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Xbox One is winning the games message

| September 24, 2013

Xbox One is winning the games message News  Xbox One PS4

When it comes to the Xbox One vs. PlayStation 4, Microsoft believes that it is “winning the games message,” according to executive Phil Harrison. In a recent interview with Edge, Harrison relayed his content with this aspect of the Microsoft marketing machine.

“We are winning the games message. We had over 100 awards coming out of E3 for games on our platform. That is more than twice as many awards as any other platform. So the media recognized our games on Xbox One as being the best lineup.”

Giving credit where credit is due, Microsoft did make good on their promise of many launch titles. The Xbox One is set to arrive on November 22nd with 23 titles to choose from. Sony on the other hand has promised that over thirty titles will be available for the PlayStation 4 before the end of the year.

Either way there will be no shortage of games come Christmas.

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  • Crapgamer

    100% agree, Microsoft showed only games at E3, while the competition talked about movies and apps and entertainment. Microsoft has invested 1 billion dollars in the first year alone in exclusives and exclusive game content for Xbox One. They have what I consider to be the best launch lineup since the Sega Dreamcast with Ryse, Forza Motorsport 5, Killer Instinct, Dead Rising 3, Crimson Dragon and LocoCycle. Not to mention COD Ghosts on dedicated servers, which the competition hasn’t matched, the PS4 will still be doing peer-2-peer.

    We also know that in 2014 we’ll see games like Halo 5, Quantum Break, Sunset Overdrive, Titanfall and Project Spark. While Sony hasn’t even really hinted at any big titles coming next year. Microsoft has been very on point with games, Sony has been stuck with relying on indie titles that are also coming to other platforms, and ported PC free-2-play games.

    Can’t wait for November 22nd!

    • Allen

      Microsoft has been making 2.75 billion per year + revenue from ads on home page for years upon years. They couldn’t deliver exclusives for the last 3 years on 360 never the less “exclusive content”. Pay to play timed DLC only. 1 billion for next gen is greedy, they should have put 1 billion for 360 these last few years and another billion for X1. Instead the only platform pay to play, the only platform with ads on home page, the only platform paywall basic features like netflix and internet browser got $hit for exclusives and exclusive content.

      Sony has 33 games this year and 180 games in development for PS4.

      Also please source your claims about no dedicated servers on PS4 for the $hit game COD. PS3 has many dedicated servers so I don’t see why you are trying to make a big deal out of this.

      Out of everything Microsoft has Titanfall (coming to PC), Halo, Ryse and project Spark look the best. What Sony is offering is far more appealing to me in addition to the free exclusive content in Destiny, Watchdogs & Black Flag.

      Sony has proven that it continues to push huge exclusives to their consoles. 360 has been so dried up while we get one of the best games of the generation + more and more always coming. The puppeteer is an awesome game. Sony supports all Genre.

      • Zohak Diaz

        PS Not work. I have one . Its just getting dust. I gave up with the connection

        • Wizard of Peace

          So you haven’t played any good exclusives in years?

        • k3v3n25

          thank you !!!!!

      • Crapgamer

        Microsoft released big AAA exclusives on the Xbox 360 for 8+ years. The reason people bought their 360’s were to play big time games like Halo, Gears Of War, Fable, Forza and Microsoft continued to deliver those games throughout their 8 years on the market. At some point you have to switch focus and start developing for the future, which is why the Xbox One has the far better launch lineup and 2014.

        You spout off about Sony’s “33” games this year and 180 in development like a true pony, but of those 33 this year, how many are indie games or free-2-play games? Sony has relied entirely on those two types of games to cover for their lack of software going forward.

        In one sentence you knock Microsoft for getting exclusive or timed content, but then say Sony is more appealing for having the same? Let’s not forget the first couple of years the PS3 was on the market, they had no games coming out, so even if “Microsoft dried up” late, they were at least equal in the amounts of games coming out for the same amount of years

        I’m sure Puppeteer is a good game, I haven’t seen any advertising for it, I can assume it’ll sell pretty poorly, just like a lot of other Sony games that the pony’s swear they will buy “day one”.

        As for dedicated servers, Activision has already said without Microsoft’s Cloud, they wouldn’t be available with Ghosts, Microsoft has 300,000 servers and all games will use them on Xbox One. I guess you were too busy buying into Sony’s fear mongering to pay attention to the good news Microsoft had.

        • Allen

          So you have no source about dedicated servers only “assuming” that due to the comment.

          And no, NO GAMES for the last 3 YEARS means that Microsoft hasn’t delivered son. You sit there…are among the only people in the world pay to play, pay to stream, pay to browse + ads on home page and you got $hit for games the last 3 freaking years. This is supposed to be prime time for Xbox and instead it fizzled out 3 years ago.

          Infamous, Killzone, Driveclub, Knack, Deep Down, The Order 1866, Shadow of the Beast

          plus free exclusive content in AAA multi plats Destiny, Watchdogs & Black Flag.

          PS+ also is 1 free PS4 game per month + free PS3 games and free Vita games.

          You misunderstood about exclusive content. Xbox has pay to play timed DLC from Bethesda and Activision only. No free exclusive content. Where as PS3 has free exclusive content in all the best AAA multi plats (Red Dead Redemption, LA Noire, Mass Effect 2, FEAR, Fight Night, Battlefield, Batman AA & AC, Assassins Creed, Bioshock, Far Cry 3, Mafia 2 and a lot more). P

          • TheScienceEnthusiast1130

            Infamous = ,FAIL, LOL!!!!
            Killzone = FAIL, LOL!!!!
            DriveClub = FAIL, LOL!!!!

          • Shannon Novosel


          • TheScienceEnthusiast1130

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          • Sideways M2

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          • Sideways M2

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          • TheScienceEnthusiast1130

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          • Sideways M2

            I’ll take that as a forfeit as you didn’t have a comeback.

          • TheScienceEnthusiast1130

            Ok then.
            I am giving up because of a “HEATED” DISCUSSION.

            Check this article on “Attack of the Fanboy”, and look at the discussion board:
            “Killzone Shadow Fall Season Pass Detailed”

          • Dave

            says fail before the games are even out… how arrogant.

          • dave mcnair

            Typical xbot mate

          • TheScienceEnthusiast1130

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          • Sideways M2

            Ok, give it up, is that you, Major Nelson?

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          • Mattress

            Simple really: If Sony had dedicated servers for PS4 – they would be shouting it from the rooftops. They haven’t been because they don’t (yet). I say yet because they may well be working on it. But November is coming up fast.

        • Lacerz

          Microsoft did start out strong with the 360, but they also abandoned the Xbox at the same time. Now, near the end of the 360’s life, Microsoft has only released one AAA title this year. Gamers who want support over the entire lifespan of the console will go PS4.

          This sums it up perfectly:

          • Crapgamer

            So Sony supported the PS3 the entire life? Which is why the first two years it had 0 games, and in 2012 their big games were LBP Karting and PlayStation All Stars? While Microsoft had Halo 4, Witcher 2 and Forza Horizon.

            I think Microsoft has done a great job at giving the huge AAA titles people buy the console for, and manage to get those amazing Arcade titles in as well, I mean State Of Decay is a perfect example of this.

            We have to keep in mind the amount of quality 3rd party titles that were being bought on the Xbox 360 as well.

          • Lacerz

            2012 also had Starhawk, Twisted Metal, MLB: The Show… all quality games, if you like gaming. There were more, but these are the ones that had the best reviews.

            As for years 1 & 2 (hell, I’ll throw in 3 as well)…. Year 1:

            Ridge Racer 7
            Resistance: Fall of Man
            Heavenly Sword
            Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction
            Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune
            Formula One Championship Edition
            Time Crisis 4

            Year 2:

            Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice
            Valkyria Chronicles
            Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots
            Ratchet & Clank Future: Quest for Booty
            SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs Confrontation
            Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm
            MotorStorm: Pacific Rift
            Resistance 2
            White Knight Chronicles

            Year 3:

            Demon’s Souls
            Killzone 2
            Yakuza 3
            Gran Turismo 5
            Katamari Forever
            Uncharted 2: Among Thieves
            Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time

            As stated… strong support over the life of the console.

          • Allen

            It had ZERO games the first two years? You leaving out Uncharted in 2012

            Proof you are a pathetic lying sac of $hit

            State of Decay looks alright, again coming to PC.

            and 3rd party titles – free exclusive content for PS3 gamers dude

          • Lacerz

            Technically Uncharted 3 was out in November 2011. That’s why I didn’t add it above. Still, it just pads the PS3’s 2011 titles. The 360 has only had 6 decent exclusive titles in the last 4 years, and 2 were Halo titles, 2 were Gears titles and 2 were Forza. Pretty sad if you ask me.

            Edit: There was Witcher 2 on the 360, so 7 decent exclusives in the past 4 years.

          • Revolver Ocelot

            It’s Crapperson, the guy just doesn’t operate well around facts.

