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Xbox’s Kinect is Officially Dead

| October 25, 2017

Xbox's Kinect is Officially Dead News  Xbox One Microsoft Kinect

Microsoft made a big deal about its Kinect accessory over the years, and for good reason. The sensor was pretty revolutionary in how well it could track motion, recognize faces and other objects, and use the player’s voice for features within the game and console. Despite all of this the Kinect never truly caught on, though it sold over 35 million units across Xbox 360 and Xbox One. And now, seven years after its debut, Microsoft has confirmed that Kinect is officially dead, with production ceasing across the board.

The announcement comes via Fast Co Designs who learned directly from Microsoft about the end of Kinect. This shift will come as little surprise to gamers, who have seen Microsoft go from focusing on Kinect games and including it in every Xbox One purchase, to not mentioning the device at E3 and phasing it out of new consoles. The Xbox One S allowed you to use the Kinect, but lacked the proprietary connection it used, requiring owners to purchase or apply for a free adapter.

As far as why the Kinect has shifted so much into the background over the years, Microsoft had this to say, “When we introduced Xbox One, we designed it to have the best experience with the Kinect. That was our goal with the Xbox One launch,” says Matthew Lapsen, GM of Xbox Devices Marketing. “And like all product launches, you monitor that over time, you learn and adjust.” What they found was that gamers cared more about game performance than the features of the Kinect, so they invested accordingly.

It’s currently unclear if there is any future for Kinect, which did branch out beyond gaming to be used in science and education fields. Microsoft has released many tools for developers to utilize Kinect, and these might be discontinued as well. Those with a Kinect can still get support for the device, as long as the warranty is valid.

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  • They should have killed this garbage ages ago. It had potential but obviously they were trying to aim at kids and family, where their true audience were adults and serious gamers.

  • Facts First

    Wow, really? I still use mine everyday. Maybe not to play games, but for simple tasks like screenshots and videos using voice isn’t bad.

    • Kyle Hanson

      I ended up using it a lot more than I ever thought I would. If I can’t carry mine over to newer Xbox’s I’ll be pretty sad. I just want the voice commands (I turned Cortana off after about half a minute).

      • Allen

        Lol you ban good people that are knowledgeable about the gaming industry who strive for community excellence and knowledge and now I come back and see facts first (green rings) still here and you talking to him like he’s some great guy. This site fucked up bad

        • Facts First

          I never got banned. Maybe because I don’t personally attack people and get into long back and forth arguments that go way off topic. This site might have f-ed up but at least they now how to take out the trash. These comments were a disgrace when they were letting you and your friends say whatever you want. It’s a new era. I hope you enjoyed the last 4 years. I’m being told that the XboneX shits all over the ps4 pro, but you’re probably still too cheap to have saved up and actually went for that.

  • crizz1066

    Yeah after M$ forced the devlopment cost etc onto it’s customer base.
    Kinnect was a pile of cr*p from the beggining. It never worked properly, didnt understand any accents, lag was terrible. Then they had the cheek to call it “integral” and force it on it supposed “cared for and loved” customer base. Yeah more like just another reveune stream thats all you are yo M$. Don’t let philly boys sweet words diswade you otherwwise.

    The kinnect is a great lesson, in how to force your customers to pay for you R&D!!!!

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