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Xbox One sticking with 8GB of RAM

by William Schwartz


Microsoft’s Xbox One had been rumored to be getting an upgrade in RAM prior to its holiday release. The rumor speculated that the console would be seeing a fifty percent increase from 8GB to 12GB, but Microsoft has come out to clarify that this is not the case.

Albert Penello of Microsoft is the source of this rumor. After posting a few comments on NeoGaf that alluded to the possibility of more RAM in the machine, he took a few moments to clarify.

“We’re not going to 12GB, just to be clear,” said Penello. “Feeling great about game performance stuff is looking killer.”

Right now it’s hard to tell what’s true or not with Microsoft’s Xbox One, but this a rumor that can probably be put to bed. While we may see better performance from the Xbox One due to tweaks and optimization in the future, it’s unlikely that we’ll see the company add more RAM into the console.

Microsoft recently announced that they would be including a headset with every Xbox One, a policy that was recently changed to meet consumer demands.

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