          • Shannon Novosel

            Zero games your joking right I have never heard of anyone buying a system with zero games for two years.

          • Dave

            State of Decay being released on Steam… bad example…

          • Body_landslide

            Don’t diss on little big planet karting, that game is the shit!!

        • Sideways M2

          Need I remind you that Fable went down the s**thole, Gears of War started there, Forza seems to be becoming a cashcow and Halo’s creators ditched for a multi-plat game?

          • Crapgamer

            I’m curious why you say Fable went down a hole? Fable 3 had an over 80 Metacritic score, sold over 5 million copies and Fable Legends sounds awesome. Gears Of War was my favorite new IP of the generation. Forza was the highest rated racing series of the entire generation, and Halo 4 has been by far my favorite, and that was made by 343. The last two Bungie made Halo games were the worst in my opinion, Halo ODST and Halo Reach. Much prefer Halo 4 and the online specifically.

          • Sideways M2

            I saw a review which summed up what was wrong with Halo 4. Every numbered Halo game has an innovative feature that rocks the world when it comes out, but Halo 4 plays it safe, afraid to get burned, so it sticks with the same old formula as the old ones. The reason for what I said about Fable is that 2 was mediocre, 3 was a downright disappointment and don’t get me started on The Journey. This coming from a big fan of the original game. I said Forza seems to be BECOMING a cashcow, not has, so we’ll see. And Gears was one of the worst shooters I’ve ever played, and I’ve played every single one.

    • Facts First

      Microsoft clearly has the best games. Sony just has stuff that already came out on PC.

      • Wizard of Peace

        ya, while most of Microsoft’s so called exclusives are coming to PC.

        • Lacerz

          Or are timed.

      • TheScienceEnthusiast1130


      • TheScienceEnthusiast1130


      • Sideways M2

        Where’s Facts Romana when you need him?

        • Guest


          • Sideways M2

            Try making some grammatical sense sometime.

          • TheScienceEnthusiast1130

            What about you?

          • Sideways M2

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          • TheScienceEnthusiast1130


            Who is “Facts Romana”?

          • Sideways M2

            The most level headed person on the site.

          • TheScienceEnthusiast1130

            I need to see a link to his comments.

    • Thomas McBrearty

      “while the competition talked about movies and apps and entertainment”
      That’s hypocritical considering that’s all Microsoft did at they’re reveal…
      Sony shown, KH3, FFXV, The Order 1886, Mad Max, The Elder Scrolls Online, Destiny and various indie titles, hardly movies and apps Mr.Arrogant..

      “Sony has been stuck with relying on indie titles that are also coming to other platforms, and ported PC free-2-play games.”

      Well at least Sony has managed to get Indies and F2p games unlike it’s ‘Competition’..
      Lol I’d rather Sony took the time to develop titles than try and rush out as many titles as possible for launch; perhaps you forget, it’S QUALITY, not QUANTITY.. o_O

      My my…pity

      • GK15

        I think you’re contradicting yourself. Quality = AAA studio games which are mostly are on the XB1. Quantity = F2P/indie games which are mostly on the PS4.

        • Country Boy Lucifer

          That’s just not true though

          • GK15

            It’s a sweeping generalization, but for the most part, XB1 has more AAA games coming at launch and more coming in the near future. PS4 has more indies and F2P’s coming at launch. We can all agree on this.

            And AAA games are generally of a higher quality than indies or F2P’s. The exceptions being a handful like Deep Down and Everybody’s Gone to Rapture.

            I wouldn’t say that games like Quantum Break, Titanfall, Ryse, Forza 5, Dead Rising 3 and Halo 5 are of low quality though.

          • Allen

            Come on man now that’s just trolling. You are better than that. Sony has plenty of AAA exclusives coming out this year.

          • GK15

            Like what? I’m just saying I think that XB1 has a better quality at launch. Sony has more indie and F2P titles. The only AAA’s this year are Killzone, DriveClub and Knack. They have a sh*t load of indie’s and F2P’s to make up for that.

            I’m not saying they won’t eventually deliver, and some indie’s and F2P’s do look good like Deep Down, Planetside 2, Everybody’s Gone to Rapture and Shadow of the Beast, but I don’t think they are coming out until 2014.

          • Country Boy Lucifer

            well to be fair it’s just simply not the case ps4 has more first party studio’s working on more first party games, i believe 21 studio’s are working on unannounced AAA games.

            you also actually have more AAA’s announced as well especially after TGS.

            I agree indies tend to be of lower quality to AAA’s but F2P’s are not. and stuff like Planetside 2 is every bit as good as any AAA title as is DCUO in fact they are AAA’s they just happen to be F2P

          • GK15

            It’s one thing to say you’re working on games. It’s entirely different to announce them, show them, and have a tentative release date. I don’t care how many games are being worked on or what they’ve done in the past. Gran Turismo 5 was being worked on for 5 years.

            I don’t mean to insinuate that PS4 won’t have great games, hell history can show that they will. But MS deserves at least some credit in that they’ve been working on these games for a few years and have more AAA’s ready to go at or near launch. I feel like Sony is compensating with many more indies and F2P’s and frankly, they just aren’t nearly as exciting imo.

            Edit: I am interested in Deep Down, Everybody’s Gone to Rapture and Rime looks surprisingly good as well. But I still think MS has a better, AAA launch line up and deserves credit for that.

          • Mattress

            Yup – you beat me to the punch. “The Last Guardian” has been in development for something like 6-7 years. It’s all well and good saying they’ve got a certain number coming but until there are timeframes, trailers and gameplay demos which show cool and interesting games, then it all means nothing. Some of those games may never see the light of day.

          • Country Boy Lucifer

            Yeah but that’s a little lack of knowledge regarding what Sony has announced with gameplay and trailers.

            Just AAA exclusives that are due in the first year

            Shadow of the beast
            the order
            lilly bergamo
            natural docterine
            Infamous second son
            killzone shadow fall
            yakuza ishin
            Drive Club
            final fantasy a realm reborn

            On top of that you have the likes of deep down, planetside 2 and DCUO which ARE AAA’s even if they are free to play it doesn’t make there budget or the game anything less than AAA, they just use a different business model.

            There is absolutely more to play with ps4 at launch, it’s a fact.

            X1 does have a strong line up but ps4 has the more diverse titles, more multiplayer titles, more MMO’s, more indies and more AAA’s in the first year! it’s just a fact

          • GK15

            I don’t care how diverse games like Octodad, Resogun, Awesomenaughts, or Cosmic Star are, not to mention the plethora of other indies. They are not my cup of tea and are better served for tablets and smartphones.

            Between the XB1 exclusives, multi-plats and a few indies sprinkled here and there like Below and Crimson Dragon I definitely prefer the games on XB1 for now.

            I’ll be honest, I don’t feel like they get enough credit for that. PS added a bunch of indies and are now claiming that their games are more diverse. That is technically true, but the iphone has a pretty diverse line up of games as well.

            It’s not a bad thing that they have so many indies, but when someone says that PS4 has quality games over quantity without recognizing the situation here and now, I’m gonna speak to that.

          • Country Boy Lucifer

            I’m giving them credit, they have a decent line up and I’ve always said that but they do not have more AAA exclusives announced and they do not have more diversity in those AAA’s. That was the entire argument and i think I’ve successfully demonstrated proved that.

            In my last post i mentioned no indies at all even though some (everyone’s gone to rapture for example) i’m looking forward to just as much as any AAA’s

            I also never mentioned the exclusive content on games like Destiny and Watchdogs and Assassins creed Black flag which is actual exclusive content that will never come to xbox. As far as i know no multi plat has true exclusive content on xbox just some timed content here and there.

          • GK15

            Shadow of the beast*
            the order*
            lilly bergamo
            natural docterine
            Infamous second son*
            killzone shadow fall *
            yakuza ishin
            Drive Club
            final fantasy a realm reborn

            Quantum Break*
            The Fighter Within
            Killer Instinct*
            Halo 5*
            Forza 5*
            Fantasia: Music Evolved
            Powerstar Golf
            Kinect Sports Rivals
            Zoo Tycoon

            I left out Sunset Overdrive, D4, Fable Legends and Project Spark because we don’t know if they’re coming out in 2014 yet. Also left out Crimson Dragon and Lococycle because they although they’re technically not indie’s, they are smaller/downloadable titles and may not qualify as AAA’s.

            I put stars next to the ones that I’m interested in. For me, the best games are on XB1, at least at launch. Imo XB1 has better, more quality games at launch and in the near future while PS4 has more indies and F2P’s and possibly more games “being worked on.” I’ll also give

          • Country Boy Lucifer

            well i totally respect your opinion but it is just that, an opinion. the original argument was regarding who has more AAA’s coming out 2014 and it’s still ps4, ps4 also have more announced.

            If we are talking about games that interest me we’d have to include the indies and free to plays and to be honest i see no reason why they shouldn’t be included when it comes to an opinion.

