Vampire Survivors Tier List: The Best Items in the Game, Ranked

A Survivor is only as good as their tools

by Max Wright


It’s not just weapons that will help you survive the full 30 minutes of a Vampire Survivors game. As you level up your chosen character, you will be able to choose stat-improving items too, that can improve your strength, increase your max health and even level up faster.

These items will not just make you stronger, but will also be key to evolving weapons in Vampire Survivors too.

Vampire Survivors: Best Items Tier List

Knowing what item to choose will make all the difference, and can put an end to frustrating early deaths due to an overwhelming number of enemies. We’ve ranked all the best (and worst) items in Vampire Survivor in our tier list below.

S Tier Vampire Survivors Items

  • Metaglio Left
  • Duplicator
  • Spinach
  • Empty Tome

These items are S Tier because they can go a long way to keeping you alive in the later stages of the game

Metaglio Left augments both your recovery and health stats, making it very handy for standing your guard and keeping yourself alive when the chaos kicks in in the final 5 minutes of each game.

Spinach, Empty Tome, and Duplicator are common items that are very helpful in just about every game of Vampire Survivors. These all help you to ramp up the firepower and take down your enemies faster by increasing your Might, Cooldown, and number of projectiles respectively.

A Tier Vampire Survivors Items

  • Candelabrador
  • Spellbinder
  • Silver Ring
  • Bracer
  • Tiragisú

If you are offered any of these A Tier items during your game, you’d be smart to pick them up. While not as powerful as the S Tier items, these still augment your weapons stats in helpful ways.

Candelabrador and Spellbinder increase your weapon’s area of attack and duration stats respectively, helping you reach further and do more damage over time. The Silver Ring increases both of these stats in one item, making it a handy part of your arsenal.

The Bracer item increases the speed of your projectiles, which makes some of Vampire Survivor’s best weapons even more deadly.

Tiragisú increases the number of times you can revive, which will keep you from ending your game prematurely when you come up against the strongest enemies in the game.

B Tier Vampire Survivors items

  • Crown
  • Pummarola
  • Wings
  • Stone Mask
  • Armor
  • Attractorb
  • Hollow Heart
  • Torrona’s Box

While none of the items in the B Tier list are outright bad, they are also not particularly useful. The Wings, Armor, and Hollow Heart can be helpful to augment your character, but they don’t help you dish out any important damage and are only worth having if you find yourself overwhelmed.

The Stone Mask, Attractorb, and Clover can make things slightly easier by increasing your options and helping you unlock more items slightly faster, but they are really optional extras that take up valuable space in your inventory.

Torrona’s Box is a powerful item that modifies multiple stats, giving you a 25% boost to your might, speed, duration, and area stats at level 8. This makes it as powerful as 4 items in one. Unfortunately, upgrading to level 9 will add a 100% curse to the player, making this something of a double-edged sword.

C Tier Vampire Survivors Items

  • Skull O’Maniac
  • Metaglio Right
  • Gold Ring
  • Clover

We do not recommend picking up any of these three C Tier items unless you really have to. The Skull O’Maniac, Metaglio Right, and Gold Ring all increase your character’s curse level, which not only increases the strength and health of all enemies but also causes more to spawn. While some players may like the challenge, the larger amount of exp gained from these enemies simply isn’t worth it.

All the Clover does is give you a chance to have 4 options to choose from when you level up, instead of 3. The usefulness of this item is so limited, that towards the end of each game it will just be a wasted inventory slot.

Unless you’re carrying a weapon that needs these items to evolve, it’s best to banish them if you get the chance.

Now you know which items to choose and which to avoid, you’ll be one step closer to unlocking everything the game has to offer. Still need a little assistance? Why not discover how to unlock all of Vampire Survivors’ characters.

Vampire Survivors is out now on PC, via Steam and Xbox Game Pass.

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