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YouTube Comes To Nintendo Switch Today

No more switching devices to watch videos

by Jacob Bukacek


At long last, YouTube is available on Nintendo Switch. Users can got to the Nintendo eShop and download it for free right now if they want. The app isn’t easily found on the front page, so those who want it will have to do a quick search, but it’s there all the same. It’s a feature some have felt that the Switch has been sorely lacking since launch, so it’s quite nice to see it finally resolved.

The app itself isn’t particularly special; it’s just the basic YouTube app seen on just about every device out there. Users can scroll through videos using the left joycon’s thumbstick, search for videos using either the control stick and buttons or the Switch’s touch screen functionality, and sign in with their google account to see their personalized selection of content. This includes any content purchased on the user’s account.

Curiously, there’s even an option to link the Switch to one’s TV just like one would a smart phone. The Switch’s dock would render this a useless feature at home, but it could come in handy if one absolutely needs their friends to see the video they’re watching and a smart TV is sitting nearby. Also, the Switch app is fully compatible with 360-degree videos, so fans of such content won’t have to worry about compromise when watching on the Switch.

The Switch’s video offerings still don’t quite measure up to what’s on the other home consoles, smart phones, and tablets, but this is definitely a good step forward. All they really need now is Netflix.

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