            These are the ps4 games that interest me in 2014

            Shadow of the beast
            Everyones gone to rapture
            the order
            lilly bergamo
            natural docterine
            Infamous second son
            killzone shadow fall
            yakuza ishin
            Drive Club
            Deep Down
            Planetside 2
            DCUO (already play this)
            final fantasy a realm reborn (already have this for ps3 and it’s free to switch to ps4)

            And from xbox

            Quantum break
            Ryse (although i’m a little worried about it)

            And that’s my honest opinion.

          • GK15

            Well our comparative lists of AAA’s favor the XB1, I just took it a step further and put a star next to games that I am interested in, which also favor the XB1.

            If you add in the indie’s and F2P’s, yes, I suppose the PS4 has more.

            And I completely respect if you want to add them to the list of games you want to play, but it still doesn’t change the fact that Sony has padded their launch games with loads of Indies and F2P’s.

            Quite frankly, I feel like I should have been adding Xbox Live arcade games to the list of Xbox 360 games for the past couple of years.

          • Country Boy Lucifer

            how can you say the comparative ;lists favour x1?

            ps4 has more aaa exclusives due in the first year

            the ps4’s games are from more genres

            the ps4 has more indie titles

            there is no area that the x1 has a favorable outcome


            Titanfall isn’t an exclusive so i’m not counting that and i wouldn’t in a million years say kinnext games are AAA so i’m not counting those either

          • GK15

            Then you also can’t count Planetside 2, Warframe, DCOU or War Thunder. I’ve said it a million times, if a game is CONSOLE exclusive, than it is exclusive in respect to PS vs XB.

            And if a game is already on MS Windows, it isn’t crazy to assume it could be on XB1 as well. So I would expect to see many of those F2P’s on XB1 now that they have changed their policy. I’m not really that concerned though, as many of them don’t interest me.

            Kinect Sports Rivals is being developed by Rare and both previous iterations have sold combined nearly 8 million. It will certainly appeal to many people, but if you don’t want to count it as AAA, fine. The Fighter Within is also being developed by Ubisoft.

            Still refer to our original lists and I count a much stronger line up for XB1 within the first year.

          • Country Boy Lucifer

            well that wasn’t the original question, as i said i respect your opinion even thougb i don’t agree but opinion doesn’t come into how many AAA’s Sony has announced vs xbox one the fact is Sony have more announced 2014, more announced overall and more in development which was my original point.

            you are welcome to believe that X1 has a stronger line up in quality but that’s just your opinion and if we’re talking opinion when it comes to line ups then no game should really be excluded and if that’s the case you have a far more interesting line up on ps4 in my opinion, with far more genres and many more multiplayer options.

            Bottom line is as i originally stated ps4 has more AAA’s announced than x1, that includes in 2014

          • GK15

            You’ve got to be joking Mark! The only AAA’s, excluding multi-plats, coming out for PS4 in 2013 are Knack, Killzone and Driveclub (of which I only like Killzone and maybe Driveclub). The rest are indies and F2P’s, which was my original point. Are these more diverse? Sure.

            I don’t care how many JRPG’s are in development or stated to come out in 2014. Games like Lily Bergamo, Natural Docterine or Yakuza don’t hold a candle to games like Quantum Break, Halo or Titanfall imo.

            As always, you’re entitled to your opinion and I’m entitled to mine. PS4 does have a crapload of games that I’m not interested in and several that I am, but I guess they are games nonetheless. If we are counting every JRPG that gets announced, maybe PS4 does have more. I still find much more substance in the XB1 lineup though.

            Don’t you have teatime or something? :P

          • Country Boy Lucifer

            you’re letting your opinion creep in to a question based on fact

            Does ps4 have more AAA’s due out in 2014 than xbox? the answer is yes, it’s none debatable.

            Does ps4 have more variaty in genres coming out in 2014? the answer is yes, none debatable

            Does sony have more 1st party studio’s working on games than x1? the answer is yes, none debatable

            you’re welcome to be more interested in the games coming from x1 but that’s you’re choice.

            you brought up JRPG’s there is only really one coming 2014,

            lilly bergamo is an action game from suda 51 who makes unreal games!!

            Yakuza Ishin is an open world action game

            Natural Docterine is the only JRPG

            There a lot more games i haven’t mentioned, Earth Defense force for example which i wouldn’t consider AAA but it’s a full release just not in the AAA category.

            Bottom line is you’re welcome to your opinion that the games are more interesting but x 1 does not have more AAA’s in the first year of the console.

          • GK15

            Whatever dude. XB1 has better AAA’s while PS4 has more indies and F2P’s. I can’t believe we are even debating this. The amount of awards their games have won also back this up. This whole conversation got started about quantity over quality.

            This is the closest thing I could find to a confirmed list for each from an article published 9/23. I know they are missing some from both sides, but add as many Japanese, F2P’s and indies to the PS4 side as you wish.

            Xbox One: Playstation 4:
            Halo 5 The Order: 1886
            TitanFall Drive Club
            Dead Rising 3 Infamous: Second Son
            Forza Motorsport 5 Killzone: Shadow Fall
            Ryse Knack
            Quantum Break Deep Down
            Killer Instinct The Witness
            Sunset Overdrive Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture
            Project Spark Resogun
            Below Rime
            D4 Shadow of the Beast
            Kinect Sports Rivals
            Untitled Black Tusk project

            I didn’t make the list, just copied from a website.

          • Country Boy Lucifer

            But you’ve missed AAA’s that are announced for ps4 and counted untitled projects and kinnect lol

            That’s a strange list it counts titanfall but not planetside 2 or DCUO or FF a realm reborn, Natural Docterine, lilly bergamo etc etc

            When i say ps4 has more confirmed AAA’s that’s not conjuncture it genuinely has more AAA games announced that’s not even counting any of the indies or smaller exclusive titles! it’s also not counting “untitled naughty dog projects” for example


            We’re debating 2 different things

            you seem to be debating which has a better line up which is opinion nothing more

            i’m still talking about the original argument which is which has the bigger line up and that is all about fact, no opinion involved and i have demonstrated ps4 has the bigger line up.

            We also talked about Diversity and at launch there are more genre’s of games available to ps4 players, also a provable fact and not opinion.

          • GK15

            I told you I didn’t make the list, I just copied it from a website. I knew they were missing some from both sides. I scoured the web looking for a comparative list from each. I thought it would be easier to find. If you can find one, be my guest.

            I thought the general consensus for the last few months was that the XB1 had the stronger launch lineup of AAA’s while Sony had more Indies and F2P’s. This goes back to games that were announced at E3. Even that list above has 4 indies and 2 F2P’s from Sony and 1 indie and 1 F2P from MS.

            Maybe Sony has announced that they’ve been working on more lately. I first posted when someone said Sony has quality over quantity, when PS4 only has Killzone, Knack and Driveclub coming out this year (minus a lot of Indies and a few F2P’s) while XB1 has Ryse, Forza, Killer Instinct, DR3, Crimsom Dragon, Lococycle, Fighter Within, Powerstar Golf and Zoo Tycoon.

            I don’t know every AAA coming out in the next year or everyone that has been announced, but if Sony has more announced that they are working on, fine I’ll concede that.

          • Country Boy Lucifer

            Well that wasn’t the argument lol, X1 does have a stronger launch line up of sorts because Sony’s offerings are Killzone, Knack and Driveclub day 1.

            that’s what people mean when they say the launch line up is stronger, in my opinion they are both very poor and i’m more interested in the multi plats than any of them.

            However when you look at launch window and extend to 2014 Sony overtakes xbox on AAA’s, Indies, Smaller Releases, F2P, MMO’s in fact every aspect of games.

          • GK15

            I still prefer the XB1 lineup. Sony has far too many Indies and F2P’s coming out to not say they are hitting more in every genre. But if most of them are games like Resogun, Octodad and Awsomenaughts, it matters little to most.

            With games like Titanfall, Halo, Sunset Overdrive, Fable, D4 and even Kinect Sports on the horizon, I’m pretty happy with the XB1’s upcoming lineup.

            I’m also expecting many more Indies and F2P’s in 2014 now that they’ve changed their policies. Although I don’t really care because they don’t matter to me that much.

            You’re making it sound like Sony is hitting so many more genres with so many more games, but I still feel like most of them are indies and F2P’s. XB1 has many quality titles come out across many different genres.

          • Country Boy Lucifer

            “I still prefer the XB1 lineup. Sony has far too many Indies and F2P’s coming out to not say they are hitting more in every genre. But if most of them are games like Resogun, Octodad and Awsomenaughts, it matters little to most.”

            But Sony Still has more AAA’s from more genres coming in 2014 AS WELL AS the indies not instead of. how can more choice in games be a bad thing?

            I don’t care for many indies, the style made for tablets or nostalgia are not for me but a lot of them (everyones gone to rapture for eg) are every bit as good as a full retail release.

