this way Sony shows me what I’m missing, it’s all done for me + I take advantage of Steam when it suits me.

          • The PC Master Race

            Peasants wanting to pay tithe’s to their lords for online play because they let them rent an old game or some indie that failed to sell. How pathetic.

            Stay peasant so I may laugh at you.

    • jiba

      i play almost everyday and this is the first time this month i couldn’t connect to live

    • Cody

      Not for me… Your information is wrong. I play all the time for work purposes so I should know. I’m not a biased fanboy either, so don’t take this the wrong way.

  • Dmoney21

    For some reason I bought the DLC with one account and the others can’t play it any suggestions?

  • AbsoluteBob

    Xbox 360: fired up AW this morning and was forced immediately into an update. Took the update and rebooted. Selected multiplayer from the main menu and rec’d a message saying “a required content package has been removed or you are not signed in to a profile”. I didn’t remove anything. What was odd was that although I hadn’t purchased the DLC yet, my menu showed EXO Zombies was available. I was able to purchase DLC 1 and figured the download of that would fix it. It didn’t. So I uninstalled everything from my hard drive and then reinstalled it all. No fix. Ghosts still works fine so……yeah there’s that.

  • Kent

    Does anytime know how to fix error DOWNLOAD CONTENT PACKAGE REMOVED OR ALL PROFILES ARE SINGED OUT. I really just wana play exo zombies

  • The PC Master Race

    Paid online. LOL

    Only console peasants are foolish enough to pay for online.

  • an xbl user

    Can’t play eco zomibes on Xbox 360 but can play the dlc, I have the season pass and I downloaded the havoc dlc ….i just wanna play eco zombies c’mon I paid for it

  • Heather Rowe

    I’m having a different problem and I can’t figure out if it’s related. I bought the DLC while driving home from the Xbox Live Marketplace. I received a conformation email. It says when your Live account gets signed in the download will start. Well it didn’t. And it doesn’t show up in my download history either.

  • codfan

    so i downloaded the update and the compatibility pack 1, after this was done i tried to go to multi player, and it just goes to the error message then back to black logo screen then error message ove and over. then on zombies it just shows the error message. so i cant play anything online HELP……….. ive even tried the offline account and redownloading still same problem

  • codfan

    i am on the 360

  • josh

    Trying to play exo zombies on xbox 360 and it keeps saying a downloadable content package was removed or all profiles are signed out. Im not signed out and i redownloaded the hevoc dlc, deleted it and reinstalled it. Turned my xbox off and on, tried everything i could to get it to work and it still says the same thing.

    • shawn mellies-uren

      Hey same thing.

  • shawn mellies-uren

    It said the same thing.

  • Anthony

    Has anyone else had problems getting the new dlc weapons? I have everything else but those and I don’t know why. It says I already bought dlc everytime I try to click on them. Any help?

    • o0x RomE x0o

      Yep, I cannot get weapons… you have any luck yet?

  • Leo

    Hey guys, I got the map pack but can’t use the widowmaker, please help

    • jordan

      same problem here

  • ?????

    This is really funny hoe Guest is copying names to trash this.
    His immaturity knows no limits.

  • gamergurls

    I’m so sick of this b s wow exo zombies hasn’t worked at all except for once lame as f#@$

  • Sergio Figueroa

    Im honestly diappionted its their first dlc map pack and this happening works diligently my ass

  • ninjaman727


  • Lane

    I downloaded mine great but when got to play zombies it says “downloadable content package was removed or all profiles are signed out” why is it doing this?

  • seth

    The error message I got when trying to open exo zombies from the main menu (or anywhere else for that matter) went a little like this: the downloadable content package has been removed or everybody is signed out. I am a season pass owner. I have an xbox 360. I want to play COD:AW Exo zombies. Please alert me if this gets fixed by message. Or on kik, SlothJizzley. (Thats my user name)

  • seth

    Yo lane do you know anything about this??

    • Lane

      No. I’m having the same problems and don’t understand why bc my multiplayer (DLC) is working fine!?

      • seth

        Do you think they will have things fixed tomarrow?? Lane

  • seth

    I can play the four new maps fine but exo zombies will not load up!!

  • seth iceboy

    Yo any body know anything about this

  • seth

    Do you think they will have anything fixed tomarrow??

  • seth

    Yo add me on kik to tell me stuff

  • seth

    Lane add me on kik (SlothJizzley)

  • Joshua

    I’m receiving a error saying a downloadable content is removed or all profiles are signed out why is this saying this !?

    • seth

      We will never know josh, vjust hang in there bro!! Add me on kik @ (SlothJizzley)

  • Guester

    And Facts First is nowhere to be seen…

  • Aerosundead

    “A downloadable content package was removed or all profiles were signed out”
    Any news yet on when this will be fixed

    • seth

      xboxman said to download the combatability pack again then play it but it doesnt work so dont waste your time.

  • seth

    Yo send me anything im bored and want ANSWERS!!!

  • seth

    While on the topic of sledge’s first dlc not working, does anybody know how to use the AE4 in local play??

  • seth


  • seth

    when I played it this morning it worked fine but now I guess sledge got hacked or somthin cuz exo zombies is not working.. and this is the error message it showed me.

  • Pickleshoe

    A message is that either theirs no doc or some one has logged out

  • Pickleshoe


  • JCheezy

    I got my daily heroic mission in and about 6 Vanguard strikes on the X1,so I’m Cool.

  • juggalo silence

    Aw sucks nothing but problems the whole time they need to get there shit together would’ve been a sweet game if someone else made it errors all day every day hey hey hey!!!!

  • juggalo silence

    Has anyone been able to play exo zombies yet today

  • Ima PEW on you

    This is some Muda-Cluck’N PooPooo.. They gots my loot but I aint get my fother muckin Pew Pew guns! WHERE MA DAMN PEW PEWz!!! pew pew.. pewpewpew.. noobtube.. pewpewpew.. pew why cant i access it!!!

  • Klown 9959

    I can’t use the ae4 or the variant. Keeps sending me to the store.

  • seth

    I know what you mean. You can play with them on public lobbies but not locale play or system link. Like what the damn hell!! I payed actual dollars for my pew pew guns not monopoly dollars!! Get yo poo together sledge?!!! Teehee!! That rhymed!! kinda..

  • seth

    But lets just focus on exo zombies working!! I mean it would be nice to have cool guns but I would choose zombies over some laser gun any time anywhere!! Thats why sledge should get zombies up and ready so I can completely destroy zombies while I play a cussin badass in the future!!! Im rooting for you sledgehammer!!! Get it fixed,get it fixed,get get it fixed!##

  • seth

    Yo sledge FIX IT!!!



      • seth

        On what??

  • seth

    This is what showed up when I try to play exo zombies.

