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Xbox One is winning the games message

by William Schwartz


When it comes to the Xbox One vs. PlayStation 4, Microsoft believes that it is “winning the games message,” according to executive Phil Harrison. In a recent interview with Edge, Harrison relayed his content with this aspect of the Microsoft marketing machine.

“We are winning the games message. We had over 100 awards coming out of E3 for games on our platform. That is more than twice as many awards as any other platform. So the media recognized our games on Xbox One as being the best lineup.”

Giving credit where credit is due, Microsoft did make good on their promise of many launch titles. The Xbox One is set to arrive on November 22nd with 23 titles to choose from. Sony on the other hand has promised that over thirty titles will be available for the PlayStation 4 before the end of the year.

Either way there will be no shortage of games come Christmas.

- This article was updated on:September 24th, 2013

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