            I don’t understand what your issue is with free to play is either? doesn’t make them bad games in fact some of the F2P’s coming to ps4 are amazing games!

            Regardless ps4 has the more diverse line up (more genres) and largest line up (more games) when it comes to AAA’s from launch till the end of 2014. that is a something you can tangibly count and see as fact.

            You however believe that x1’s line up is more interesting, that is purely your opinion and one i will never agree with, doesn’t mean you are not allowed to have that opinion though and i respect it.

          • GK15

            Well I have to say that Everyone’s Gone to the Rapture does look awesome. And Planetside 2 and Deep Down do look good as well. Cheers.

          • Guest

            Sony studios have been working on “The Last Guardian” for about 6-7 years. And you want to tell me all 21 studios are definitely going to release games? When we get titles, see trailers, and more importantly see good gameplay from games then we can talk about who has more. At the present time – Sony does not have more.

          • Sideways M2

            YODA’S BACK. YES.

          • GK15


        • TheScienceEnthusiast1130

          Agreed, LOL!!!!

        • Wizard of Peace

          “AAA studio games which are mostly are on the XB1” UH no… lol

    • dave mcnair

      BF4 has dedicated servers. Who cares about COD its so out of date? Servers is all M$ can offer over Sony so far. Cod fans would maybe care but most of them are on xbox

    • DiFiasco

      yeah and their first tv ad was all about games, wasn’t it?

      • Crapgamer

        You mean the ad that they had during the kickoff of the NFL season? The NFL which is the biggest sport in North America, where Microsoft is also the biggest console in North America. They were showing the new exclusive NFL features during the kickoff of the NFL season. If you don’t think Microsoft will have regular game based ads, I’d like a hit of that crack rock you’ve been smoking.

        Microsoft probably has 1 billion dollars set aside for ads alone, we haven’t begun to see them yet.

        • DiFiasco

          …and all that means about as much to me as a My Little Pony teacup set. Here’s the problem, Buddy – most Playstation owners don’t live in the U.S. which is why all of us former Microsoft 360 owners are tired of playing second fiddle to redneck America. No sign of that ever changing. Go on – pay your gold membership like a good little twinkie-eating nugget.

          • Crapgamer

            Do you realize that you have to pay to play online with the PS4? I actually think it hasn’t sunk in for some people yet. You need to pay for PSN+ in order to play games online with the PlayStation 4.

            If you live in EU, you get the Xbox One released first over their, PS4 doesn’t come out till a week later, and you get a free game. How is that second fiddle?

          • DiFiasco

            Yes indeed – to play online but also gain access to tons of free games. No need to pay to use non-game features, apps, social features or even basic DVR capabilities. The PS4 is a lovely console with or without the PS+ service whereas the Xbox One (or 360 for that matter) is a stripped down hulk of crap without it’s so-called ‘Gold’ subscription…and I’m saying that as a former Gold subscriber.

  • Allen

    LOL then they are foolish and blind.

    Microsoft has done a great job since E3 to try and convey the games message but that message has laid on deaf ears. None of my previous xbox friends personally are getting X1 or at this time are really even interested in what they have to say.

    1 month of just deal with it a$$ hole attitude, piss on gamers campaign did it in for them. All the 180’s and finally some games reveal at E3 were too little too late.

    I even went to one of my xbox friends and tried to get him to check out Ryse because it was one of the best looking for me out of E3…he didn’t even want to watch it and was like meh when done. All of them are getting PS4 at launch or first and will consider Xbone later on.

    X1 has some good looking stuff coming to it but the lack of games for 360 the last few years, PS+ looking more and more appealing and all this power and capability on PS4 is drawing them back to Sony.

    • Zohak Diaz

      I fear for you. Go drink ur medicines. Backstabber! Lol. Xb1 has the best games coming. Not a bunch of indies. All My friends are sticking with Xbox. Delusional fanboy .

      • Allen

        Backstabber? Whatever dude.

        My friends are some of the biggest xbox fanboys there are. I have fought with them just as harsh as the worst fanboy online and they are honest.

        Fine if you are experiencing something different. I did say that some of them will consider getting an xbox down the road. But my personal experience, the pre order numbers and all the online polls shows that PS4 is far more popular for gamers.

      • Wizard of Peace

        Im confused how is he a backstabber? lol Plus they don’t have the best exclusives, but they do have some good ones coming out.

      • James

        lol you are calling your friends delusional fanboys! Well, they probably are, if they are like you.

      • DiFiasco

        all mah friens’ drinks da kool-aid an’ stuff hyahyulk!

    • Mattress

      I agree PS+ looks more appealing right now. But the chances of Sony giving away great PS4 titles at launch for free (and the months after) are slim to none in my opinion. Who knows though, I could be proven wrong.

      • James

        A PS+ version of Driveclub. is quite nice. I think initially they’ll be giving out indies and such. I think PS4 games will start coming by next year. (remember we get PS3 games that came out last november).

        But the real good thing about it is you can collect PS4, PS3 and Vita games even if you don’t own one of the console. I have plenty of vita games at the moment.

        • Mattress

          I think what you’ve said is probably accurate. Two things though:

          (1) I thought the Driveclub version wasn’t the full game? It was some kind of trimmed back version?

          (2) It may be that the great deals you’ve experienced with PS+ were Sony buttering up people for the roll over to a paid subscription and that perhaps the quality in free games declines over time once people do roll over. I think they would be silly to do this as the games they currently give away are a huge selling point. But we have no idea how much it is costing them in the long run. It surely can’t be cheap.

          • Allen

            Which is why we didn’t want people supporting xbox pay to play. Yes PS+ is worth it now, but now they got us by the balls I hope it continues to be worth it.

            We are supposed to have a decision to purchase a subscription to something, not be forced into it. All I can say is that Sony said to start they will give 1 free PS4 game a month+PS3+Vita games. I trust Sony far more than Microsoft to put the money back into the games.

            you gotta admit 2.75 billion per year + revenue from ads is a hell of a lot of money to hardly give any exclusives for a big part of 360’s life. 3 years out of 8 man that’s 37.5% of it’s life wasted or at least fizzled out.

          • Mattress

            It’s not like I have either the time nor the money to play every single game that comes out on a console anyway! Even with the “fizzled out” life you claim the 360 had, I still had to pick and choose which games I could afford to buy and sink the time into!

          • James

            1) No it’s not a full game. People have been saying only few tracks and cars won’t be available. But I still think its cool even if its only 60-70% of the game.

            2) That could be a concern. But they didn’t just start the PS+ recently. There were good deals for few years now. But I get the point and that worries me. As of now Im very happy I paid 50 bucks for 1 year back in june and already got my money’s worth with all the games I have. I think they are losing money at the moment but if the PS+ becomes really popular Sony might make a lot of money out of this.

          • Mattress

            To be honest, I would prefer if Sony kept giving away great games with PS+. Because then it would hopefully force MS to follow suit. If not then I will have to decide whether it is worth buying a PS4 and switching subscriptions (I could never afford to pay for both at the same time).

  • Blarg

    The opinion of magazines and media reflect this.
    Gamers need to move on from DRM. It’s like having a bad meal and thinking about the poor taste of it for months afterwards.

    • TheScienceEnthusiast1130


    • TheScienceEnthusiast1130

      “Blarg”, come over to “Xbox One Daily”. It is better.

  • Country Boy Lucifer

    LOL “winning”

    PlayStation 4 – Top 10 Pre-orders

    1. Battlefield 4 – 246,965
    2. Call of Duty: Ghosts – 240,090
    3. Killzone: Shadow Fall – 221,710
    4. Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag – 160,637
    5. Watch Dogs – 118,315
    6. Madden NFL 25 – 65,123
    7. Destiny – 44,018
    8. NBA 2K14 – 43,430
    9. Knack – 40,982
    10. FIFA Soccer 14 – 35,095

    Xbox One – Top 10 Pre-orders

    1. Call of Duty: Ghosts – 229,628
    2. Battlefield 4 – 125,368
    3. Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag – 104,980
    4. Watch Dogs – 69,152
    5. Dead Rising 3 – 61,254
    6. Ryse: Son of Rome – 57,962
    7. Forza Motorsport 5 – 56,201
    8. Madden NFL 25 – 43,167
    9. Destiny – 35,627
    10. Titanfall – 27,956

    • XBOXsucks

      Exactly! PS4 has more pre-orders for Killzone than every title for Xbone except COD.

      Enough said

      • Crapgamer

        Because what other PS4 game would they order? There isn’t much to pick from.

        • Country Boy Lucifer

          PS4 has more announced exclusives sorry bud.

          • Crapgamer

            Yea? Mind listing them, and I don’t mean indie games or free-2-play PC ports. What exclusive games does the PS4 have at launch this November? It’s Drive Club, a new, untested racing game that is 30fps. Killzone, which was supposed to be the “Halo Killer” years ago, but can never manage to sell very well, and Knack…a game that was supposed to be a PSN title and was moved over because they were lacking exclusives.

