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Xbox One has play while you download like the PS4

by William Schwartz


Sony isn’t the only console in town that will allow players to download games, and play them before they’ve been completed. The Xbox One will also have this functionality, according to a recent report out of Polygon.

Confirmed by a Microsoft rep to the site, users can play disc based games while installing the content to their HDDs. The same apparently holds true for content being downloaded from the Xbox Live marketplace. Likely a function of the highly touted Xbox Live Cloud, this gives decision makers one row to cross off on their which console should I buy checklist.

Though the functionality will come in handy on the Xbox One, seeing that all disc-based games will need to be installed to the console before playing. At least Sony and Microsoft are putting their online infrastructures to work for things that actually improve the gaming experiences on their new consoles. This current generation saw installation times and updates take a healthy chunk of time away from gamers looking to squeeze a quick session in on either machine.

The Xbox One and PS4 are due out this holiday season, but neither console has announced an official release date as of yet.

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