Xbox One Announcement At E3 To Make Gears of War Fans Happy

by Damian Seeto

Microsoft has teased that some type of announcement for Xbox One will be happening at E3 this year that will make Gears of War fans happy.

Xbox’s Head of Marketing, Aaron Greenberg, appears to have reassured Gears of War fans to stay tuned to E3. He revealed in a series of tweets that Microsoft has plans to “cheer up” Gears of War fans.

One fan kept asking Greenberg about a possible Gears of War Collection for Xbox One. The fan said the game is sure to sell millions of copies. Greenberg said: “We are listening & that is why we wanted to let fans know. We have other plans, sorry cannot share more“.

Greenberg went on to confirm in another tweet that there will be no Marcus Fenix Gears of War Collection. However, he said fans should stay tuned for “Xbox news at E3“.

In a closing statement, Greenberg said “we have plans to cheer you up, don’t worry“.

What exactly is Greenberg teasing that will be announced at E3? A lot of fans would like a Gears of War collection on Xbox One, but it sounds like it’s not happening at the moment. Microsoft could swerve everyone and announce something else Gears of War related instead.