            I’ll take what Xbox One has any day of the week.

          • Country Boy Lucifer

            Here’s the announced exclusives thus far and bare in mind we know studio’s like naughty dog have games in development as well.

            Natural Doceterine – JRPG

            Deep Down – Online RPG

            Infamous second son – 3rd person open world action game

            the order – 3rd person action game

            Killzone Shadow fall – FPS

            Basement Crawl – Puzzler

            Drive Club – Social Racing

            Dream Club: Host girls on stage – no idea what type of game it is

            Earth Defence force – shooter

            Everybody’s gone to rapture – unique experience/hard to explain

            Joysound drive 2 – Karaoke

            Knack – platformer

            Lilly bergamo – action/anime

            MLB 14: the show – sports

            N++ – platformer

            Phantom Breaker: Battleground overdrive – Beat em up

            The Playroom – Augmented Reality

            Pool Nation Extreme – Sports

            Resongun – shooter

            Rime – Action/adventure

            Shadow of the beats – action

            Switch Galaxy Ultra – Racing

            Velocity 2X – Shooter

            Yakuza Ishin – Openworld/action

            DCUO – MMO (also free to play)

            Planteside 2 – FPSMMO (also free to play)

            Warframe – Co-op shooter/brawler (also free to play)

            Warthunder – Aerial combat MMO (also free to play)

          • Crapgamer

            Deep Down is a free-2-play game…that’s all I have to say about that.

            Anyway you listed 9 games, none of which I’d consider a Sony must own game or system seller. You listed 9 games, and 2 of those are launch games. Microsoft has 6 launch exclusives alone.
            Killer Insinct
            Dead Rising 3
            Forza 5
            Crimson Dragon

            They’ve announced more games for next year already with the likes of:
            Quantum Break
            Halo 5
            Project Spark
            Sunset Overdrive
            Fable Legends

            And we know Playground Games is working on Forza Horizon 2
            We know Black Tusk Studios is working on something new
            We know Rare is working on an FPS

          • Country Boy Lucifer

            so what you’ve done here is prove that xbox has less diverse range of games coming out you also included indies that a moment ago you didn’t want me to list!!

            Doesn’t matter how you look at it the library that comes attached to ps4 is far bigger and more diverse than xbox.

          • Crapgamer

            How exactly is it less diverse? I listed every genre there is. I also didn’t include any indie games. I think you’re pretty pissed that PS4 doesn’t have anything to look forward too, which is why you troll every Xbox One article…we get it. I know I’ve argued with you before in other Xbox articles.

          • Country Boy Lucifer

            Well its not that hard to look at the list i posted and the list you posted and see which one has more genre’s of games, that would be ps4.

            also i’m pretty sure loco cycle and crimson dragon are indies.

          • Crapgamer

            LocoCycle is made by Twisted Pixel, a first party developer, Crimson Dragon is made by the people who made Panzer Dragoon for Sega.

            I listed
            Racing games-Forza
            RPG’s-Fable Legends
            Adventure-Quantum Break
            Platform-Sunset Overdrive
            Fighting-Killer Instinct

            And I forgot to mention Powerstone Golf and Zoo Tycoon, which are games that will appeal to a lot of people.

          • Country Boy Lucifer

            Sunset overdrive is a shooter for a start, listing Ryse as a Brawler and not an action game….hmmm

            here’s some info from an article on here, maybe you think crimson dragon and lococycle are not indies but i would say they are around that level

            “Now this doesn’t mean that no indie or smaller games will arrive on the Xbox One at or near launch. The company has already confirmed that titles like Lococycle, Crimson Dragon, and others, are due to arrive on the system to fill any voids that the AAA market leaves. With the ID@Xbox initiative relatively new, we’ll likely start seeing developers take advantage of this self-publishing program as the console rolls out.”

            if you just look at the titles i listed there are more genres there than the list you posted hence more diverse, that’s a fact

          • jaskdavis

            LOL You’s Guyz

          • JP

            bro half of those game will end up to pc

          • GK15

            Half the PS4 games are ALREADY on PC

          • JP

            don’t get me started on xbox 360 bra

          • XBOXsucks

            Titanfall will be an okay title for something that looks more current gen than next. If it’s good I’ll pick it up on PC, like most xbox titles.

          • Lacerz

            And yet it was Killzone that was names Best Shooter at TGS? Hmmm…

          • JP

            bro you mad

          • jaskdavis

            He listed NO indies?

          • Revolver Ocelot

            Hahaha, shilling for all of that shit. Pathetic.

          • JP

            don’t worried bro they can laugh first we’re the one laughing last

          • jaskdavis

            What Indies? I think they mean they are winning with the amount of AAA and exclusives they offer NOT how much they are selling. PS4 is and will be in the lead on launch day.

          • Country Boy Lucifer

            but they aren’t though ;lol, ps4 has more exclusives announced and in development!

          • gbg

            Yes they announce more android/iOS games

        • Guest

          You are a freaking fanboy rant idiot spewing disinformation all over the place.

        • Allen

          Actually I’m really surprised not to see Infamous in the top 10.

          • Country Boy Lucifer

            it’s not out launch window that’s why, it’s not out till feb

          • jaskdavis

            Me too?

        • Lacerz

          Um… what Xbone exclusives do you see topping those charts? Deadrising, Ryse and Forza are 5, 6 & 7 respectively, and all three combined don’t equal Killzone’s numbers.

          • Crapgamer

            You mean the made up VGChartz? I guess we’ll just have to wait and see how it turns out, lucky for me, I’m a gamer and not an executive that has to worry about how many games sold.

          • Allen

            Made up vgchartz that many reputable companies have been writing articles based upon.

            yeah that one. it’s numbers are pretty accurate dude.

    • Crapgamer

      You can copy and paste lists from a site that uses no official data. I always get a chuckle when people use VGChartz…lol

      • Country Boy Lucifer

        And you can live in denial that it isn’t a true picture of the gaming landscape

        • Crapgamer

          Where do you think VGChartz get their information from exactly? They aren’t even accurate when it comes to console sales and the companies come right out and tell us what they’ve sold.

          • Country Boy Lucifer

            only a fool would look at all of the evidence available and say that xbox one was any where near the ps4 with regards to game and console pre orders

          • Crapgamer

            Lucky for me, I’m a gamer who likes to play games. I don’t really care about sales numbers, if I did I’d be a huge fan of the Nintendo Wii, which dominated an entire generation.

            I pre-ordered an Xbox One because they have the exclusives, the dedicated servers and the features I want as a consumer. That’s the bottom line for me as a gamer.

          • Country Boy Lucifer

            Well surely you would go with the console that historically has the highest rated and most exclusives and has the most diverse range of exclusives announced for the up coming gen? that would be the ps4 as i’ve demonstrated.

          • Mattress

            The games coming out for PS4 at launch are “meh” in my opinion. If the PS4 titles improve during its lifetime, like they inevitably will, then I will think about getting one at that point. But at launch – I don’t believe there is anything compelling from Sony.

          • Country Boy Lucifer

            The exclusives coming out for both at launch aint great, i’d say killzone and possibly dead rising 3 would be the 2 exclusives that look decent enough, although i’d be worried about dead rising based on how lack luster the last ones were.

            announced games are a different story, looks to be some genuine special games coming to ps4 and to be fair on x1 they have the odd game that looks interesting

          • gbg

            nothing you have at launch looks good as Ryse. And as good as killzone the failed Halo Killer would be, the multiplayer will pale in comparison to Xbox. The PS3.5 is not for multiplayer games.

          • Country Boy Lucifer

            oh i’m sorry what great multiplayer game will you be playing at launch?

            ohhh this must be embarrassing for you

          • Mattress

            I agree they’re both not great. The game that swung my vote was Titanfall. And seeing as I was going to get a X1 for that game (come March / April) then it made sense to buy the console at launch as there won’t be a price drop before then.

            I believe Titanfall will be the next big “Call of Duty”-esque game. I believe it will cater to both the casual and the hardcore crowd and gain popular appeal. Hell, even the Japanese were raving about the game at TGS and they typically hate MS products.

          • GK15

            Ryse is one the games I’m most excited about. A lot of people hate on it, but it looks frickin awesome imo

          • gbg

            You can’t count PS3.5 android/iOS games for exclusives

          • Country Boy Lucifer

            lol you mad?

          • gbg

            A lot of people are holding out for digital downloads. Preorders don’t contain that number. I personally and alot of people I know don’t want to deal with another disc.

          • Country Boy Lucifer


          • Blarg

            Don’t listen to Mark, Roadshow and all those Sony trolls.
            If you want real discussions here, speak to me, Facts First or IHATEHIPSTERSSS.

          • Allen

            Yeah if you want to stay blinded to the truth then you can sit in a circle with those 3 ass clowns and stroke each others caulks like you prob. did all generation.

