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Sony rumored to increase the price of the PlayStation Plus

by William Schwartz


According to rumors out of Nikkei Buisness Daily, Sony plans to raise the price of PlayStation Plus to $9.99 in the United States, with corresponding price changes in Europe.    The Japanese publication did not cite the sources of these rumors, so there’s no timetable on when to expect the price hike on the soon-to-be near mandatory subscription for the console.  The rumor is vague, and PlayStation Plus already costs $9.99 if you purchase it on a month by month basis.  But if they plan on making the full year cost $120, compared to the current price of $49.99, it would be a huge price hike for the subscription.

Sony announced earlier this year that the PlayStation 4 would require players to pay for online play via the PlayStation Plus subscription.  Softening the blow, PlayStation Plus delivers additional content to its subscribers in the form of downloadable games.

We’ll chalk these recent comments out of Japan as rumors for the time being, but it might be wise to go for the full year of PlayStation Plus, if you sign-up when the console launches on November 15th.  A price hike to $9.99 per month would be a significant increase, if it ends up increasing the full year price above the established $49.99 price point.  If not, and Sony intends to still give a healthy discount on the service when purchasing in bulk, the $9.99 price point would end up falling in line with what Sony is currently charging for the service on a month to month basis.

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