  • E13 D3tr0y E13

    If you get the update when you first sign onto Xbox live it will download, once that’s done I’ve found out that you need to sign out of your Xbox live account, get on a profile with no live access at all, click on Exo-zombies, then it’ll ask you to buy the season pass, then you can sign back into your Xbox live account and play. That is the only way I have been able to play. Thanks

    • seth

      What if you downloaded it when you launched COD:AW?? Will it still work??

      • seth


  • seth

    Lets go sledge,fix it!!

  • II Sm0k3y II

    This needs to hurry. I want to kill zombies with the exo suits!!!!!!!!!!

  • jacob r

    i also wanna pint out that for me a player who bought just the dlc and not the season pass was excited to use the new laser wepons assault rifle but i am unable to use the rifle in online multiplayer but i can access new map and playlists in online multi player yet where as i have made zombies work with a unique glich on youtube easliy found with google that has to do with creating a profile

  • seth

    Uh just sign in to a account with no live what so ever and then when u r in the zombies interface sign into your xbox live account. Trust me it works.

  • seth

    Trust me bro.

  • Areyoumental

    Hey let’s make a DLC that doesn’t work. Thanks guys.. Only worked all day to come home and fuck with this for 2 hours just to find out it won’t work.. That’s bad for business.

    • bowfreak

      Agreed did the same thing I even worked a double shift so I wouldnt have felt guilty for buying the dlc only for it not to fucken work

  • batbizzle

    Almost 2 days now still trying to download the dlc. Got season pass Uninstalled and installed again 3 times on everything else but still won’t install the damn dlc part for havoc. Now since I uninstalled everything the update have been going for about an hour and only at 3%. I’ve always been an xbox person but almost have had nothing but problems since I got the xb1

  • Earl Sawyer

    I like my ps4 and my Xbox, Xbox doesn’t really ever go down, just destiny (which is lame af, my ps4 is tight, but I do have issues with getting online a lot more than my Xbox, either way, Xbox = entertainment/gaming system. Ps4 = gaming system.. Neither are better nor worse than the other, it is all just about preference and usability

  • Dylan

    This is bull crap!

  • chris

    Hey so i have an purchased the season pass yet its saying i cant play zombies to download it. Is that problem or just me? Tweaking out lol

  • ninjasquad

    I bought this dlc yesterday when it came out. Can’t play on any of the maps or equip the dlc gun; keeps saying i have to purchase it and when i select the dlc, it says i already own it. The only thing i can do is play the exo zombies. This is pretty bullshit for a 1.7 gig update and 7 gig download

  • ?????’s mother

    Looks like Shitbox Live could do with some of that maintenance Xbox scum like to mock.

    • ?????

      Aw, how cute. Using my name and calling it shitbox. I suppose you think you’re clever?
      You make the PS fanbase look even worse. :^)

      • ?????’s mother

        Whereas the Shitbox fanbase hit rock bottom years and will never pull itself up out from that. :)

        • ?????

          Have fun. The kids from 360 moved to PS4. :^)

  • ben

    When i load zombies it says either i have deleted it or imsigned out het ive done none



  • ken

    You know we pay lots of money for our xbox live and our season pass, so why do we got to sit idly by and wait; I think we should be compensated for our time.

  • Wendell Asapcaesar Drummond

    I can’t even use the downloaded guns on havoc doc for Xbox one, I’ve uninstalled and installed and still no widowmaker or its variant smgdh

  • Carl Simpson

    Still not working and we pay £34.99 for nothing oh sorry we pay £34.99 for 2 guns which i dont like anyway

  • hrneto

    I haven’t downloaded the Havoc DLC… but I’m wondering if I have to because I can’t play the multiplayer game AT ALL! I sit here in front of my console for like 20 min and keeps saying that it needs to find 5 more players (Mosh Pit) and it finds none! So I’m wondering: there’s no one playing the game anymore? Only those who downloaded the DLC? Seriously? I mean… I can’t play ANY playlist… ;T

  • matt

    I got the map pack but when I went to try the zombie mode it said something about there isn’t a download package missing and wouldn’t let me play. I can play the new maps just not zombies?

    • Mad Raefon

      Yes well tried uninstalling and redoing everything now its just stuck in the loop of constant error message and I cant do anything.
      This has been going on all day and they still don’t actually post any feedback or better yet fix the issue.

  • ddd

    i cant anything except campaign since downloading compatibility pack and havoc dlc. wats up with that?

  • Justin Reggie Harris

    I cant use ae4

  • DonRobson!

    Is anyoneelse having this problem? Where you’ve bought the Havoc DLC pack but still cannot use or get access to the new AE4 gun! Does someone have any suggestion as I want to use this gun, as I beleive it comes with the pack!! I haven’t bought a season pass but bought the Havoc pack separately, still beleive I should get the gun though! … ?

  • Hstyles

    Yes, the system is asking me to purchase new live membership when my current account has not expired. We pay a lot of money for the system to constantly fail us. I am considering going back to PS4!

  • Robnal95

    It’s made me pay for the season pass as well as the dlc pack please fix this ASAP

  • Paul

    Absolute joke waited for hours for it to work and it’s still not working

  • jaybutnice

    This is a joke not only can i not use the Ae4 rifle im not able to play the exo zombies and to top it all off the new maps have no HC playlist so thanks alot activision for robbing me

  • Robert Davis

    All I want is the ae4 that comes with the havoc dlc I bought map packs and now it won’t let me get the gun please fix

  • Philippe

    I tried everything. All the solutions proposed by the official website and by forums, I tried everything. Everytime it worked once and then when I retried it it didn’t work. And more of that, I at least had access to the multiplayer maps. Now I lost them. All of this just beacuse I did a license transfer and the fucking company just don’t want me to have access. It says that content is damaged but it’s not. And more of that, my friend’s account on my Xbox has access to the multiplayer maps but not mine. Is this a plot against me or what?

  • Thir13endaz3

    I can’t get on call of duty AW, it says the service is not available at this time to try again later. Can I get an explanation please? I have paid for Xbox live and cannot access this feature. Credit?

  • UserName

    I downloaded the havoc dlc and it doesnt let me get the AE4

  • UserName

    It tells me to download the dlc but then when i press on the AE4 it tells me that i have the havoc dlc and that its in my apps & games collection

  • Ricky

    It let me in exo zombies this morning wouldn’t let me in the game I installed the installment package and it wouldnt let me in at all

  • ayrin

    I still can not play zombies on my 360 Do you know when it will work?

  • tadhg Atkins

    Why can’t Irish people play exo zombies ok Xbox 360 ( please explain!)

  • ooTSmatt

    I have this problem on xbox one!! It is sayiMy “the call of duty: advanced warfare service is not available at this time. Please try again later.”
    Anyone else have this message?