            So far Crapgamer has a perfect name for what he prefers and fits in perfectly with the biggest trolls this site has ever seen.

          • Shannon Novosel

            Yes talk too 3 of the biggest trolls on here who know nothing meaning Blarg, Facts First, and IHATEHIPSTERSSS

        • Mattress

          What you seem to forget is most couldn’t care less about what everyone else gets (other than our immediate friends). All we care about is having fun, gaming experiences ourselves. X1 will certainly provide those experiences and much more! Just as the PS4 will.

          • Lacerz

            True, but you’re missing the whole point of the flaming fanboy war that this article’s headline was obviously meant to spark!

          • Mattress

            *Applause* Well played, AOTFB! Well played!

    • Allen

      Xbox One will do okay this next gen but just that…just okay. It will never see #1 spot all generation, I say for any territory and world wide.

      • Crapgamer

        Microsoft will do very well in North America, they still do well in North America with the Xbox 360, even though they haven’t had a price cut in 4 years. Sony has done 3 price cuts and come out with some pretty good games and still couldn’t beat out the Xbox 360 here in sales for the last 30+ months.

        I’ll never understand why gamer’s care so much about numbers sold, I care about fun games, great features and that’s about it.

        • Allen

          OMG you think that’s a good thing!

          M$ sits there and ass rapes the gaming community. No way in freaking hell should 360 be as expensive as PS3.

          Yes, M$ won NA market but lost in worldwide despite an 8 million lead in the first console gen where online play is a major factor and a year headstart. That’s freaking pathetic.

          PS3 has come damn close to 360 in NA but no, they have never been able to topple them in this market only. Everywhere else and world wide Xbox gets it’s ass handed to it.

          You care about games and great features? No blu ray, no browser for 8 years, no wifi for 5 years – add $100, almost no exclusives for the last 3 years in a row, no free exclusive content, worthless subscription service with absolutely not 1 “feature” to speak of, only access to basic features no one else anywhere else pay for.

          • Crapgamer

            If there is a demand for it, why lower the price? Sony was forced to lower the price of the PS3 numerous times to compete, and no..Sony isn’t close in North America, Microsoft has 17+ million more Xbox 360’s sold in North America than PS3’s.

            You look at things in a weird way, as a businessman I can say it was never about “winning” or “losing” a numbers race. Sony dominated back to back generations and owned almost 100% of the marketshare, thanks to the Xbox 360 and Wii, Sony lost a ton of marketshare, and even though the PS3 has gone on to sell 80 million, but this time in the PS2’s life it was over 100 million sold. The Xbox sold 24 million, the Xbox 360 over 80 million. The Gamecube sold 22 million, the Wii sold over 100 million. The PS2 sold 150 million, the PS3 80 million. So of all the companies, the PS3 was the only decline.

            I care about great features, love Netflix, Hulu, Redbox and all that, but I have to admit..I don’t own any Blu-ray movies. I have a wifi Xbox 360 since 2010 and have never used it, I plug mine in directly…have since the start.

            I think you think too much of Sony and your

          • Allen

            I wouldn’t say Sony had to put in the last batch of price cuts, how many freaking years since 360 came down? I also am not sure you are right about your overall numbers in NA. I’m talking about weekly sales, the 360 only has about 10,000 more in the US per week with PS3 being 40,000-60,000 more world wide each week.

            You are the one looking at things in a weird way. You are acting like Xbox single handedly took that market share from Sony. Here’s what happened:

            Wii came out very innovative and cheap. Casual gamers picked it up, Retro gamers picked it up and family/kid gamers picked it up. Wii fit came at the perfect time and it went on to be the best selling Nintendo ever…3rd place in overall sales.

            Xbox 360 played a dirty trick. It rushed hardware to gain market share and it worked. It was the consumer that suffered – 33-55% failures for 5+ years. 8 million lead in the “FIRST CONSOLE GEN WHERE ONLINE PLAY IS A MAJOR FACTOR” is huge. Then all the RROD rebuys and don’t act like there weren’t hundreds of thousands of rebuys if not millions.

            Then Sony was cocky. They came a year late and at $600 and expected everyone to just gobble it up so it took some time. But despite an uphill battle the entire way and huge benefit in Xbox’s court Sony made the 4th best selling console of all time.

            I’m not trying to dis Xbox’s accomplishments. They did a good job setting the bar for console online play and made a name for themselves. But they are total jack asses in the process and certainly don’t care about the gamer or delivering through the entire consoles life.

            The exclusives 360 has had for the last 4 years are simply pathetic.

            Wifi is great and I don’t care if “you” don’t use it. The gamer value is what we are talking about here and Xbox has no “value”.

            Blu ray is simply the best way to watch HD on our expensive ass HDTV’s again I don’t care if “you” don’t use it. Over the years it’s been great to have blu ray as an option when DVD’s are out of stock or for the high end flicks.

            Simply in every way that a gamer loves consoles Xbox sucks. It costs the most and gives the least and that’s a fact.

          • Mattress

            Chill out mate! He wrote a perfectly reasonable response to your post. And yet you reply with “M$ sits there and ass rapes the gaming community”. Now we’re all sorry that MS abducted you and forced you through, what must have been, some pretty awful and inhumane torture experiences (hopefully not involving you ass) – but the fact of the matter is that not a lot of people have had the experiences you have had with MS.

            Breathe, relax, and whooosaaaah!

          • Allen

            Dude fk you and thank you at the same time. This crapgamer is just that. Crap gamer although I can see that yes he did get under my skin and I was getting a bit angry.

            It’s these half ass hole mother fkers that act like they are not a biased lying sac of $hit that piss me off the most. Those are the ones that lure unsuspecting people into a pile of lying $hit when they are out there trying to get unbiased information.

          • Mattress

            Haha. Just accept the fact that everyone in some way or another is biased. Obviously some of us more than others. But there is nothing wrong with Crapgamer (and I) preferring the Xbox over the PS4. Just like there is nothing wrong with your choice of the PS4.

          • Allen

            Well since you are knowledgeable I can respect your opinion. I don’t agree with it but I will respect it.

            Xbox one is loads better than 360 ever was in terms of offering quality & features the competition has.

            I absolutely hate that everything is paywalled, the kinect required, high price & no free games for subscription or really any type of feature at all for the subscription but that’s such a little list compared to the problems with 360.

          • Mattress

            And see that is just where we differ. The “paywall” doesn’t really bother me. I found good value in paying for solid, stable online experiences with my 360. I personally don’t know how PS3 users survived without cross-game party chat. The 360 party chat system alone saved me hundreds of dollars of phone calls to my friends. I’d just text them and we’d chat online via xbox live.

            I’m excited about the Kinect and the possibilities – I’ve never had one. Talking to my TV and console and have it do things will make me feel like I’m living in the future.

            Price is comparative to the PS4 if I were to include the PS Eye, which in my opinion is not as good as Kinect and is obviously not being as supported by Sony as by MS.

            The no free games for subscription I am definitely jealous of. But I’m weary as to whether Sony will continue it into the future in the same vein they have been. If they do, I hope MS step up to the mark and offer a similar service (not the crap they’re feeding us now).

          • Allen

            You see you are trying to imply that PSN is not solid or stable when you know it is. Xbox Live is no different except is has cross game chat and you have to pay for it. There is no need to pour out hard earned money on XBL when PC and Playstation offer the exact same experience for free and online play has always been free. We need to set up our expectations with these companies and the support of xbox set up the expectation from gamers that we are willing to pay good money for nothing really. For stuff no one else any where else has to pay for.

            There is all sorts of chat functions on PS3 for free. Video chat, group chat and messaging. I don’t see the benefit of chatting with anyone that is playing a different game but the small amount of load time to joining friends is a game is the only time the party chat is useful and it’s just really not a big deal.

            Playstation will have voice control and gesture control as well. The $40 with more power and features in PS4 court is a big deal to me but that’s fine. Also PS Move is a far superior motion device. Just saying, you can only do so much without buttons and the move is extremly accurate. When you hold a sword in the game it’s like its in real life. 3D, 1:1 ratio accurate in every way. I do almost wish Sony were bundling the eye because I too see the benefit of everyone having the same hardware that developers can depend upon. But oh well, the new eye is an impressive piece of tech and combine that with the light bar on the controller in addition to the move which already has hard core games out for it on PS3 and it’s a clear winner for me.

            Again if it weren’t for the support of Xbox and XBL when there was no need then we wouldn’t have to worry about Playstation pay to play or if it would continue to be worth it. Now we have to worry about if Nintendo pay to play will be worth it and then I seriously see that PC could be pay to play. This new Steam OS intrigues me. If PS+ doesn’t remain worth it that would be a viable option however it’s their OS, they could go pay to play too. Steam and Origin could team up and go pay to play. They could team with the publishers and only allow all digital via Steam/Origin pay to play.

