Rainbow Six Siege How to Get Renown

There aren't many ways to farm renown anymore.

by AOTF Staff

In Rainbow Six Siege Renown is a currency that you get for playing the game.  Renown is used for a bunch of different things.  Most importantly though, if you don’t want to pay for Operators like the ones that are released with each seasonal update you’ve either gotta pay with Renown or pruchase Rainbow Six currency to unlock them.  If you don’t want to pay or don’t have the time to farm renown you’re going to want to do the activities that earn you Renown the fastest.  There have been many tweaks to the system so we’ve gone ahead and looked at the changes to the Renown system in 2019 to see just how much you earn from the different activities in the Rainbow Six Siege.

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You can earn Renown from just about every activity in Rainbow Six Siege, but some earn more Renown than others.  Below we’ll list the different ways to earn Renown in Rainbow Six Siege.

Renown Rewards for Different Game Modes in Rainbow Six Siege (2019)

Game Modes Renown
Ranked PvP Win Around 300 Renown
Ranked PvP Loss Around 135 Renown
Casual PvP Win Around 250 Renown
Casual PvP Loss Around 125 Renown
Lone Wolf Terrorist Hunt Win Around 36 Renown
Lone Wolf Terrorist Hunt Loss Between 0-36 Renown
Multiplayer Terrorist Hunt Win Between 75-125 Renown
Multiplayer Terrorist Hunt Loss Between 36-50 Renown
Custom Games 0 Renown

*This data comes from playing at least 25 matches of each listed item and were our personal results.  Your results may be higher or lower depending on the specific variables of your match.  

Farming Renown in Rainbow Six Siege (2019)

Ubisoft has really cracked down on solo Terrorist Hunt Renown farming.  As you can see in the table above, it pays the absolute least out of any activity and it can be pretty time consuming.  There are some caveats, like doing hostage extraction over and over.  However, the very low payout of 36 Renown for a victory make it so that you might be better off, and have more fun, by just playing in ranked PvP or casual competitive modes.  That is, unless you have a friend to farm terrorist hunt with.  Terrorist hunt farming with a friend can still bring in a nice chunk of Renown for each successful mission.  The fastest of which is a quick hostage extraction mission that you can play over and over.

There are other ways to get Renown in Rainbow Six Siege and they involve completing challenges.  Weekly Challenges can be accessed from the main menu where the trophy is on the home screen.  Simply open this Challenge menu and you can view the challenges you have available.  You can get more Challenges in Rainbow Six Siege by heading into the Ubisoft Club.  These can range in Renown bonuses, but some will give you as much as 250 extra Renown for completing them.

When you complete a challenge in a match you will see the renown bonus added to your total, boosting your overall Renown gained for that match.