  • This is stupid

    This was posted 20 hours ago and I’m still having the damn problem. I’ve layed for the season pass I should be able to play your fucking DLC by now. Fix the damn problem

  • Robnal95

    Anyone who’s having problems go on to this site I followed it and now I’m plaing zombies!!!!!

  • Mustafa Bey

    It won’t let me get online with the game period

  • jjzoldyck

    my dlc exo zombies isnt working and ive reinstalled it about 4 times and i have downloaded the compatability pack

  • matt

    You’ve taken my money! Why won’t you let me play? Come on xbox one?

  • jordan

    I have havoc dlc downloaded I can play multi player maps but not exo zombies when I try to play it, it reads “A downloadable content package was removed or all profiles are signed out” I’m sorry what

  • RazzorSharp

    Still cant log into multiplayer or exo zombies after following all instructions on screen… talk about BS.

  • Matt

    Everythimg seems to be working okay for me. The only problems I have with Advanced Warfare is that joining an exo zombie game is pretty bad, I can’t use the AE4 weapon or variants and sometimes the supply crates can’t be opened. I still have yet to play the new maps though.

  • joanna

    downloaded season pass for call of duty advanced welfare and the havoc but carbt find ob his 360 wen he cliclks on exo zombies it says downloadable content been removed and sumtin to du wit profiles what do i do

  • Sm46

    Still not working with me, I can’t find the free pack1 as stated above either. Just the same old message! I

  • Name

    have they released a fix for unlocking the AE4 Widowmaker yet? I downloaded the Havoc DLC but no AE4. When I try to download it, system tells me I should have it already. But I don’t!!!

  • jaybutnice

    Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare | HOW TO FIX EXO Z…:

    Temporary fix for exo zombies

  • illusivegerm69

    I have got the season pass on the xbox one and want to play on the 360 with clan members will it let me or do I have to pay again for the dlc

  • Joey Rivers

    I’ve downloaded the compatability pack more then once and it still gives me the error msg smh this defeats the purpose of being one of the first people to have the map packs If u can’t use them frustrated and have become a non believer of the season pass

  • Blake

    My zombies still are working and its pissing me off

  • talia

    So question is , I paid for the DLC pack will it still be there??? hello

  • omgitsme

    I cant access the ae4?

  • Myles

    I have brought the dlc and I can’t get the ae4 can anyone help me

  • Jacob

    I bought the havoc dlc and didn’t get the ae4…..?

  • Aboutaweekago

    I can’t get the ae4 anyone else?

  • Parker

    I keep getting like ping ponged between the main menu and multiplayer plz help and it won’t let me get even into the Exo zombies menu I’m on Xbox 360 fyi

  • nick

    I bought the DLC. And it will let me do everything EXCEPT use the AE4 in Multiplayer is anybody else having this problem if you know what is happening Plz tell me on my Twitter account Plz tell me why I can’t use it my Twitter is OMG_its_Nicky17 Plz tell me

    • Harry

      I’ve exacty the same issue. Still no idea how to fix it. All i’m missing is AE4

  • Parker

    I don’t know dude?

  • Trey

    I download the compatibility pack over and over again and it still doesn’t work. Why? What am I doing wrong to waste my money? Xbox 360 is the console and i just don’t know anymore.

  • Parker

    Trey you just have to keep waiting it worked for me eventually

  • Cameron

    I got the required content DL the other day when I didn’t have havoc because the game did it by itself. Now that I do have Havoc, I still have an issue with zombies. I tried the solution above but the game wont give me the “New required content has been added to your Active Downloads” message.
    Pleaser Help


    It says my services are limited but even after connecting to the Internet and checking multi player status still says I’m not connected to xbox live. This is very disappointing since I can’t play anything or even watch netflix.

  • Devon

    Just Wanna play some Advanced Warfare Mann Everytime its always something

  • Nathan

    I just wanna play battlefield 4 :(


    i got the DLC and i didn’t get the AE4

  • Matt clark

    I can’t even connect to live

  • Harry

    I was originally getting message something along the lines of “unable to connect to COD AW service at this time, please try later”. Couldnt access the store from within COD to d/l the DLC ( i had already bought the season pass) but strangely enough i could get on to the Store if i didnt go through COD. It then allowed me to download the DLC without being charged again. Everything works with the exception it missing the AE4 guns.

  • CoreytheMartian

    allen is doesn’t matter if you disagree or not 70% of PSN was down compared to microsofts 40 which means PSN had worse problems since release. your OPINION doesn’t matter when the FACTUAL numbers say otherwise

  • Dick Butt

    Missing AE4 also……… What a bunch of BS. It seems like not 1 person in today’s society is willing to do their job and or honor an agreement to its fullest. I continue to lose faith in society…….. We pay 60 dollars a year for what?????

  • DecidingRiot

    I have the AE4 but I can’t play zombies

  • romeodelta

    Downloaded havoc dlc last night, could play multiplayer maps, even exo zombies, but could not get the new widowmaker to load into armory…anyone else have that issue?

  • John9904

    Sick to death of XBOX Live going down!!!! What a load of rubbish!!

  • snipeme66

    Ok so this is day 3 that I have been having issues trying to play destiny and this evening I can’t even log in so have a £400 pound paper weight and am paying £40 a year for what exactly? I thought it was for online gaming but can’t do that so can u tell me what I’m paying for please Microsoft?

  • jaxson vest

    I bought the season pass online and I have the game when I come to play it it says I don’t have the dlc.Anybody know why?

    • bob

      I’m guessing that even though you have the season pass, you still have to go to the store via the ingame store and download the DLC. i know thats what i had to do

  • Kyle I XPLOSIVE XP I ? gamer

    35 quid and can’t even play it il have a refund xbox !! Cheers

  • becky

    This is taking the pi** need to be sorted

  • Jaro

    Just gave in today by getting the x1 and wasn’t aware of the online issue going on right now!! Can’t even update my console to start using it Smh

    • nick

      Dude bring it back right now asap keep your receipt this system sucks the D so hard

  • mstavre1

    I guess this is the future of gaming big budget games with plenty of bugs and software patches and systems that constantly go down turning your 400 dollar investment into a giant paper weight. I think I’m done with systems after this generation better to get a smart tv with Netflix and other downloadable apps in it, that way it won’t matter when Microsoft or Sony network goes down you can still watch stuff.

  • Xboxliveblows

    Fuck Xbox live. MS is robbing us.

