The Uncharted Movie Will Start Filming In 2015

by Damian Seeto


The Uncharted movie has had a very long and patchy history as nobody has been able to start production officially. Now it seems plans are in motion for the film to finally start filming in 2015.

The director for the Uncharted movie Seth Gordon claimed to zap2it that filming starts “early next year”. He wants to get his other projects finished as he wants to start production for Uncharted very soon as he knows it will be a long process.

It’s quite funny he wants to start production soon with no cast members being tipped for any role yet. Seth Gordon is the third director attached to the Uncharted film as the previous directors bailed out before production even began. When David O. Russell was in charge, he wanted Mark Wahlberg to play the title role of Nathan Drake. A decision many fans resented at the time.

Seth Rogen was asked previously to write the movie, but he turned it down. He loves the Uncharted games, although he felt the movie would be too similar to the Indiana Jones series.

Fans have been wanting an Uncharted movie for many years now. Their dream would be Nathan Fillion to play Nathan Drake as both share the same personality and appearance. Knowing Hollywood, they will cast someone not fit for the role and change the Nathan Drake character completely.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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