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New Xbox Project Scorpio Reveal Is Coming Tomorrow

| April 5, 2017

New Xbox Project Scorpio Reveal Is Coming Tomorrow News Xbox  Xbox One Scorpio

Microsoft released the Xbox One S last year as a new version of the Xbox One, but when that was announced at E3, they also revealed that a much more powerful console would be coming in late 2017 known as Project Scorpio. We’ve been waiting for more details on Project Scorpio ever since and the wait is almost over for some new information.

The very end of Microsoft’s E3 presentation in 2016 had a controversial reveal for the Scorpio that had developers talking about the system alongside some details, but the console itself wasn’t shown off besides some CG animations for the video.

With a release scheduled for later this year, we have been wondering when Microsoft would fully unveil the Scorpio, with some assuming that might come at E3. However, they chose to unveil the Xbox One below E3 and they are choosing to do that again, though it sounds like it won’t be a full reveal as it’s being done through a third party.

Rather than hold a presentation like Nintendo did with the Switch back in January, Microsoft is instead going to release some sort of information about the Scorpio through Eurogamer, specifically with Digital Foundry. This was revealed in a tweet by Digital Foundry that said the following:

“To clear up the speculation: @digitalfoundry will have an exclusive Xbox Scorpio reveal on @eurogamer this Thursday at 2pm UK / 6am Pacific.”

Digital Foundry has become the go to resource for specs comparisons and the like in recent times and they haven’t exactly been the kindest to the Xbox One. However, Microsoft must feel pretty confident to have them come in to analyze the system and have an exclusive reveal on it.

Based on Digital Foundry’s expertise, we assume this reveal will focus on specs, though we have a feeling Microsoft will be saving a design, name, price, and release date for their own presentation of sorts at some point. That type of info would be a very nice surprise on Thursday however.

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  • Sexy Mcgee

    Oh lordy, please don’t let it be as big of a screw up as PS4 Pro.

  • McKenzie

    I hope Microsoft keeps their promise and really make Scorpio a real powerhouse of a console. PS4 Pro is a little powerful but really no different from the previous version. I’m hoping the Scorpio can make a real difference.

  • Big Rell

    M$ can’t make games. Scorpio will be dead like PC gaming @sexymcgee:disqus @seifermckenzie:disqus

    • McKenzie

      I really think MS can turn this around. Sony been on their high horse for too long, time for the underdogs to slip in and take the lead.

  • freddy_uk

    Scorpio , Extra gaming power 0.5% power used on stupied snapin apps and media 99.05%
    Ms will never learn