  • Paul Watson

    i am so disappointed right now. all im seeing here is punk ass brats arguing over trivial bullshit like which is better, which fucks up more/less, blah blah fucking dipidy doo dah blah bullshit blah. grow the fuck up you sphincter fisting hammer fucking crotch maggots. god this is why humans are so pathetically stupid. its not the companies that need to get their shit together, its all of you butthurt vaginal bloodfarts. go read a fucking book, spend time with your kids/parents/siblings, go for a walk, sit at the park or something but no, you have to be sad little kids. in the end it matters not which is better cause in 4.5 billion years the sun is gonna turn the earth into a sterilized, molten wasteland and humans will still be here when that happens (although more likely is the event in which humans kill themselves off long before that)((cause, ya know, you’re all self centered, egotistical assholes who kill their own kind by the hundreds on a daily basis)) again, grow up. fucktards. also nothing can beat the SNES, i mean you can drop a brick on it and it will still work (still got a working system, with loads of working games and controllers)((oh and no server issues and it still has multiplayer))


      Lmao telling everybody to grow up acting like an “adult” with your caped bitch boy cartoon pic. Maybe you ought to grow up? We pay the money we can bitch if we want. However we’d like. It’s called freedom of speech. If you say otherwise I’d just chalk your ass right up there with every peice of shit communist in the world tryna take shit over like ol’ bill gates and the elite fuckin shit up behind closed doors you satan worshipping child sacrificing fucker.

      • Paul Watson

        #1: thats a dragon, either you have piss poor eyesight or you are just plain fucktarded. those are wings, not a cape. #2: whether you pay or not its not reason to act like a punk ass brat when you cant play your life sucking games and instead bitch and moan even though it will never change the fact that its not working. and #3: i dont worship some pansy ass fucktard who cant even deal with a few billion naked apes despite the fact that most apparently fear him (for many reasons i cant possibly comprehend) same goes for his sad little demon gathering of fucktards. this is why humans are gonna end up killing themselves off. there is no possible way humans can work to find a habitable planet without killing each other. you’re just too stupid. also you’re being quite the hypocrite judging what i say when i have the same damn freedom of speech as you do(thats right, im American, dumbass) and while im at it ill add a #4: fuck government, they always do things in “their” best interests. im neither democrat, nor republican. not even liberal or what have you and sure as hell aint a commie. i say to each their own though. it works for them, whatever. next time you judge someone first make sure you have judged yourself AND know the person you are trying to judge, both inside and out. now if all you are going to do is try to bash me for what i believe or what i say then shut up and dont. im not going to waste my time unless it is worthwhile for all involved. if you want to have a normal not hat filled conversation then by all means, do lets. if not then consider this futile farce of a venture over and done. whatever the case understand this. you are just one small, pathetic, worthless naked ape just like me and everyone else all living on a dying ball of rock who’s star has an expiration date and will die regardless of whether or not humans finally come together at last. is this the legacy you want for your descendants? a bunch of childish bickering over nothing? with that i bid ye adieu, farewell, and fuck off, kindly of course. good day

    • nick

      Lmfao your an idiot

      • Paul Watson

        and just what exactly makes me an idiot? is it because i dont agree with what you believe? i dont give two flying fucks. if you cannot explain, in great detail, how i am an idiot when we have never met nor had a conversation even once then by all means i am all ears. if however you cannot do as stated above, kindly fuck off and perhaps read a good book or listen to some music. perhaps some tea or some wine if you prefer (whatever floats your boat)

  • no as gamers we pay these manufacturers shit loads of money and they still cant shit correct. its annoying. that like saying if you buy a new car and it breaks down you arent supposed to be upset with the dealer lmao smh.

  • Cody

    So because of call of duty bull crap they had to shut down xbox live for everyone? I don’t even own call of duty or want the dlc. Does anyone know why this affects everyone and not just the call of duty players?

  • yeah because all these douche bag COd fanboys go on download the DLC and overload the server and it crashes.

    • Cody

      so ridiculous. thanks “xboxssucksassbutistillloveit” for the info.

  • MotherFuckinBullshit

    Microsoft needs to get there fucking shit together. Sick and tired of Xbox live going to shit after I pay for it. If it goes out a couple days are they gonna reimburse me for it? I FUCKING DOUBT IT. Why? Cause ol’ fuckface bill gates and whoever the fuck runs this shit for em is prolly lowkey getting buttfucked by a tranny. I understand there will be problems and glitches. But this shit has got to stop if imma pay 500 bucks for an Xbox one that randomly decides it’s not gonna work. But I guess that’s my fault for spending that kind of money on a piece of shit black box that looks good. I now know why they called it an Xbox one. Because this will be the ONE and only time I fuck with another Microsoft product. Prolly cussed a bit more than I should have. But fuck it.

    • nick

      Preeeeeeech dude! Im fuckin done with this piece of shit. Im over a thousand into it and its still the biggest piece of shit. I will never buy an xbox again. PC will never give you issues like this. Im saving for a desktop. Fuck the system

  • nick

    Im done with xbox one. Anyone wanna trade

  • Cody

    How long have the servers been down and which server went down first? I’m guessing that the main PST servers went down first then EST and then CST. They will probably have the PST fixed in a few hours. Just basing that on what I know. Anymore info? Reply to this comment please :)

    • nick

      Wanna trade?

      • Cody

        lol no thanks. I need mine for work. Why do you want to sell it? try to answer my original question though if you know the answer :)

        • nick

          Hahahahahahahaha are you kidddding right now?????????? Why do I want to sell it?its a piece of shit lol!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im over a grand into it and it sucks so bad I shoulf have baught a PC

          • Cody

            It’s all about preference nowadays I say. If you want media and games get xbox, ps if you want ps exclusive games (which I don’t like at the moment), and pc (if you want to put money into it) for a combination of a wide range of titles except the ps and xbox exclusives. And so therefore, as they say, “whateva floats your boat!”. :)

          • nick

            I agree. But cmon this is supposed to be an impressive system for all the technology we have out today. And look at this problems that occur every month. Your going to tell me im supposed to be ok with a few hiccups? A multimillion or even billion dollar company cant produce a system thats solid? Hire more asains do whatever you gotta do id even pay more if it meant no issues. Just get your fucking shit together microsoft you guys have totally dropped the ball on this one. They dont even give back to their xbox live community. They just expect us t keep putting up with this shit and buy more games? Ya fuckin right bud

          • Cody

            Yeah. It is unfortunate. The xbox and ps both released 4 1/2 months before they were supposed to and many things were looked over. Hence all the bugs and the great titles that turned out to be buggy, rushed, and overhauled crap just so Microsoft and Sony could release their new console early. Take Destiny for example, it is missing 2/3ds of what it was supposed to be just because Microsoft and Sony AND Activision could get a big new title from a Prestigious well known company to go with their rushed consoles. Thus why Destiny was a big let down for many Bungie fans. I could go into greater detail about this very bad and unfortunate situation, but I think that you get the picture. :( P.S. Future titles past spring 2015 won’t be rushed. :D Or at least they shouldn’t be….

  • Cody

    They just fixed one of the problems involving purchase and content usage. now all thats left is
    Xbox Live Core Services. :O Which affects xbox live users sining into xbox live. It should be up soon though.

