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Xbox One Sales Reach All-Time Low in Japan With Just 100 Units in One Week

by Kyle Hanson


The Xbox brand has never been particularly strong in Japan. The market there simply wasn’t interested in an American made console, and with different gaming tastes, along with a delayed launch and missing features, the Xbox One never took off like Microsoft hoped. However, things have gotten particularly bad according to the latest numbers, which put the Xbox One at an all-time low in terms of sales.

For the week of June 8th to the 14th the Xbox One sold just one hundred units according to the Media Create sales figures. This is down from a 219 for the week preceding, which was already an extremely low number for a major console.

For comparison, the Xbox One’s major competitors, the Wii U and PS4, sold 16.413 and 10.822 respectively. Both of these consoles have consistently beaten the Xbox One in Japan, but at this point it is barely a competition.

In fact, even older or less useful consoles continue to beat the Xbox One, with the PS3 selling 2.633 units and the PS Vita TV selling 566. Even the original 3DS, which has been replaced with multiple newer iterations sold 943 units, beating the Xbox One by almost ten times.

It’s obvious at this point that Japan won’t be getting on the Xbox One train anytime soon. Luckily for Microsoft this was probably expected and their sales are mostly coming from other territories, such as the US and Europe.

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