Complete Minecraft Villager Trades List

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by Davi Braid
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Minecraft offers many activities for players, with trading with villagers being one of them. It makes sense that players might be looking for a complete Minecraft villager trades list.

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To better understand how it works in the game, let’s delve into the villager professions and trades in Minecraft. The trading pool used in trades is determined by the profession of each villager. For instance, villagers wearing straw hats are farmers, and they trade items related to the farmer trade pool.

All Minecraft Villager Traders and What They Sell


Item WantedItem Given
Coal (15)Emerald (1)
Emerald (5)Iron Helmet (1)
Emerald (9)Iron Chestplate (1)
Emerald (7)Iron Leggings (1)
Emerald (4)Iron Boots (1)
Iron Ingot (4)Emerald (1)
Emerald (36)Bell (1)
Emerald (3)Chainmail Leggings (1)
Emerald (1)Chainmail Boots (1)
Lava Bucket (1)Emerald (1)
Diamond (1)Emerald (1)
Emerald (1)Chainmail Helmet (1)
Emerald (4)Chainmail Chestplate (1)
Emerald (5)Shield (1)
Emerald (19–33)Enchanted Diamond Leggings (1)
Emerald (13–27)Enchanted Diamond Boots (1)
Emerald (13–27)Enchanted Diamond Helmet (1)
Emerald (21–35)Enchanted Diamond Chestplate (1)


Item WantedItem Given
Raw Chicken (14)Emerald (1)
Raw Porkchop (7)Emerald (1)
Raw Rabbit (6)Emerald (1)
Emerald (1)Rabbit Stew (1)
Coal (16)Emerald (1)
Emerald (1)Cooked Porkchop (5)
Emerald (1)Cooked Chicken (8)
Raw Mutton (7)Emerald (1)
Raw Beef (10)Emerald (1)
Dried Kelp Block (10)Emerald (1)
Sweet Berries (10)Emerald (1)


Item WantedItem Given
Paper (24)Emerald (1)
Emerald (7)Empty Map (1)
Glass Pane (11)Emerald (1)
Emerald (13) + Compass (1)Ocean Explorer Map (1)
Compass (1)Emerald (1)
Emerald (14) + Compass (1)Woodland Explorer Map (1)
Emerald (7)Item Frame (1)
Emerald (3)Any color blank Banner (1)
Emerald (8)Globe Banner Pattern (1)


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Item WantedItem Given
Rotten Flesh (32)Emerald (1)
Emerald (1)Redstone Dust (2)
Gold Ingot (3)Emerald (1)
Emerald (1)Lapis Lazuli (1)
Rabbit’s Foot (2)Emerald (1)
Emerald (4)Glowstone (1)
Scute (4)Emerald (1)
Glass Bottle (9)Emerald (1)
Emerald (5)Ender Pearl (1)
Nether Wart (22)Emerald (1)
Emerald (3)Bottle o’ Enchanting (1)


Item WantedItem Given
Wheat (20)Emerald (1)
Potato (26)Emerald (1)
Carrot (22)Emerald (1)
Beetroot (15)Emerald (1)
Emerald (1)Bread (6)
Pumpkin (6)Emerald (1)
Emerald (1)Pumpkin Pie (4)
Emerald (1)Apple (4)
Melon (4)Emerald (1)
Emerald (3)Cookie (18)
Emerald (1)Cake (1)
Emerald (1)Suspicious Stew (5 seconds of Night Vision) (1)
Emerald (1)Suspicious Stew (8 seconds of Jump Boost) (1)
Emerald (1)Suspicious Stew (7 seconds of Weakness) (1)
Emerald (1)Suspicious Stew (6 seconds of Blindness) (1)
Emerald (1)Suspicious Stew (14 seconds of Poison) (1)
Emerald (1)Suspicious Stew (0.35 seconds of Saturation) (1)
Emerald (3)Golden Carrot (3)
Emerald (4)Glistering Melon Slice (3)


Image: Mojang Studios
Item WantedItem Given
String (20)Emerald (1)
Coal (10)Emerald (1)
Emerald + Raw Cod (6)Cooked Cod (6)
Emerald (3)Bucket of Cod (1)
Raw Cod (15)Emerald (1)
Emerald (1) + Raw Salmon (6)Cooked Salmon (6)
Emerald (2)Campfire (1)
Raw Salmon (13)Emerald (1)
Emerald (8–22)Enchanted Fishing Rod (1)
Tropical Fish (6)Emerald (1)
Pufferfish (4)Emerald (1)
Boat (1)Emerald (1)

