(Update) Xbox Live Seems To Be Down For Some People Now

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Earlier today, the PSN went down thanks to a group that did a DDOS attack. It looks like the same people are trying to target the Xbox Live service now too.

The “Lizard Squad” tweeted a message asking if people are having issues with “Xbox Live Login servers”. This is the same group that have admitted they were behind the attacks of the PSN as well.

If you look at the Xbox Live status official website, some services are limited at the moment. The issues don’t seem to be as widespread as the PSN, but some people are experiencing some troubles logging in.

Game Informer noted they had some issues logging in to the Xbox Live services for Xbox 360, but Xbox One seems to be fine at the moment. If you look for people’s reaction on Twitter, there are quite a few people having problems with Xbox Live now too. Pretty sad that now both PSN and Xbox Live seems to be down for a lot of people today.

Microsoft is aware of the issues of Xbox Live and posted the following message:

“Are you having a tough time signing into Live? We want you to know our team is aware of the issue and working hard to get things back to normal as soon as we can. Thank you for being patient. We’ll provide an update for you in 30 minutes”

We will continue to update you all on both the PSN and Xbox Live today.

Update: It appears the Xbox Live service wasn’t as bad as PSN. People playing Diablo 3 are still having problems. Other than that, Xbox Live should be okay now.

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