  • Foothillserick

    It seems I am just locked out. Bought the season pass yesterday and still cannot play the zombies section. Now once I key in my password the bastard locks up.

  • Ryan Zeller

    This is really annoying. The xbox live services have been down for me for around 4 hours now. This problem seems to happen atleast once a week.

    Fix your shit. I like playing video games, i like gaming online. The reason i bought an Xbox one is for the great service i have had over the past 4 years but over the past 2 years my service has been not up to par.

    • Ryan Zeller

      I dont even own a Call of Duty game for xbox one so why should this effect me?

  • Paul Watson

    its back up boys and girls, time to quit bickering and waste away more hours of your so very finite lifespans(myself included) begone, fuck off, go away and whatnot. AND FUCK-A-YOU!!!!!! have a nice day douche-bags

    • Cody

      LOL lucky you :) Its back up for PST servers only by the way. Still working on the other servers. Thanks for the update though :)

    • Cody

      All the EST servers are now online :)

  • Ryan Zeller

    YAY its on for me here too. Still this is an inconvenience.

    • Cody

      True, but since we all pay money for this service it wasn’t down very long. Unlike psn servers lol Paying for a service matters.

  • Pop

    I used my money to buy the havoc DLC and I didn’t get the AE4 or the AE4 widowmaker I won’t my guns!!

  • Monika

    I still can’t get on to multiplayer… Is anyone still experiencing the same problem as yesterday along with me?

  • Jameson_94

    What the fuck was the point of paying for zombies when i can’t even play it when it came out for free on COD WaW, black ops, black ops 2 and i can’t play it, fucking up big time Microsoft

  • Simmons99

    We are still experiencing this problem. I have deleted and reinstalled with no luck. I would like a solution to the problem or my money back.

  • justkillem

    I have re downloaded all the compatibility packs,the havoc dlc and season pass twice and nothing is working for the exo zombies. Still getting the content was removed or all profiles are signed out any help

    • shawn mellies-uren

      Same thing probley the servers

  • dom

    I’ve been waiting literally 24 hours for the DLC map pack to download and I havent gotten anywhere. I reached 37% after 24 hours than got frustrated reset and now I’m back at 1%………… I’m rethinking my Xbox purchase..

  • derekk

    Have they fixed it yet I still can’t play zombies

  • mantlefan7

    I have both the xbox 1 and 360. Trying to play exo-zombies and still have same message

  • mantlefan7

    on my 360 is the only season pass I have. Forgot that part

  • Neymar4000

    Mine still says about the content package but ive installed it twice

  • mantlefan7

    Same here

  • Ryan Adams

    I need help I’m on Xbox 360 and nothing is working other than campaign, every time I try to go onto exo zombies, multiplayer or survival it just either crashes or constantly keeps saying to install the compallity update. I have updated and its still not working someone please help. My name BlEeDiNg69PaNdA please help

  • Irfan

    I already downloaded the havoc dlc and i can play on multiplayer dlc maps but i can’t play exo zombies… Why is that..

  • Ryan Adams

    Someone please help me

  • Mark

    Its so depressing knowing that i wake up early and trying to play exo zombies, and know i cant play it i mean it has a release date for a reason why they gotta do this to me :( im such a huge fan of call of duty zombies and it had to happen to me….

  • Kalem

    When is exo zombies going to be working on 360 because Ive just downloaded it and paid for it and now I can’t play it, any help?

  • Edward Melton

    New havoc download is lagging like I have no sound and I start plYing and everything is behind. What do I do

  • Butters85

    Everyone needs to stop bitching about what console is better. They are both great. What needs to happen is ms and ps need to stop rushing to get consoles or games out and make sure they do what they are intended to do. It’s bs like that that makes it hard to even get hype about new games because all I think about is oh great what fucked up glitch or lag am I going to have to deal with t to where I can’t even play the game I payed a lot of money for. Please ms and ps all we ask its you get your shit together and stop rushing and then maybe you can finally put out quality games again.

  • Adam Vandegriff

    My Dlc was completely downloaded. Now it keeps telling me that i must go to the store to purchase the DLC for me to be able to access exo zombies. But i have already bought the season pass. What do i do?

  • lisa

    Still having issues and no message to download the dlc compatability 1

  • Must Have Vodka

    Login to an account with silver live and go into zombies that way, then once you in zombies sign out and then sign into a gold account.(Note: you must sign into your silver at the start of turning your Xbox on) Also when you select exo zombies it will play a short trailer to zombies, just watch the whole thing and it will work.

  • Creativebore360

    I bought havoc dlc on Xbox one and I can’t play zombies it keeps asking for to but a dlc.

  • Langdon

    Mudda hell everytime i go to play the exo zombies it fails now atleast i know

  • zee

    I love my Atari

  • Guillermo Roy

    Why can I still not use exo zombies?

  • Damien Ross

    The ae4 isn’t showing up.. I bought havoc and the ae4 isn’t even there. Anyone have any idea on how I can fix it??

  • Charlie Middleton

    I’m having issues still playing Exo zombies, same msg keeps coming up even thought the compatability pack has been downloaded, weapons and other maps work fine but not zombies! Can anyone help??

  • Jay Hawthorne

    After installing Havoc DLC on Xbox One, it worked great for a day or two. Now it’s unplayable, I lost sound in the exo zombies and it starts lagging immediately, even on solo. What’s going on?

  • Josue Chavez

    If you are having this problem, sign to a profile/create one that hasn’t been signed to xboxlive, Next go to the menu of advanced warfare and select exo zombies and it will be 99% chance you will get it but dont complain if it don’t

  • Travis

    My exo zombies isnt working so what shall I do

  • sky

    I always have this stays code on exo zombies how or when can it be fixed

  • thibaut

    On my xbox don’t come a message for download a free dlc pack what must i do now

  • UnicornSlayer64

    None of my DLC content shows up.
    It tells me to visit the in game store to purchase DLC map pack content or season pass to access DLC content when I clearly installed the season pass and the map pack. In the xbox one store it even shows the season pass to be installed. What should I do?

  • cleadus

    that compatibility pack diluent help worth a damn I downloaded it and it still doesn’t work iv redownloaded it and it still doesn’t work I’m about done with fuckon call of duty advanced warfare slegdhammer has ruined call of duty for me

  • cleadus


  • KlutzyCardinal5

    He’s got a point.

  • Peter

    I have got the free stuff but it still says this to me

  • Larkin Schering

    I bought the HAVOC DLC but the game thinks I don’t have it

  • HumbleExecution

    my xbox 360 says when i click on exo-zombies that one or more missing content packages or all profiles are singed out so if i re-download the compatibility pack 1 will it work Jan. 29

  • bow manJames

    Maybe im trying it now

  • Kate

    I have downloaded the DLC pack which included the four maps and zombies but that message still comes up , what do I do now?