            All in all I’m happy you are excited for the Xbox one and I’m sure you will have a fine experience. I would be sick to my stomach every time I played it but we obviously have very different views on the gaming industry and where it’s heading.

    • Liam

      Link please.

      • Country Boy Lucifer

        link for what? not sure what you’re responding to

        • Liam

          A link to the pre-order statistics. Thanks

          • Country Boy Lucifer

            can’t post links but just type in xbox one vs ps4 pre orders into google and there is plenty of info

    • TheScienceEnthusiast1130

      $$$hitzone: $$$hadow £PIC FAIL

    • JP

      god bless you

  • MARTY92


  • Lacerz

    Microsoft’s marketing strategy has become hilarious! “We’re not the weaker system! We are winning the gaming message!” Whatever it takes to make them feel better about how poorly this launch has been. The Xbox 360 OWNED North America, but that is all gone with this next generation. With Europe, Japan and especially China, now that they’re rejoining the console market, Microsoft is about to get spanked.

  • Mike E. Delta

    Ah…boys will be girls… <- …and THAT's for gender equality*! lol =p

    *granted, I'd have to add all the rest just to be fair, but I'll let the public fill it in…

  • Wizard of Peace

    As facts first would say i only tell the truth!

  • TheScienceEnthusiast1130

    Finally, all the ignorant $$$onydrones can SHUT UP.

  • jaskdavis

    Good Morning everybo… O_O MY GOD, WAR IS UPON US!

    • Mattress

      It’s brilliant – jump in and get amongst! It’s more fun that way!

      • jaskdavis

        Yeah I have already been in this with these guys, Crapgamer has valid arguments to keep up with Allen and Mark, He got fight in him! lol

        • EP1C


        • GK15

          Been there many times with both of them, lol

  • TheScienceEnthusiast1130

    Obviously, while the “$$$hit$$$tation 4” is sucking even more.

  • Kevyne Collins

    The reasons for me to not touch a Sony device again has grown. I used to love Playstation. I used to be proud to defend it. No longer. Because of the fans. So fucking childish. So many kids. Kid like mentality. It’s what a kid would do. That mentality is guiding the lot of you. I had to punch out a dude because he didn’t like that I like what Xbox has to offer. What kind of person do you have to be to get engaged to the point you have to throw a punch? And just because you prefer one thing over something else?

    It may not affect you right now, but man. One day. You’re gonna wake up and realize that you’re a Sony product. Much like those Apple guys. Not respectable at all. Your opinion is yours. It’s not fact. The PR term gets thrown around a lot. How is it PR when the guys who built the system are stating “you know nothing about our console because we’ve built it in a way that doesn’t add up via current number gathering methods”. They’ve created a new standard for their device and it’s “No. Microsoft lies because that’s what everyone is saying and I believe people who know nothing over the people who do know something.” And it doesn’t even register that Microsoft cannot lie to you due to International law. They lie. Classaction lawsuit takes out Microsoft for good. Forever. Microsoft doesn’t exist anymore.

    They have spent too much money to lie. They have everything to lose if they do lie. It is not worth it. So f*** all of you who say “Microsoft are liars” because that is impossible. It’s not logical. And if you believe that, you are literally the most immature and brainless sheep on the planet.

    Talk about ego hurt Sony fans. Most of you are the worst fans on the planet. You have officially outclassed Apple by a huge margin. Its garbage. You sold your soul just so you can boast that “we are better”. What does being better get you? Nothing. Doesn’t bring cheaper games. If it makes you happy, your life is sad and I pity you. This is the highlight of your day. Congratulations. You prize is an empty box labeled self-importance. You gain nothing from anyone else by putting people down over your opinion. So why are you doing it? I’ll answer that for you.

    “Because I can.”

    • Allen

      You are a moron. You write this total BS and act like you are better than everyone else.

      You had to “punch out” a dude? Man I get heated and there may have been a couple i’ve ran into online that I wouldn’t mind smacking around a little but you are the one off the deep end.

      You don’t see Sony fans here spewing bull $hit. It’s not just Microsoft that lies it’s mostly their fans like you.

      All that you wrote and you didn’t even tell us why you prefer xbox or is it supposedly because of the Sony fans. If that’s true then you are even a bigger loser than I thought. You deny yourself because of a few squeaky wheels that don’t sit well with you?

      Xbox has fundamental problems with it. With it’s product and services, with it’s quality, with it’s consumer relationships. That is what is wrong with xbox. Oh and 360 and the support of it effectively killed free online play…that is your fault, game websites fault and game retailers fault. Xbox sat there and offered the least, cost the most in every single way and US gamers just flocked to it which sent a message loud and clear to Sony. They can $hit on your and you will still come back asking for more of that steamy pile of $hit.

      Let’s just hope that PS+ remains a valuable service, that Micro$oft follows Sony’s lead and finally gives something for the “subscription” other than access to basic features no one else any where else charges for and lets hope it’s some good time before Nintendo and PC go pay to play. People just ruined free online play just to ruin it, like a bunch of a$$ holes that ruin a good camp sight or natural wonder just to ruin it. Just to leave your $hitty mark on the world. thanks a lot.

      • Kevyne Collins

        I am not overall better than everyone, however I will not deny that I am better than you fanboys. So in this case, the message was meant to portray me as better than you. And I don’t care what you think. I elevated myself. I stood back, looked at the big picture. You haven’t. And yes, I do see Sony fans spewing utter bullshit.

        You guys always state opinions as fact. “The games look better on PS4.” Wrong according to the numbers. Also highly subjective. “PS4 is 50% more powerful.” Wrong. Why? Cause Microsoft has created a new measuring tool for their console. It is much more powerful than the numbers suggest. They’ve said that. “PR BULLSHIT!” That is something they cannot lie about. You are talking about the death of a Tech Giant if they do lie. The single most massive lawsuit in world history. Microsoft will die. There will be only Apple and Google.

        And that is your opinion that Xbox has fundamental problems with the product and services!!! Because you know what? No Developer you can name has…uh…come forwards and said it. The only problem with Xbox Live is the pay wall for Netflix and Hulu. Those things. That is it. Xbox Live runs perfectly. They make money. And they put that money they make to use and make Xbox and Xbox Live better. R&D. 3 billion. The money Microsoft spent on R&D. It goes directly back. None of it pocketed. They have problems, but they fix. Micrsoft works on the cutting edge. They are willing to risk a fuck up, such as RRoD, to make something truly different and awesome. And they gladly fixed that shit for free. Took a money loss to keep you, the fan, happy.

        ALSO. Free to play is dead because it is not sustainable. Why? Microtransactions are waaayyy too high. And not many people will pay for them because the game is not worth it. The developer cannot sustain that. They need the money. That is why the DRM was there. Developer gets much more money back. And you get cheaper, better games. They have more money to spend. That is why all the good games come to consoles. It is logic. So what Microsoft did? THEY HELPED PEOPLE TO GET YOU BETTER QUALITY GAMES. So for all those dollar signs you love to put up instead of s’s, that money was going to use for your entertainment. Not in someone’s personal pocket. That is developer money. So guys like the people who made Journey. They can stay open. They have little to worry about. They can go for a second great game.

        So you man. You are so naive dude. You need money to make games. You need money to maintain them. You need money to stay open. The key words is money. So it wasn’t the consumers or websites or companies screwing you for their high price. It’s the people who put in hard work to make the engines and the hardware and the software tools controlling this business. They control everything. AMD. Nvidia. Havok. Coiltronics. Intel. IBM. ASUS. Those guys and guys like them. If you would just get over yourself, put that nice, capable brain of yours to use, you’d figure it out.

        This world is not what you think you know. It is what you know and what you don’t know that tells you what you know because you know it or part of it, or none of it. Connect the dots.

        • Kevyne Collins

          And by the way. I like Microsoft because I like what games are on it. Arcade, Indie, or triple-A. It suits me. I don’t play j-rpg’s. I play RPG, racers, FPS’s, sports, and I watch movies and tv shows. So. For me, the pay wall doesn’t exist. I pay to play games. And I get to watch movies too it so happens. Netflix and Hulu. I like that when payed for Xbox Live all these years, that money has surfaced as 300,000 company hosted servers. I helped pay for making that happen. Making the draw on consoles less so more power can be offered. I payed to make something better. And Microsoft gets to keep being cutting edge and pushing the envelope to bring something awesome, like Kinect and Illumiroom.

        • Allen

          And once again you didn’t say a damn thing but utter bull $hit oh and PS4 is more powerful but I don’t see any Sony fan blabbering about how it’s 50% more powerful, just that it is and it’s a freaking fact and Xbox has said this themselves.

          You obviously have no idea how the world works and should keep your opinions to yourself.

          OMG you are so blind, you think M$ actually puts the 2.75 billion per year + revenue from ads on home page back into the service!? And you are freaking calling me naive?

          I’m done with you, write your book of a comment all you want. You have absolutely no leg to stand on and prove your idiocy with every comment.

