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Battlefield Hardline Shows You How To Be A Real Cop

by Damian Seeto


EA showed off some cool gameplay footage of Battlefield Hardline from the both single player campaign and multiplayer modes at Gamecom.

The biggest reveal was an awesome 12 minute look at the single player mode of Battlefield Hardline. This is unlike other Battlefield games where you just go in all guns blazing. This game teaches you how to be an actual cop since you cannot kill as freely as before.

The 12 minute gameplay footage of Battlefield Hardline showed some cool new things you can do. You can tell enemies to freeze while you show them your badge. They will freeze which will allow you to arrest and handcuff them. You also have a stun gun you can knock out enemies with too. There’s a stronger emphasis on stealth.

The gameplay ends where you have to shoot your way out. You can only start shooting and killing of the enemy shoots back at you first. This is different from most other FPS games where you have to shoot all the time anyway. A pretty cool feature for Battlefield Hardline I must say.

EA also announced two new multiplayer modes that will be in Battlefield Hardline. They will be called “Rescue” and “Conquest”. Both modes will be playable for people attending Gamecom on the show floor.

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