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Batman: Arkham Knight Live-Action Trailer Says “Be The Batman”

by Dean James


Batman: Arkham Knight is just under a month away from release and while E3 will give the game that final marketing push, WB Games and Rocksteady Studios have been promoting the game extensively over the last few weeks especially. The latest is a very different style marketing campaign for this game that is similar to what many other games have done in recent years.

In the live-action “Be The Batman” trailer for Batman: Arkham Knight, we see a number of situations that lead up to the title of the video. Some of the predicaments are a little more intense, such as someone being robbed, watching others being robbed, or being a firefighter as a building is burning, while another has a basketball player nursing injuries in the locker room.

It then cuts to each of these showing part of a follow-up with the following captions that are supposed to be characteristics of Batman. These were “Be Feared,” “Be Courageous,” “Be Selfless,” and “Be Determined,” corresponding to the respective situations given above.

This may not show anything of the game itself, except for the very end, but it fits the theme of the game and Batman as a whole. The atmosphere of the video is superb and truly looks like it would be set in a Gotham City where Batman may be perched on a rooftop somewhere.

Batman: Arkham Knight – Be The Batman Trailer

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