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Xbox One X Enhanced Games Deliver ‘Really Stunning Results’ says Phil Spencer

| November 2, 2017

Xbox One X Enhanced Games Deliver 'Really Stunning Results' says Phil Spencer News  Xbox One X Xbox One Phil Spencer

The Xbox One X release is right around the corner, finally bringing to fruition the promises of Microsoft to deliver the most powerful console of all time. While this is a new console, it’s not a new generation, instead opting to enhance previously released Xbox One games, upgrading to 4K resolution and higher framerates, depending on how the developer implements the update. Days before the final release, Xbox head Phil Spencer weighed in on what’s to come, saying that he’s already seeing “really stunning results” for Xbox One X enhanced games.

“Had final pre-launch review of X Enhanced games,” Spencer tweeted. “Really stunning results, amazing support, thanks to all the teams, list keeps growing.” That list already contains some of the biggest and best games on the Xbox One console. And if you want some of those games, be sure to check out our Xbox One X unboxing and game giveaway right here.

We’re just a few days away from the final release, so fans should start checking out the upgraded games soon. That’s when we’ll see if gamers agree about the results they’re seeing on these enhanced games. Check back November 7th to see what everyone thinks on launch day.

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  • crizz1066

    Yeah Philly boy will say any crap to get you to buy the Xbox. Remember how he said he doesnt like Exclusives how he wanted else of it…….while at the same time signing an exclusive deal with PUBG.

    It’s not wanted here in UK, only likmited numbers being relsed. So Philly boy can spin all he wants.

    • Fweds

      He said he doesn’t like exclusive Content and advertising deals i.e as Sony have been doing for years Destiny etc, but that is nothing to do the the PUBG deal, MS are doing what Sony did with Street fighter 5 the big difference is MS are not taking away an established brand on all formats as what Sony did but instead they have invested money and their software tech into a game that has never been on console.

      As for “Not wanted in the UK” lol fanboy mrxrat, it’s very much wanted in the UK.