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Starhawk Private Multiplayer Beta Begins Next Week

Starhawk proved to be an impressive multiplayer experience this year at E3 2011, and as we inch closer to the release date for the space bound shooter the promised beta for the game is about to begin. The first round of beta invites will be heading out from LightBox Interactive as they begin to put the finishing touches on the multiplayer side of things.

Rewind: The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim has made it's way into many gamers' homes, and the reviews confirm all the hype that was fed to us since it's announcement. Of course before Skyrim, there was Oblivion which laid the foundation for the game and quest mechanics of Skyrim.

Metal Gear Solid 5 In The Works

Hideo Kojima has made no secrets about his desire to walk away from the popular Metal Gear Solid franchise, but today, word has come down the line that he is indeed working on Metal Gear Solid 5. In a recent report from the Official PlayStation Magazine UK, the legendary developer spoke about the franchise's history, and where it's headed.

DICE Snubbed for Best Graphics in Battlefield 3

The nominees for the 2011 Spike VGAs have been announced, and one notable game that wasn't included in this year's selection of games in the Best Graphics Category was Battlefield 3 from DICE. Regardless of the preference in gameplay styles in first person shooters, DICE's revamped Frostbite 2 Engine is definitely easy on the eyes.

Saints Row: The Third Exclusive PS3 Content Revealed

Saints Row: The Third launched earlier this week, and PlayStation owners were feeling a little betrayed when there was no sign of any exclusive content that they were promised with the game. While THQ hasn't offered any statement on the lack of this exclusive mode that was touted at E3 back in 2010, they did make good on giving PS3 gamers a little some extra.

Metal Gear Solid: Rising VGA Teaser Trailer

The next iteration of the Metal Gear Solid series is on the way, and from what we've seen so far it's going to be a big departure from the traditional MGS gameplay. Playing as Raiden, the sword toting badass, it looks like you'll definitely have some new tricks up your sleeve.

Sony Launching Internet Television Service for PS3?

According to recent reports from the Wall Street Journal, Sony is preparing to go head on with cable providers such as DirecTV and Comcast with an internet based television service. The service which is said to have been built to take on the biggest of competitors will be launched on Sony's vast catalog of electronic devices, such as the PlayStation 3 sitting right next to your cable receiver.

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