  • Harry

    This might be worth trying for some people, it worked for me. I had DLC downloaded and was able to play Exo Zombies but was missing the AE4 and AE4 Widowmaker. Guy on another site had similar problems and said it seemed to be caused by selecting the “create a class” mode to quickly. He suggested that when you select Xbox live within the Multiplayer mode, wait till your player has fully appeared on screen before clicking on “create a class”. I followed his instructions and the AE4 and AE4 widowmaker were now available.
    P.S Not available in Local play or System Link but then again i’m not sure if they’re meant to be. Hope this helps.

  • Jordan

    Yeah, i can play the maps, but i can’t use the ae4. Like it still has that i have to download it. So i don’t know what to do…

    • Harry

      Sounds very similar to what i was experiencing too. When i went to select AE4 it was suggesting i had to go to store to download. I exited XBOX LIVE then when back in and did what other guy advised (see previous message below) and found that i was now able to select them.

      • Jordan

        Couldn’t find his comment, mind telling me what to do??

        • Harry

          Sorry i was referring to my earlier message, I’ve reproduced here.

          This might be worth trying for some people, it worked for me. I had DLC
          downloaded and was able to play Exo Zombies but was missing the AE4 and
          AE4 Widowmaker. Guy on another site had similar problems and said it
          seemed to be caused by selecting the “create a class” mode to quickly.
          He suggested that when you select Xbox live within the Multiplayer mode,
          wait till your player has fully appeared on screen before clicking on
          “create a class”. I followed his instructions and the AE4 and AE4
          widowmaker were now available.
          P.S Not available in Local play or System Link but then again i’m not sure if they’re meant to be. Hope this helps.

          • jordan

            Still hasn’t worked :/ i’ve already played online too

  • Sam

    Can someone help me? Are these servers still down because for my xbox 360 I have both compatibility pack 1 downloaded and havoc, but every time I try to play exo zombies it says “A downloadable content package was removed or all profiles are signed out” Is there any solution to this?

  • Mojo Wolf

    even with the compatability pack it still says that there is a problem error

  • Thanatos

    How about both companies reimburse customers in some way for all the inconvenience we have to endure due to their lack of adequately planning. When you purchase a product from a company you enter an agreement that said product will perform properly upon purchase. Both of these companies are not holding up their end of the bargain. If we are not getting what we paid for we should get whatever malfunctioning product we purchase at a discount. Unfortunately due to the lack of competition in this type of business the customer suffers and has no recourse to take other than complaining in a forum. If every single new release to a console has issues the issue is the creators. In my line of work if I do not do my job properly I get fired. Do your freaking job Microsoft/Sony you both suck right now.

  • zerocool

    I have the compatability pack and still get the same message

  • Blake Smith

    I keep getting error messages even though everything is downloaded

  • unseen404

    Mine keeps saying I need to down the dlc or season pass which I did. Anyone else had this problem?

  • Dave

    Hi this needs to be fixed ASAP. I didn’t pay 600 dollars for a broken system. What the fuck? I purchased the season pass about 2 weeks ago. I canty get exo zombies because when I click xbox live it says additional content required. And I also did not get the havoc map pack. Give me what I payed for…Fix this damn problem…I have tried everything and I cant get it. This microsofts problem not ours.

  • foghorn

    Has this been fixed yet?I’m still getting the error.I realize there are fixes to get around it but that’s ridiculous.I shouldn’t have to create a random profile every time I want to play zombies.It seems like this is just getting pushed under the rug.

  • N1TeSh4dE

    May just be me but I had no problems with zombies on my 360 and then the compatibility patch came in and now I get the error message consistantly… Just find it funny it worked pre update lol and not post

  • Scott Worker

    My xbox 360 version of AW is giving me the same message when I try to play multiplayer as the zombies message

  • Dale

    I had a problem with Exo zombies and I done what was suggested further up the page and it still says ‘a downloadable content package was removed or all profiles are signed out’ I don’t have a clue how to make it work and it’s so frustrating, anyone able to help?

  • Jason

    I bought the season pass but when I go into zombies its says additional content needed

  • fmicrosoft

    fuck microsoft

  • fmicrosoft

    my dead great grandma could make a better system then this

  • green ranger

    can you play zombies without the havoc dlc

  • lolman

    It doesn’t let me play exo zombies :( I tried to get compatibility pack one but I couldn’t find it. Soon I might go rage

  • batbizzle

    You have to sign into a profile that isn’t on xbox live turn on the game then go to exo zombies when you start it you can switch over to your real profile….. YouTube it

  • phil79

    All I can says is its a joke with this exo zombies error we payed for it now they can’t be assed to sort it out thanks mircosoft

  • Jake

    I downloaded HAVOC and the compatibility pack but I still get the all players signed out thing.

  • goldensword

    So other then the fan boy war that is going on it the comments below I have a serious question.
    So I download the Havoc DLC and it told me that I could not get the content to run. Down the compatibility pack and played just fine. Went to school got back and went back. I then got the same message that I got from the beginning. So I redownload the pack and got the same message can any one help?

  • Jon5cotty

    Hey I’m on Xbox one and I have the season pass downloade but for some reason it still will now let me play zombies or any of the doc

  • stewartyon3

    Hello guys can some body help can’t play Exo zombies after downloading all the updates for the second time what’s going on please help

  • Wayne Booth

    I’m still getting same error a downloadable content has been removed or all profiles are signed out I’ve deleted the dlc havoc title update compatibility re downloaded it all does same tried going in a game as it say but I don’t get no new update at all I had problems the other day with dpwnloading the magma personalization pack it wouldn’t let me use it and the same with the uk exo pack and it wouldn’t let me use the ae4 widowmaker now that has been fixed this has happened its ridiculous now

  • Ryan

    its still saying A downloadable content package was removed or all profiles are signed out on my xbox 360 and i downloaded the campatibility pack 1 and it is still saying it. what should i do?

  • wayne

    Just fustrated with the whole thing. See so many people that paid money and xbox, sledgehammer, and Activision not doing anything to calm people down. Supply drops are even giving more unusable stuff.
    Lets get this fixed

  • Edgar Adrian Villarreal

    I bought the season pass but the exo zombies dont want to says to go to stores but i already bought it..idk what to do

  • PR Gangster

    But I don’t even have exo zombies and I’m getting that message and it doesn’t let me download the content

  • Shyanne Cunningham

    I just spent 54 dollars and am not able to play im pissed please fix this or i want my money and time back.

  • c9clear

    Is this issue still going on? We downloaded the exo zombie dlc and now it wont allow us to get on zombies while logged into xbox live. Any ideas?

