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Modern Warfare 3 Off to an “Amazing” Start

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 may have seen the light of day before Activision was ready to take the wraps off of the game, but due to fast reaction to leaks, the company capitalized off of the buzz that Kotaku recently created. Eric Hirshberg commended his teams working on the game, in a recent memo that was obtained by Giant Bomb.

Dirt 3 Embargo Lifts: Critics Love It

Dirt 3 reviews went live this morning and by most accounts, Codemasters nailed it with the latest in their line of racing titles. Dirt 3 is as it sounds, a rally inspired racing game that has you driving the most hazardous terrains in a wide variety of race specific vehicles.

Play Mortal Kombat Online Without Pass

Mortal Kombat released just prior to the PSN going down for a few weeks, and now that its back, those that purchased Mortal Kombat have found themselves unable to access the online features of the game, because of the reliance on an online pass.

Bungie’s “Destiny” Uncertain

Whatever Bungie is working on up in Washington is a highly secretive operation. With no plans to have a major presence at E3 2011, it looks like the guessing games will continue until further notice from the developer.

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