          • Kevyne Collins

            Where has Xbox said that themselves? And what am I stating that is bullshit? Explain to me how I am an idiot. I’m waiting buddy.

            And how am I blind? You act as if…commercials don’t cost money. E3 doesn’t cost money. Microsoft is only a gaming business right? It doesn’t has Surface, Office, Redmond campus to maintain and fund. Taxes. I am sooooo blind. Yeah. Microsoft is all about Xbox and that money isn’t being put to use anywhere else where it’s needed. For a sector of a company who likes to spend on stuff like FilmSpeed for no reason other than to show you “look at how cool this is”.

            And let’s get something straight, Mr. Knowitall. Most of what I have stated is fact. Not all of it, but most of it. It’s in fact. On paper. On record. You can touch it. However what you are saying is…your opinion. And that’s fine. Walk to the ends of the Earth in your own world.

            I’m out here living. I don’t like being lied to. I pride myself on getting to the bottom of things. Most basic. I find shit out. I’m willing to be wrong. I will admit I am. Will you? Don’t criticize me for my harsh methods to get you to use your fucking head. I’m impatient to people who are so locked in to themselves and what they know, they stop learning and are content because in that moment, they are right and that won’t change if they don’t move. They go off of what is known. Pretend like something new can’t be learned. Do the research on your own. Go ahead. Do not take my word for it. Pretend like I don’t exist. And find out for yourself.

          • Allen

            OMG…you are beyond help.

            “And how am I blind? You act as if…commercials don’t cost money. E3 doesn’t cost money. Microsoft is only a gaming business right? It doesn’t has Surface, Office, Redmond campus to maintain and fund. Taxes”

            What the flying fk is this comment about? This just proves you don’t know what you are talking about.

            On the PS4 power note Albert Penello had this to say. He admits PS4 has more power but is trying to write it off like it’s not going to be much of a difference. This has been debated a lot since his initial comment and he had to come back and lighten his tone.

            “I’m not saying they haven’t built a good system – I’m merely saying that anyone who wants to die on their sword over this 30%+ power advantage are going to be fighting an uphill battle over the next 10 years…”

          • Kevyne Collins

            I don’t need help man. You just keep pointing out stuff and then you give up. You concede defeat.

            That comment of mine is response to this comment of yours: “OMG you are so blind, you think M$ actually puts the 2.75 billion per
            year + revenue from ads on home page back into the service!? And you are
            freaking calling me naive?”

            Don’t try to make me look stupid by using my quote in the wrong context. I won’t fall for that man. I respect you. You’re firey. I’m not sure you are a fanboy as I was talking about. You’ve just settled down in what you know and you cannot do that in any facet of the Tech world because there is always something new. Always some definitions getting re-defined. Re-utilized. There is always something new that is unknown.

            So I do know what I am talking about. I’m addressing everything you throw at me. You’re being picky. As for that Albert Penello piece from Reddit which I have read. Where does he say…”PS4 is more powerful than Xbox One”? Where is that clear? Cause AMD hasn’t said it. AMD said “PS4 has the most powerful APU to date”. They never said it was the most powerful console.


            The date was Febuary 26th 2013. When was the Xbox Reveal? (May) When was the Xbox finished and put into production (August)? AMD has literally nothing to lose by calling the PS4 the most powerful console. So why haven’t they?

    • James

      Generalising people like that after few bad experiences is just wrong and doeesn’t make you look good. Every company has stupid fanboys and genuine fans who like to discuss and debated with an open mind

      But I think you have posted this in the wrong site. This site has a lot of great unbias Sony and MS fans but when it comes to stupid fanboys its mostly MS trolls. Words like “childish” and “Your opinion is yours. It’s not fact.” is perfectly suited to them.

      Ofc I can give you examples.
      Im just inviting you to look at the profiles of people like Fact First, Blarg, Hipster, Zohak Diaz,
      TheScienceEnthusiast1130. These are pure MS troll who talks crap all day and will never have a serious debate, We had a Sony idiot called Oscar but looks like he is no longer here.

      There are people like RoadShow and Mark Danger Hopps who are Sony fans who can get in your face but at least they discuss and I have seen them criticise Sony at times.

      Oh also, MS lies, but so does Sony or Nintendo. Thats part of the marketing game. I could give you an example of MS lies if you want now its just too late, Im going to bed.

      • Mattress

        It wouldn’t surprise me if all (or half) of those names are run by just one or two people.

      • Kevyne Collins

        James. I wasn’t necessarily generalizing. I suppose I could have differentiated a bit more. This comment was meant to address the people that fit the criteria. Sorry if some of you felt insulted. It goes both ways, but I’ve been across the internet and Sony fanboys outnumber Xbox fanboys 5 to 1.

        • James

          I didn’t feel insulted but I just felt it didn’t make sense that you came here on this site(attackofthefanboy) and lash on about Sony fanboys when most fanboys here are actually MS fanboys.

          Also saying Sony fanboys outnumber MS fanboys 5 to 1 is only your opinion. I feel its about 50-50. But the thing is we both don’t know what are the true numbers. But that doesn’t matter a stupid trolling fanboy should be bashed whatever console he supports. Will you bash an idiotic MS fanboy who talks nonsense about Sony?

          • Kevyne Collins

            Oh hell yeah I will. And it’s not bash. It’s more of…inform in the harshest way possible.

    • Boz

      “They have spent too much money to lie” can we get some proof. Last I checked MS cant give a strait story they remind me of John Kerry, flip flopping there minds. Look I use to be a fanboy of the 360 but since they slapped us in the face then changed their minds. I don’t think I can trust them. Now the other thing that bugs me is the paywalls and that was just the topping on the cake. I had hopped they would learn but alas they did not.

      • Kevyne Collins

        Yet you go to Sony. The company that lied more than any other console company in existence. Check your facts. You’re leaving the one company who is upfront with you about what they’re doing with Xbox no matter what. And they’ve had to ADJUST to people like you, Boz, because you overreacted to DRM. The thing Steam does to bring you….5 dollar games…30 dollar games new…OH. That was a bad idea.

        Instead of you coming up with ANY idea, you threw a hissy fit like a little bitch. Like a little girl. Anything. Any idea to help. Such as the idea I had, which is a disc watermark system where once you install you own the disc permanently and get a rebate of 10 dollars at least. What was your contribution? Bitching. That’s it.

        And you say you need proof. From the United Nations fucking mouth. What more proof do you need? So. Continue your tantrum. Go right on sir. Instead of following the leader and being a sheep, you should learn that everything you hear is not true…You have to have the brain to not be mislead. Microsoft has NEVER. EVER. EVER. Mislead you. Ever. FACT. Sony on the other hand…………Also fact they have mislead you.

        • Boz

          So what makes you think that I did not submit any Ideals? I did send MS several Ideals such as doing like PC games key codes, take for instance windows does if your copy is not legit, charge a small fee for a new cd key depending on the company that produces the game. I also made a formal suggestion to remove the paywalls and create a bundle without the Kinect for all my suggestion you know what I got NOTHING. Not even a generated computer reply.

          On another note once the dust settles I will see how things look. I do as of now play most game on the 360 but don’t use the live service unless its given as a gift (Christmas time). For now I will be going with a PS4. And I follow no one Im not an Apple drone or a Sony drone either I defended MS for many years up till now.

          As for bitching you sound like the bitch bag here I was giving my opinion of about what MS has done. And your link doesn’t prove anything.

  • DiamondDogs1

    I feel it is still too early to tell who’s winning the games message. On both sides the launch aren’t the best they can be and they aren’t horrible.

    Microsoft shouldn’t use E3 Awards and other statistics as a legit bragging point because most of the time E3 other gaming events are just covered by extreme gaming enthusiast who are super juiced up on anything they see that is new. When I decide to buy a game I don’t let e3 awards or reviews choose if I will get it or not.

    Down the road the launch isn’t going to matter. It’s also still vague and subtly subjective to say you’re winning the “Games Message”. The launch on both consoles are almost close to contrasting.

    • Mattress

      It’s too early to tell who is winning fullstop – games or hardware. We won’t know the answer to those questions until a year or two in and both systems have a decent set of exclusives etc. Then you can compare sales of hardware and games. For all we know, Kinect might be the next Wii. You just never know which fad will hit the big-time.

  • Duke

    I will admit, the Xbox One launch line up looks better, but since we only know of inFamous Second Son and the Order 1886 for next year, anything goes… You can’t deny that Sony has an absolute powerhouse in Naughty Dog and so many other well respected 1st party devs, not to mention very good relationships with 2nd party devs… Not saying Microsoft doesn’t either, it’s just Sony also has broader horizons…

  • DiFiasco

    If I tell myself that I’m pretty – that means I am, right?

  • Andrew

    Didn’t Microsoft use PCs way more powerful than the actual Xbox One hardware at E3?

  • PS4

    I Am The PS4.
    Micro$oft loves money.