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Xbox One Release Date is November 22nd ‘Worldwide’

| September 4, 2013

Xbox One Release Date is November 22nd 'Worldwide' News  Xbox One PS4

The Xbox One release has, finally, been revealed as November 22nd in North America, UK and other selected European countries, 13 markets in total. This means that the Xbox One will launch before the PS4 in the UK, but after the PS4 in the US. The PS4’s release date has already been confirmed, two weeks ago.

The news broke just now via Xbox Wire, but eagle-eyed gamers may have known that it was coming today. Mike Ogden on Twitter, who describes himself as a ‘Microsoft Retail Advisor for Xbox’ earlier retweeted multiple GAME  stores that stated the release date for the Xbox One would be revealed today. He also apparently had a tweet up earlier stating outright that the news would break on Xbox Wire at 2pm UK time here, but it has since been removed.

Regardless, we now finally know the Xbox One will release on November 22nd, 7 days before or after the PS4, depending on where you are situated, which launches 15th November in NA, and 29th November elsewhere.

Who’s happiest about this news? Xbox or PlayStation fans? Let us know in the comments.

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  • Duke

    I actually predicted this date and as a simultaneous launch worldwide on IGN like 2 weeks ago. Had a guy call me a delusional fanboy, stating that I was giving stupid reasons and coming up with a random release date of Friday the 22nd of November (he was predicting Nov 5th like many other people due to COD: Ghosts being released that day)…. I guess I showed him who was right… right?

    • Jonny Hercock

      Nov 5 was, or atleast should have been, a far-off dream for even the more committed Xbox fans.

      I predicted it would be after the PS4 in an article, and I was right (as NA is probably the biggest market), but I’m pleasantly surprised to see it beat PS4 in the UK.

      I’m also REALLY glad that I don’t have to wait for two weeks, having everyone and their dog posting videos of their console while I sit and twiddle my thumbs. Not a jab at Sony, I’m just really happy MS haven’t made UK wait longer.

    • GK15

      Lol! Yeah I hate idiotic fanboyism. Nothing wrong with giving a prediction. I wish it was earlier. Good call on the prediction though.

  • XBOXsucks

    So happy I’m personally going to make tons of videos for anyone one the fence to drool over.

    Fight the evil.

  • Facts First

    The DAY PS4 is DIED

    • NathGamer

      “is DIED”

      The only thing dying here is your use of the English language.

      • Toto

        Oh give the kid a break. He is still learning to read and write.

  • That One Guy

    So Neither one really got the jump eh?

  • Country Boy Lucifer

    This might work out really well for M$ in North America, I’m still not sure Sony can cope with demand of ps4 systems on release week and with the pre orders of the X1 around half that of the PS4 they should have a strong stock left if PS4 do struggle with demand and sell out.

    It’s going to be interesting to see what the actual sales of the consoles are come end of december because however you look at it M$ have done an amazing job at turning a disaster into what looks to be a relatively successful launch

    • Duke

      PS4 went into full production like 1 or 2 months ago, Xbox One literally just went into full production a couple of days ago. Most people know that if they didnt pre-order on time, then they have to wait. Over 1 million consoles pre-ordered does not mean over 1 million day 1 pre orders.

      Sony will be fine with demand for day 1. They will stock up for black friday and then after that its more about you get it when you get it because you didnt pre order on time.

      • Country Boy Lucifer

        I’m not totally sure, you know i’m very much pro sony as a company but i think the staggered release date was to replenish stocks and ship before UK launch.

        Sony limited the day one pre orders (thankfully i got mine) which tells me they may sell out, they’ve even hinted it in interviews themselves!!

        It’s a good position to be in to be honest but might leave a tiny gap in north america to get some consoles sold to people who were planning on a PS4

      • Whitbizzle

        I have pre ordered my PS4 and been told I won’t be getting it on release day due to the demand but I will get it before Xmas.

        • Allen

          OMG who did you pre-order with?

          • Whitbizzle

   so I can pay it off over 12 months interest free. I know people who have also been told the same thing from GAME

          • Country Boy Lucifer

            yep game emailed lots of people saying the same thing, including me! i rang them and they said not to worry as mine was a guaranteed day 1 edition but many pre orders are just being told before Christmas.

            I’ll be there Thursday night waiting for midnight launch!!

          • Jahnny B

            Went to my local gamestop the morning after it was announced to get my preorder. Im guaranteed release dayto have a console in hand!

          • Whitbizzle

            I’ve got a pre order with GAME as well as uk but I need to cancel the GAME one because I can’t afford the one off payment. As long as I get it before Xmas I don’t mind. Would be super awesome to have it launch day though.

          • NathGamer

            Probably going to get mine after the new year. Launch day is too close to xmas and my daughter won’t forgive me if I spent all of her present money on a PS4!

  • Toto

    LOL @ ‘Worldwide’

    • Jonny Hercock

      Yeah, easiest way to say ‘in all 13 markets’, but had to put the quotes in to stop people raging at the 8 markets its not in yet

    • Country Boy Lucifer

      ha ha this made me actually do a lol at work in a quiet office….

  • Blarg

    I think this will boost UK sales, considering it comes out before the PS4.

    • Toto

      So the opposite in the much bigger US market?

      • Blarg

        Nope, never said that.

        • Country Boy Lucifer

          But following your logic that’s exactly what would happen….

          • Toto

            Well, he is a stupid fanboy so logic doesn’t apply here.

          • Blarg

            LOL you are the stupid douche here.

            When I said that for the UK, I presumed you had the brain capable of also realising that the US is Xbox One’s primary market, meaning they’ll sell the most there whenever the thing launches.

          • Toto

            LOL you seem to be totally clueless(as expected). Being a primary market doesn’t mean automatic sales.

            The 360 was popular in both US and UK. These are both primary markets for MS.

            Either way all countries have people who are undecided or people that will buy the one coming up first. Wether its in the US or the UK. Im sure you as a MS fanboy would have waited even 2-3 years for the X1, other people wouldn’t want to wait even 1 week more.

            You may think its stupid or whatever but its like that. Having launch 1 week before will certainly help boost sales in the UK. But it will certainly not help in the US. Denying this is makes you look like a fool.

    • Alex Dahl

      I think most hardcore gamers will get both consoles. I will buy XB1 just to play Forza. But PS4 for 3rd party games and exclusives for sure.

      Having said that, I live in Scandinavia. So not like I will be getting an XB1 this year anyways =)
      “Worldwide” though lol.

  • SN1P3Rz

    So then that means that PS4 will get Call of Duty: Ghosts BEFORE Xbone…?? HaHahahahahahahahahah!!!!

    • Jahnny b

      Cant pay for a time release there i take?

  • GK15

    Would rather sooner than later, but at least I know which day to take off of work now! :)

    • Toto

      Yes and a nice weekend. I’ll probably do the same on Nov 29. :)

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