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Item WantedItem Given
Stick (32)Emerald (1)
Emerald (1)Arrow (16)
Emerald (1) + Gravel (10)Flint (10)
Flint (26)Emerald (1)
Emerald (2)Bow (1)
String (14)Emerald (1)
Emerald (3)Crossbow (1)
Feather (24)Emerald (1)
Emerald (7–21)Enchanted Bow (1)
Tripwire Hook (8)Emerald (1)
Emerald (8–22)Enchanted Crossbow (1)
Emerald (2) + Arrow (5)Tripped Arrow (5)


Item WantedItem Given
Leather (6)Emerald (1)
Emerald (3)Leather Pants (1)
Emerald (7)Leather Tunic (1)
Flint (26)Emerald (1)
Emerald (5)Leather Cap (1)
Emerald (4)Leather Boots (1)
Rabbit Hide (9)Emerald (1)
Emerald (7)Leather Tunic (1)
Scute (4)Emerald (1)
Emerald (6)Leather Horse Armor (1)
Emerald (6)Saddle (1)
Emerald (5)Leather Cap (1)


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Paper (24)Emerald (1)
Emerald (5–64) + Book (1)Enchanted Book (1)
Emerald (9)Bookshelf (1)
Book (4)Emerald (1)
Emerald (5–64) + Book (1)Enchanted Book (1)
Emerald (1)Lantern (1)
Ink Sac (5)Emerald (1)
Emerald (5–64) + Book (1)Enchanted Book (1)
Emerald (1)Glass (4)
Book and Quill (2)Emerald (1)
Emerald (5–64) + Book (1)Enchanted Book (1)
Emerald (5)Clock (1)
Emerald (4)Compass (1)
Emerald (20)Name Tag (1)

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Item WantedItem Given
Clay Ball (10)Emerald (1)
Emerald (1)Brick (10)
Stone (20)Emerald (1)
Emerald (1)Chiseled Stone Bricks (4)
Granite (16)Emerald (1)
Andesite (16)Emerald (1)
Diorite (16)Emerald (1)
Emerald (1)Polished Andesite (4)
Emerald (1)Polished Granite (4)
Emerald (1)Polished Diorite (4)
Emerald (1)Dripstone Block (4)
Nether Quartz (12)Emerald (1)
Emerald (1)Any color Colored Terracotta (1)
Emerald (1)Any color Glazed Terracotta (1)
Emerald (1)Quartz Pillar (1)
Emerald (1)Block of Quartz (1)


Item WantedItem Given
White Wool (18)Emerald (1)
Brown Wool (18)Emerald (1)
Black Wool (18)Emerald (1)
Gray Wool (18)Emerald (1)
Emerald (2)Shears (1)
Black Dye (12)Emerald (1)
Gray Dye (12)Emerald (1)
Lime Dye (12)Emerald (1)
Light Blue Dye (12)Emerald (1)
White Dye (12)Emerald (1)
Emerald (1)Any color Wool (1)
Emerald (1)Any color Carpet (4)
Red Dye (12)Emerald (1)
Light Gray Dye (12)Emerald (1)
Pink Dye (12)Emerald (1)
Yellow Dye (12)Emerald (1)
Orange Dye (12)Emerald (1)
Emerald (3)Any color Bed (1)
Green Dye (12)Emerald (1)
Brown Dye (12)Emerald (1)
Blue Dye (12)Emerald (1)
Purple Dye (12)Emerald (1)
Cyan Dye (12)Emerald (1)
Magenta Dye (12)Emerald (1)
Emerald (3)Any color blank Banner (1)
Emerald (2)Painting (3)


Image: Attack of the Fanboy
Item WantedItem Given
Coal (15)Emerald (1)
Emerald (1)Stone Axe (1)
Emerald (1)Stone Shovel (1)
Emerald (1)Stone Pickaxe (1)
Emerald (1)Stone Hoe (1)
Iron Ingot (4)Emerald (1)
Emerald (36)Bell (1)
Flint (30)Emerald (1)
Emerald (6–20)Enchanted Iron Axe (1)
Emerald (7–21)Enchanted Iron Shovel (1)
Emerald (8–22)Enchanted Iron Pickaxe (1)
Emerald (4)Diamond Hoe (1)
Diamond (1)Emerald (1)
Emerald (17–31)Enchanted Diamond Axe (1)
Emerald (10–24)Enchanted Diamond Shovel (1)
Emerald (18–32)Enchanted Diamond Pickaxe (1)


Item WantedItem Given
Coal (15)Emerald (1)
Emerald (3)Iron Axe (1)
Emerald (7–21)Enchanted Iron Sword (1)
Iron Ingot (4)Emerald (1)
Emerald (36)Bell (1)
Flint (24)Emerald (1)
Diamond (1)Emerald (1)
Emerald (17–31)Enchanted Diamond Axe (1)
Emerald (13–27)Enchanted Diamond Sword (1)

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