Microsoft Ships 1.2 Million Xbox One And Xbox 360 Consoles From April To June 2014

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Microsoft has announced it has shipped a combined 1.2 million consoles that includes both the Xbox One and Xbox 360.

The figure was collated from April 1st until June 30th. The 1.2 million consoles is the figure that has been shipped to retailers. This is not the number of units that have been sold to the customer. Shipping usually gets a larger number so companies sometimes use that figure instead.

It’s interesting to note that the 1.2 million consoles shipped for both Xbox One and Xbox 360 is down from the previous quarter. From January 1st until March 31st, Microsoft shipped a total of 2 million consoles. 1.2 million was for the Xbox One console alone.

It’s possible the figure is down due to no killer games being out during this time of year. Back in March, Titanfall was the big Xbox One game being advertised. The only huge game out from April to June has been Watch Dogs. Watch Dogs is a multiplatform game so it wasn’t essential to buy an Xbox One just to play it.

Microsoft’s third quarter figures might be better. This is because the Xbox One now costs $399 as opposed to $499. This is thanks to Microsoft dropping the Kinect so buyers can make a choice if they want the Kinect or not.

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