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Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions Review

by Anthony Decicco

In 2003 Bizarre Creations released Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved taking the twin-stick shooter genre to new levels of innovation. Now eleven years later, Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions has been released by Lucid Games looking to continue the legacy of the franchise. Despite coming from a new studio, the title manages to live up to the pedigree of the series and remain an enjoyable twin-stick shooter through and through.


Packed With Content

Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions’s biggest strength is the fact that it is packed to the gills with content. The game is broken down into solo and multiplayer modes. Solo modes feature a lot of replay value while multiplayer offers various unique spins on twin-stick shooters as two person teams take on a single goal, or each other. Couch co-op is also included for when you have friends over who want to join in on the fun.

Classic mode is a makeup of the best elements of the previous two entries in the franchise, with a few twists thrown in. It is made up of game types within classic mode that are based on different rule sets. For example, one has you fighting the clock, scoring as much as you can. Other game types within classic, are a king of the hill type mode simply dubbed King, and a mode with three lives named Evolved. Then there is Waves which is one of the more interesting modes where you will fight off waves of enemies with a countdown timer that only goes up when you complete a set. Finally there is the Pacifist game type, which has the player avoid enemies while running through gates that clear the board. All of the game types add a lot of gameplay especially with the online leaderboards. The developers could have simply released Classic Mode as Geometry Wars 3 and fans would have been happy, but there’s still more.

Adventure mode is where players will spend most of their time in Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions. It creates a linear progression through various game types including many that are found elsewhere in the game, as well as new variants added as well. Every few levels will culminate in a boss battle, which are simplistic but well integrated into the Geometry Wars universe. The linear progression of Adventure Mode is a great new addition to the series and is quite fun while the boss fights are well crafted and enjoyable. Coupled with the variety in levels, the competition with friends, and the couch co-op, it is a great addition to Geometry Wars 3. This all combines with Bonus Mode, which features interesting console-specific extras that can be unlocked through gameply or by preordering. The end result is hours of gameplay that fans and newcomers will enjoy thoroughly.


Playing With Others

The online aspect of Geometry Wars 3 allows players to compete in teams of two in two main modes, Stock is a mode where the two teams will battle a boss to see who beats it first. Limited ammo and a death penalty to the score multiplier heighten the tension dramatically. Then there is the interesting Summoner mode where players will shoot neutral towers to turn them into enemy spawn points. They can then defeat the newly spawned enemies to boost their score. These modes add a bit of competitiveness and freshness to the classic solo formula of Geometry Wars.

Cooperative mode is also available and has up to four players take on a variation of adventure mode. It can be a little hectic and a bit confusing with a few players on screen at once, but it is a nice addition that could have thrived with larger surfaces to move around on. Despite this, it is actually quite fun when you have a few friends over to play.


Melding Old With New

The gameplay has stayed true to the Geometry Wars, ‘twin-stick shooter’ aspect in every way, only the implementation has changed. The game itself has evolved due to other twin-stick titles on the market. As you progress, you will see influences from titles like Super Stardust HD such as the ability to traverse globe-like surfaces in full 360 degrees. While most levels still keep the top down perspective, the cylindrical levels and those that are more ‘open’ are very welcome as they offer some much needed variety to the play area.

The Verdict

Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions ended up accomplishing what it set out to do, live up to the franchise and deliver an experience that fans would enjoy. It manages to do so with content but not a whole lot of new innovations. It borrows a few ideas from popular titles in the genre, like the aforementioned Super Stardust HD. The only real standout is the adventure mode which is an entertaining and fun aspect that can be revisited multiple times. If you are looking for a twin-stick shooter that will keep you and your couch friends occupied then this is it. If you are looking for a revolutionary new take on the genre then this may not be what you are looking for. However, it does manage to reinvigorate the Geometry Wars name as it takes the best elements from the franchise and adds an array of new tweaks to bring it into the next-generation.


Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions

  • Available On: PC, Mac, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One
  • Published By:
  • Developed By: Lucid Games
  • Genre: Twin Stick Shooter
  • US Release Date: November 26th, 2014
  • Reviewed On: PS4
  • Quote: "An enjoyable entry in the Geometry Wars franchise that manages to add new life into the series, but keeps fans happy with returning classics."
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