Vampire Survivors Evolution Chart

Evolution is the game mechanic that changes a base weapon to a more potent evolved weapon using a passive item as a catalyst.

by Matthew Kevin Mitchell
Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Are you looking for the ultimate Vampire Survivors evolution chart so you know exactly how to get the evolved weapon you are looking for? Evolving weapons in Vampire Survivors is crucial because you need them to unlock specific characters and beat puzzles on specific maps. Unfortunately, there are so many base weapons and passive items in the game it is hard to know what combination you need to choose to get the evolved weapon you want.

All Vampire Survivors Weapon Evolutions

All Vampire Survivors weapon evolutions have been broken down by their location in the game (base vs. DLC). After combining a base weapon and a passive item, you must open a treasure chest to trigger the animation. However, you can typically only evolve one weapon per treasure chest.

All Vampire Survivors Weapon Evolutions

Image: poncle
Base WeaponPassive ItemEvolution
Whip+Hollow Heart=Bloody Tear
Magic Wand+Empty Tome=Holy Wand
Knife+Bracer=Thousand Edge
Axe+Candelabrador=Death Spiral
Cross+Clover=Heaven Sword
King Bible+Spellbinder=Unholy Vespers
Fire Wand+Spinach=Hellfire
Garlic+Pummarola=Soul Eater
Santa Water+Attractorb=La Borra
Runetracer+Armor=NO FUTURE
Lightning Ring+Duplicator=Thunder Loop
Pentagram+Crown=Gorgeous Moon
Gatti Amari+Stone Mask=Vicious Hunger
Song of Mana+Skull O’Maniac=Mannajja
Shadow Pinion+Wings=Valkyrie Turner
Flames of Misspell+Max level:
Torrona’s Box
=Ashes of Muspell
Clock Lancet+Max level:
Silver Ring
Gold Ring
=Infinite Corridor
Laurel+Max level:
Metaglio Left
Metaglio Right
=Crimson Shroud

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All Legacy of Moonspell Weapon Evolutions

Image: poncle
Base WeaponPassive ItemEvolution
Silver Wind+Max level:
=Festive Winds
Four Seasons+Max level:
=Godai Shuffle
Summon Night+Max level:
=Echo Night
Mirage Robe+Max level:
Night Sword+Max level:
Stone Mask
Mille Bolle Blu+Max level:
=Boo Roo Boolle

All Tides of Foscari Weapon Evolutions

Image: poncle
Base WeaponPassive ItemEvolution
Eskizzibur+Max level:
Flash Arrow+Max level:
Prismatic Missile+Max level:
Shadow Servant+Max level:
Skull O’Maniac

- This article was updated on April 22nd, 2023

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