Xbox One Download Speeds Get Even Faster With New Update

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A new OS update for the Xbox One has download speeds increasing across the board.  Optimizations for both game and app downloads are allowing for what Microsoft details as much as “80% faster download speeds,” depending on the type of internet connection you have.

According to Xbox Support, “Customers with high-speed connections (greater than 100Mbps) should experience up to 80% faster download speeds.”  For those with less than 100Mbps, they’ll still be getting better performance as well.

“Customers with connections less than 100Mbps should experience more consistent performance that is up to 40% faster than before.”  The OS Update also claims to include “additional optimizations” that reduce intermittent connectivity issues on background downloads.

Microsoft has never had any real complaints about download speeds on the Xbox One or Xbox 360 for that matter.  This latest update sounds like it’ll be making game and app downloads even faster than they already were.  With games and apps getting larger and larger by the year, with more updates sprinkled in across their lifespans, this additional speed should surely improve upon the user experience.

The support also does include a caveat for the advertised speeds, claiming that they “will be influenced by network contention within the home and at the ISP level.  Download speeds will also be impacted when games are running on the console as system resources are prioritized for gameplay over background downloads.”

This OS revision 10.0.14393.2152 was released on December 14th, 2016 and also included firmware for better Wireless controller performance, improvements for background music, and “general stability and performance improvements.”

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