  • BekkaJane

    My Exo Zombies is still saying “a downloadable content package was removed or all profiles are signed out” but I cant see any message that says new acquired content has been added to your active downloads and there is nothing in my active downloads. Can somebody please help me

  • The LewY

    Its annoying me and I cant do anything onaadvanced warfare even multiplayer its self and I dont even have the dlc so wtf the second I press multiplayer the message pops up for a split second then goes to the blacj cod advanced warfare screen and repeats the cycle and I cant even go to main menu.

  • Yolo

    I did everything and my exo zombies still doesn’t work help!!

  • Ryan

    I can’t even play the freaking game as soon as I go on the main screen to select where you want to go it glitches and says sighned out or package was deleted even though I downloaded the package

  • Taylor

    It’s still not working

  • Taylor

    And I re downloaded everything

  • Gabrielle Hampson

    I can not find this compatibility pack anywhere…. And the exo zombies is not working?

  • Jarred

    I got the havoc update and new compatibility update and still gives me the downloadable content profile signed out error

  • mel92

    i still cant play exo zombies :/

  • Super Waffle

    I have the compatibility pack and I still get the message that I need to download it.

  • Alexander Smith

    How do I get the ae4 to come up in the weapons? I already downloaded havoc 3 times so far. Any ideas? thanks!

  • thomas landolfi

    ive downloaded the fucking compatibility pack and still doesn’t work

  • healer27

    It won’t let me download the new required content it keeps telling me ” the download of required content could not be completed because the disk is full . ” what does that even mean ??

    • Tom293

      It means u don’t have enough space

  • Oscar Figueroa

    Hopefully Exo Zombies is fixed soon I’m tired of not able to play it!!! :(

  • Jo-el RIchards

    I have the dlc and the compatibility pack but I still can’t access exo zombies, what now?

  • marty

    I logged in and I am stillnot getting the message for the dlc comppatability pack why is this

  • Cucjy

    I tried dlc on skyrim and it won’t let me buy it

  • Brian

    My brother bought the dlc on his account and for my account I can play Eco zombies but I can’t use the new ae1 gun for multiplayer does anyone know how to fix this?

  • Tom999

    When is it gonna be fixed?


    Do you remember a time when you could just put in a disc and play games with your buddies? Pepperidge Farms remembers.

  • Phatpenguin

    I’ve just bought the season pass for xbox one but it still says that I need to purchase further content, I then go to store but it say I’ve already purchased the season pass so i don’t know. Can anyone help?

    • Yoloswaggins

      It’s like glitched out just wait for an update I got the same thing

  • Cameron Tromans

    I have allowed the compatability pack and it STILL doesn’t work

  • Louis

    I can’t join any online exo zombies matches??? Someone help

  • fvb

    Didnt transfer files and playing on 360 still doesnt work saw a youtube vid didnt work for me but did for him so

  • Nick Zubko

    I’m having a problem with staying in a havoc dlc match I keep getting kicked out

  • Wolfie

    I don’t have the option to download the compatibility pack, any ideas why?

  • Jessica0822

    HI everyone… I need help with my xbox one… I just bought my husband a xbox one bundle package from best buy 4 days ago… I downloaded call of duty (option for zombies I forget the title). Well when I went to best buy they said that I had to atleast buy the DLC package that was 15.00. So we downloaded the game and clicked on the zombies option and entered in our code that was on our receipt for the DLC package. It was that is was credited and what not. But how come it still wont let us play. It tells us to go back to the store and purchase the DLC package? sorry if some of this doesn’t make sense I don’t play the game :) Thanks Everyone!

    • Tom2928

      There is a bug in the system I know how u feel it should be fixed in a few days

  • usaf803

    So i cant play my zombies i paid 50$ for …

  • Billy

    Is anyone else still having problems?

  • Natasha88

    Can’t find a game on Exo zombies really getting annoyed now ?

  • Justin

    I can’t play Multiplayer, Exo Survival, OR Exo Zombies! Keeps saying “A downloaded content package was removed or all profiles are signed out.” Did I waste my money, or what? Please help and fix! I’ve done all the work around glitches to play and none work for me.

    • mark brookes

      must not work for some as it worked for me but when i tried it at my brothers house with his xbox it said “A downloaded content package was removed or all profiles are signed out.”… yet he can get on zombies on his xbox one without the work around

  • Corey Enss

    so would reinstalling the compatibility work or just stay the same ?

  • Mckale

    Hey just downloaded Hovoc DLC and still has the same error

  • CVT

    I still get the error, this cost my EUR 50.= and I can’t play

  • Shane

    What happens when i dont recieve the update option for installing zombies?i have reinstalled the havoc dlc but still nothing.any help would be appreciated.

  • Hunter Dye

    I think this just goes to show that Activision does not need to do this downloading crap anymore with zombies. A rip off and a hassle.

  • Josh

    Your game is a piece of fucking shit, waste of money!!!

  • Gamer Chick

    I’m having a problem every time me and a friend go to play exo zombies online and we go to search for other players it always kicks one of us out what is the reason for this?? and it happens on both ends if i invite her to my game and we go look for other players it kicks her out and if she invites me to her game and we do the same thing it kicks me out.

  • annocodplayer

    When will it be fixed? fucken over this shit

  • Kat

    Right, transferred season pass onto xo, can’t install havoc dlc? Help I’m crying!

  • Shelbee_Monster

    Every time I try to use the dlc guns on the Xbox one it say content has already been downloaded! I bought the lightening pack and I can’t figure out how to equipped it! Help!

  • Valentin Monvoisin

    error exo zombie xbox 360

  • steven sinclair

    go to exo zombies let it give you the error message then press silver xbox button then hit X to sign out then sign in with a profile that doesn’t have xbox live and it will load it up then click to play on xbox live and it will get you to sign into your own profile with xbox live and there you go its on. thumbs up if it works

  • Sammace

    Exo zombies still not working or no active download what’s going on

  • Justin

    There isn’t anything right about this mess. They rushed everything to market: Xbox One, Advanced Warfare, and didn’t take the time to test the downloads. CHEAP!!! The severs are overloaded because they won’t spend any of there mega billions on dedicated ones and their idea of customer survice is ‘thanks for your patience’

    What a joke. We spend billions and they make billions, but we never get what we paid for.

  • karl

    When I try to play havoc map pack

  • Bryan

    Why can’t I play more than two players on system link?

  • ScOpEd X DeViL

    Well I’ve got season pass for advanced warfare on 360 n it says error on playing exo zombies and I’ve downloaded dlc havoc n it still says it any ideas?

  • MasterChiefCode

    That error is coming up for me on Exo Survival and Mulitplayer then it goes back and forth from the error message to loading screen! What do I do?

  • Michael Boyle Devenitch Lajeun

    I downloaded install disc then the packs then pass and i get a error saying dlc was removed or xbox live sign out

  • reaper995

    call of duty havoc dlc would be nice to play if it worked.

