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XCOM arrives for iOS on June 20th

by William Schwartz


XCOM: Enemy Unknown will release on June 20th for iOS devices.  The strategy title from Firaxis was first revealed back at PAX East, and has had fans excited about the possibility of touch controls on best rated games of 2012.  XCOM: Enemy Unknown on iOS won’t come cheap, however.

For those interested in saving human kind from the alien onslaught, you’ll need to pay up.  XCOM: Enemy Unknown will launch at $19.99 on the App Store.  It should be worth it though.  From what we’ve seen of the game, it’s been carefully ported to iOS, carrying with it nearly everything that made the Xbox, PlayStation, and PC versions immensely popular.   2K Games says that everything will make it into the iOS version except for the multiplayer portion of the game, which will be added later in a free update.

You’ll need a more current iOS device to play XCOM: Enemy Unknown as well.  No devices earlier than the iPad 2 will be able to play the game.

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