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Destiny 2 How to Get Truth Exotic Rocket Launcher

Start with the Menagerie to kick off the Truth exotic quest.

by William Schwartz


The Truth has returned to Destiny 2 with the latest exotic quest.  Players are tracking down this powerful exotic Rocket Launcher through a multi-step quest that will require a ton of leg work to get done.  There are plenty of different steps to completing this challenge so we’re going to break it down into easier pieces.

Complete the Menagerie to Start the Truth Quest


The first thing you’re going to want to do to get the Truth exotic quest rolling is to head into the Menagerie to do a run and beat the final boss.  Defeating this boss will give you a scrap of paper that asks you to go to the Dreaming City and visit Petra Venj.  There really aren’t any other requirements to starting this ques line.  However, if you yet to access the Dreaming City you will need to complete that content and have that area unlocked or you will not be able to visit Petra Venj in the next section.


Take the Scrap of Paper to Petra Venj in the Dreaming City

Once you visit Petra she will give you the Hidden Between Realities Quest Step which asks you to loot one Ascendant Chest.   To do this you’re going to need a Tincture that allows you to travel between dimensions.  If you’ve been playing Destiny 2 you probably have a couple extra tinctures, but if you don’t you’ll need to either trade with Huginn to purchase the tincture with Baryon Boughs or you’ll need to do some quests in the Dreaming City area.  One of this week’s challenges for Petra is in the Bay of Drowned Wishes.  This Ascendant zone is a jumping puzzle with a short fight at the end that can be completed relatively easily whether you’re solo or not. Completing one of Petra’s Weekly Challenges will get you your chest rewards, in that chest will be a new exotic quest step called “A Map Asunder”.

The Map Asunder part of the quest should have you tracking down these map pieces one by one all over the Destiny 2 world.  However, during our time completing this exotic quest Petra had all of the quests in her Abandoned Quests section of her inventory

Regardless, here’s where you’ll find the map pieces:

Bay of Drowned Wishes Lost Sector in Dreaming City – You need to be Ascendant to get this fragment

Jetsam of Saturn –  In the Boss Room there will be an Ogre that needs to be killed to drop the map fragment.

Any Nightfall – Complete a nightfall and it’ll drop you a map piece.

Cistern (Nessus) – Need to be Ascendant and you will find a grouping of platforms on the far left side of the Cistern above the Vex Milk Pools.

Map Piece Challenge #1

This map piece is decoded by defeating Hive enemies on the Tangled Shore.  This one is fairly straight forward.  All you need to do is go to the Tangled Shore and defeat Hive type enemies.  Once you’ve killed 100 enemies this piece is completed.

Map Piece Challenge #2

You need to complete a Corsair Down mission.  Corsair down emblems are random item drops from the Scorned enemy types.  You need to keep killing these enemies for them to drop the Corsair down badge.  Once you have it, examine it in your inventory and it will give you a clue of where you need to go to find the downed Corsair.  This will be either in the Gardens (Garden of Esila), Bay (Bay of Downed Wishes), Spine and Mist (Spine of Keres), Harbinger (Harbinger’s Seclude), Chamber (Chamber of Starlight), or Aphelion (Aphelion’s Rest).  These are all locations within the Dreaming City.  Whatever the location is you just need to search for the downed Corsair.  Once you find them and interact with their body a quick fight will ensue.  Kill the enemies and then they will drop a Corsair Badge.  Take the badge back to a Corsair outpost to complete this challenge.

Map Piece Challenge #3

Next you’re going to want to start doing some Nightfall strikes, because one of the requirements to get Truth is doing three Nightfalls while also killing 60 enemies with Rocket Launchers AND being at 100 handicap.

Map Piece Challenge #4

The last part of this challenge requires that you have another Tincture so have that ready and then head to Nessus.  There you simply need to defeat any enemies with a rocket launcher while you are Ascendant.

After the challenges are complete you need to do the Warden of Nothing Strike

Once you have all of these challenges completed you will then head into the Warden of Nothing Strike.  You’ll also want to make sure that you have a Tincture of Queensfoil so that you become Ascendant at the end of the strike. Here you will need to collect five pieces that will make an Ascendant platform appear.  You only need to collect five of these items through the course of the Warden of Nothing Strike.  After you’ve beaten the final boss of the strike you will have 90 seconds to pop your Tincture and then progress on the Ascendant platforms to collect the Truth Exotic Rocket Launcher.

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