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Uncharted 3 Demo Footage

by William Schwartz


Naughty Dog showed off some impressive footage at E3 this year for Uncharted 3. The videos showed off much of the physics work that Naughty Dog has put into the engine for the game. Opening up on a cruise ship, Naughty Dog had ample opportunity to show off their new water effects in the game. The rocky seas shift the environments side to side, and once Drake makes it to the deck there are even more opportunities to see the water at work.

Naughty Dog already had a great, immersive experience with Uncharted 2. Focusing in on these environmental effects like Realistic fire and water, could make this one even better when it launches this November.

Have a look at the video below from the PlayStation Blog where Arnie Meyer walks us through the E3 demo footage.

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