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New Driveclub Trailer Shows Off Damage

by William Schwartz


Evolution Studios foray into simulation racing, Driveclub is set to release soon and Playstation and Evolution have released a new video to get everyone excited for the release.

In one week, players will finally be able to experience the much delayed Driveclub on Playstation 4 either via purchase or the free Playstation Plus edition which will have less content but still, enough to keep players busy (hopefully). The new trailer titled, ‘Just Drive’ encourages players to get on with their friends and drive together. The trailer shows off various vehicles and gorgeous lighting as well as a few comments from the media.

Interestingly it also shows what a car crash might end up looking like in Driveclub, which is just a bunch of bent metal and Michael Bay-like car flipping. All complete with slow-motion accident cam. It looks awesome and hopefully car crashes will be a fun thing to watch (Burnout Paradise anyone?). Check out the trailer below and ask yourself, can this be Playstation’s answer to Forza?

Driveclub is set to release exclusively on Playstation 4 on October 7th in North America.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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