  • Pdubs10

    I downloaded the compallity pack and the dlc but still not working

  • Pdubs10

    Why does multi player work but not exo zombies

  • Pdubs10

    Got the 4 new maps but not EXO ZOMBIES!!!

  • Cade

    Get this solved its annoying!!!

  • BuLL_C

    I can’t believe I bought this DLC and I STILL can’t play it… It’s been 2 weeks, like cmon your ASAP crap is so irrelevant it’s not even funny -_-

  • George Halsall

    Hey, I’m having troubles with my Exo zombies as well. I’ve installed the compatible pack 1 and it’s still not letting me on. The screen just goes black and sends me back to main menu and says “a downloadable content package was removed or all profiles are sined out”. I’ve spent two days trying to fix it and I’ve downloaded it twice, I don’t know if it’s my fault. Will I have to try fix it or will an update come soon so we can play it?

    • austin

      Me and my friends are all having that same problem it sucks I have just been waiting for an update

      • George Halsall

        Ah ok didn’t know if it was my fault, thanks mate how long has it been down for?

  • Garycross

    After a week of waiting still no joy with Exo zombies come on Microsoft get your fingers out and resolve this problem,I’ve tied downloading my season pass again and havoc but still no joy

  • Garycross

    Does anyone know how I can get exo zombies on my360 I’ve got the season pass but this stupid message keeps coming up I’ve tried downloading it again as well as The havoc doc but no joy with the zombies?

  • Sabretooth292

    Still can’t play Exo zombies on the 360, even tho everything has been downloaded n the money has been taken out of my account I’m still getting the ‘downloadable content package was removed or all profiles are signed out’ msg. Can anyone help?

    • chris

      I’m the same I don’t know what to do I just want my money back

  • ricky


  • Jackie Robbins

    I installed compatability pack 1 and it still shows the error help

  • Awsomekid

    Ok i was just playing yesterday and it worked fine my friend is playing right now and his works just fine so ehat the crap is going on im starting too get mad

  • Romnehhhhh

    Does anyone ever stop to think that a company is a name and the people behind that name (aside from their poster children??) are human too. :) ? peace and love to all??

  • Kaye Brooks

    It’s been 3weeks since it came up to download content package and to my disappointment and family members, we now have not even been able to play cod aw at all only campaign.. I only play this game and I’m having withdrawals lol I think hammerhead games and aw owe me something special like a years season pass because it’s very frustrating and so much more infuriating that I can’t begin to explain how diss appointed I am :( I have cleared cache and tried to play offline on guest account and still same thing!!!! Helppppp sos

  • Kaye Brooks

    It’s been 3weeks since it came up to download content package and to my disappointment and family members, we now have not even been able to play cod aw at all only campaign.. I only play this game and I’m having withdrawals lol I think hammerhead games and aw owe me something special like a years season pass because it’s very frustrating and so much more infuriating that I can’t begin to explain how diss appointed I am :( I have cleared cache and tried to play offline on guest account and still same thing!!!! Helppppp sos

  • bluntpro

    I don’t care what console is better I just want to play exo zombies. Broke my heart when they didn’t have it when I purchased it. Now there’s an add on but I can’t even download it. REALLY MICROSOFT?

  • azsinperx69

    every month they get hackedand can’t seem to prevent it was thinking about a xbox one PlayStation is sounding more inviting every month

  • Scarface

    Nope still can’t get it I download it 3 times and then went to play still not working

  • Cheesecat

    No Sony is horrible ps sucks

  • Billy Douglas

    iv had the DLC for over a week now and havn’t been able to get any of the maps, the AE4, or the widow maker. It says i need to instal them but when i go to sence i have already bought the DLC it tells me i dont have to instal them. so idk what to do.

  • Tok. 886

    I purchased the season pass installed it on my Xbox one but it say addition content required

  • Chuck

    This is bullshit

  • Jake

    I downloaded it but now it says I have to rebuy it

  • bball

    It will not work

  • Mmanuel Denetdale

    I’m trying to buy the havoc dlc on Xbox one but it keeps telling me buy tomorrow and it’s been 3 days! Someone please help me.

  • Nitrouscpe

    This update is worthless!! I’ve done everything listed and still can’t play exo zombies

  • Sophiesailes

    Does anyone know how to get the zombies back working? Coming up with the error message saying content was deleted, tried reinstalling the map pack and compatibility pack, still no luck -.-

  • Michael

    Aw zombies always says that all profiles are signed out or I uninstalled the pack :(

  • brandon

    Is anybody else still having this problem

  • lee

    Do you have to be online to play zombies

  • shark

    My exo zombie want even download goes to 100 then back to 0%

  • shadow

    Have downloaded havoc and the compatibility pack 1 but exo zombies still won’t load is there anything else that I need to play it

  • budge3011

    I just purchased season pass can’t play zombies or new maps. It installed but never downloaded anything. Please help

  • Shelle DepecheMode Wells

    I can only get on xbox360 exo zombies store when im offline. Soon as i connect it kicks me off. How can i download if it won’t let me connect :(

  • ill will

    I can’t get on to the advance warfare servers. Keeps giving me an error message every time I try to get on xbox live for both exo zombies and multiplayer… Anything I can do about this?

  • Chris Robinson

    Mine lets me sign into live but is making me download everything I’ve downloaded before then says device is full but it’s not?

  • Christian

    It said I got the map pack for free when I clicked on the AE4 gun and downloaded it but it said I had the Havoc but it didn’t give me anything.

  • Daniel Dts Seddon

    i got the havoc DLC yesterday the maps and zombies works fine but the AE4 gun…. I put it in a class but when im in games it comes up as the OHM and only allows me to fire one shot then swaps to a knife can anybody help me

  • Carlitos Velasco

    My multiplayer is not working for advanced warfare because it keeps saying error you do not have the required content or it is damaged and I do have the content all of the things I need so what’s wrong

  • Matt

    Stop putting me in matches that has already started in Eco zombies!!!!!!!!

  • William Haywood

    got season pass tryed downloading new dlc says i have to pay

  • joe

    Xbox live has to been letting me download games

  • joe

    I ment xbox live hasn’t been letting me download games

  • lholla22

    Why can’t you use you dlc weapons in off line stuff

  • Matt

    I want my MAPS, I Paid!!! 50.00 bucks, lets go XBOX?

  • Johnathan Stauffer

    I wanna play what I payed for this is bullshit it ses it’s damaged I have re downloaded many times what the hell this wouldn’t happen if u g u s spent more time on making your games.

  • Jackiee Holton

    I downloaded it, it lets me play online no problem but me and my husband use the same xbox 360 it use tolet him play the downloaded maps i bought but now its giving him a message saying a downloadable content package was not loaded because it was missing or damaged. Some content maybe unavailable until downloaded again from the ebox game store. When signing onto xbox live for both multiplayer and exo zombies please help